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Chapter 10: Rooming With A Homunculus

For what seemed to be the hundredth time, Maes Hughes stepped inside Hitomi's vacant apartment. Just like every other time he stopped by there was no sign that the black-haired alchemist had been here for a long time. Dust coated a great deal of funiture, the fridge contained old leftovers that hadn't been touched in ages and the bed looked like it hadn't been touched for a long time. Several books, mostly on alchemy, littered the entire appartment.

Just like every other day he'd come to check and see if Hitomi was home, he found no trace of her. He'd interviewed her boss at the Amestris public library a number of times and her story never changed. The last time she saw Hitomi was the same day he did and she hadn't shown up for any of her shifts since.

It really was starting to worry him; she'd been missing for weeks now and no one had seen her since the day she dissapeared. He even stopped by the orphanage she used to live at only to have the store slammed in his face by the headmistress the moment he mentioned Hitomi.

Realizing he wasn't going to get any more information from the empty apartment, Hughes stepped out into the building's hallway and closed the door. As he left the apartment building, his thoughts moved towards Ed and Al. He'd heard stories of State Alchemists starting to be attacked and killed by a man known as Scar. He hoped that Edward and Alphonse wouldn't have to encounter him. He hoped that Scar would be caught so those two boys wouldn't need to face him.

As he thought of Scar, a feeling of dread washed over Hughes. Could it be that the reason Hitomi was missing was because Scar had already killed her? Would he find her dead body?

"No." Hughes shook his head and tried to reassure himself. "The reports said Scar's only been killing State Alchemists. Hitomi's not a State Alchemist. She's alive, I know it."


Hitomi couldn't stop herself from breathing heavily and her cheeks from turning a bright shade of red. Envy almost saw her naked! The shock was almost too much to bear. Even with her fever, there was no way she could stay calm about this. She still felt clammy and her heart just wouldn't stop racing. And considering she left her clothes back on Envy's bed there was no way she could leave the bathroom like this. She supposed she could try and transmute the towel but she wasn't sure it would work with her fever...

Just at that moment, there was a knock at the bathroom door causing Hitomi to jump.

"Hey, Girly I got some clothes for you." Envy's voice said through the door. "So don't even think about transmuting my towel."

Hitomi glared at the door. "I wasn't going to." She retorted. Okay, that was a lie, she was thinking about it but he didn't need to know that.

"Yeah, sure you weren't." Envy sighed from behind the door. "Whatever. Just open this door so I can give you some clothes."

Hitomi was reluctant but she knew she couldn't hide in the bathroom forever. She reached out to the doorknob and slowly opened the door a crack. The moment she did, Envy reached his arm through the crack in the door and handed her some fresh underwear, a simple black t-shirt and baggy brown sweatpants. Hitomi quickly grabbed the items from Envy's hand and quickly shut the door again.

Hitomi looked down at the clothes she'd been given, only just noticing they weren't hers.

"Hey! What did you do with my clothes, Palm tree?!" Hitomi yelled horsely through the closed door.

"They had your puke and sweat all over them! I'm getting them cleaned." Envy retorted.

Hitomi groaned and rolled her eyes. "Did you have to take my underwear, too?"

"Just hurry up and get changed so you can eat this stupid soup of yours." Envy growled. "It's cold now but you still have to eat it."

Releasing an annoyed sigh, Hitomi started drying herself. It was true the shower made her feel a little better but she still felt like crap. She absolutely hated and being seen as weak in front of someone like Envy but being sick like this it was inevitable. She just hoped she'd recover so she could finally pull another escape attempt and this time suceed. Surprisingly, the bra and panties fit her decently but the shirt and sweatpants were really baggy on her.

After changing, Hitomi opened the bathroom door to see Envy sitting on his bed.

"Finally done huh?" Envy groaned. "Why do you human girls always take so long to get changed?"

Hitomi rolled her eyes. "I didn't take that long; you're exaggerating." She grumbled as she crossed her arms.

Envy shook his head as he rose to his feet and approached Hitomi. As he took steps closer, she took steps back until her back was pressed against the wall. Hitomi couldn't control her cheeks heating up as the Homunculus loomed over her and reached out his hand towards her.

"W-what are you doing?" Hitomi didn't mean to stammer but it just came out that way. Envy rolled his eyes as he put his hand against her forehead.

"Don't get all flustered, girly. I'm just checking your temperature." He said. "Fever's gone down a bit but you're still really warm. You need to get some rest." The moment he said that, he took Hitomi's wrist and dragged her towards his bed. One there, he pushed her on to the mattress and handed her the now-cold bowl of soup. "And for the last time, you need to eat too."

Hitomi shook her head. "I'm not hungry."

"You're such a pain. Just eat before I force feed you again." Envy growled as Hitomi reluctantly took the bowl and started eating the cold yet surprisingly decently-tasting soup. "There. That wasn't so hard. Geez, why are you always so stubborn?"

Hitomi glared up at him as she momentarily stopped eating. "I had to be stubborn. No one ever stood up for us before so I had to step up to take care of both of us. I had to become tougher and more assertive."

"Both of you?" Envy asked curiously with a raised eyebrow. "What do you mean by that?" He felt genuinely curious and he didn't know why.

"None of your business. I'm not talking about it anymore." Grumbled Hitomi as she continued eating.

Envy held his hands up in defense. "Okay, okay fine." He said as he took a deep breath. "So, we need to talk about sleeping arrangements.-"

"I'm not sleeping with you!" Hitomi growled suddenly, causing Envy to jump slightly. But, that expression quickly shifted to a suggestive smirk as he leaned in close to her face.

"Why not? Think you won't be able to resist me?" Envy whispered into her ear, his warm breath against her skin.

Hitomi's eyes widened in shock as she put her hand on Envy's chest and pushed him away from her. "No way in hell you stupid palm tree! Geez, shouldn't you be called 'pride' instead? You're acting really full of yourself."

At that, Envy's expression shifted to one of annoyance, released a low growl and subconsciously clenched his fist.

"What? Did I strike a nerve?" Hitomi asked, most of her annoyed with Envy's presence but a part of her genuinely curious as to why he reacted that way. He did say he had six siblings; Envy, Lust, Gluttony, so far they'd all been named after the seven deadly sins. Did he have a bad relationship with a sibling named Pride or something? By that time, Hitomi had finished her soup.

Envy shook his head as he took the empty bowl from her. "Whatever, you need some sleep. You need to recover quickly so you can fix my door and lamp."

Hitomi huffed. "Your own stupid fault for walking in on me while I was changing."

"Come on, how was I supposed to know that was why you wouldn't open the door?!" Envy retorted as he set the bowl down on his desk. Then, he reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a pair of thick wrist cuffs that looked like the ones she wore in the Solitary Comfinement room and the key that went with them. "Hold out your wrists. You may be too weak and sick to try anything but I'm not taking any chances." He ordered.

Hitomi opened her mouth to protest, but then decided against it. Without another word, she complied and held out her wrists towards Envy.

Envy raised an eyebrow. "What? Seriously? No back talk?"

"Like you said; I'm too tired and sick to attempt anything. Let's just get this over with so I can get some sleep." She said. Envy released a shrug and moved to place the cuffs on to Hitomi's wrists. The moment they were locked in place, Hitomi colapsed on to Envy's bed and immediately fell asleep.

Envy couldn't help but stare at the strange human girl that already was sleeping soundly on his bed. "Damn, humans are so weird, especially this one. Well shit, where am I supposed to sleep now?"

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