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Chapter 2: Envy the Homunculus

Deep beneath Central, there was a dark, underground lair with long, deep winding corridors and hallways coated in steel pipes. Added to the darkness, there was aslo a slight smell of death and decay among the halls. To almost anyone, the mere sight and smell of the underground lair was enough to turn them away. But, for Envy, this was home.

The young man strode through the halls with a confident smirk on his face. His long, green-black strands of hair flew all over his face as he walked, but it never seemed to bother him. In fact, it was one of the many things he loved about this form. Added to the height and toned body, he had to say this form made him look insanely attractive. Lust always told himself that human men should be jealous of him. But to be honest, he found it to be the other way around.

After awhile, he had arrived at the center of the underground lair, finding a tall, blond man sitting atop a large throne covered in pipes.

"Welcome back, Envy." The man spoke in a deep voice filled with an overwealming sense of power and authority.

"Hello, father." Envy replied.

Father never turned around to look at him, seemingly preoccupied with his own thoughts. "So tell me, how are the Elric Brothers faring?"

"Just fine, they'll make excellent sacrifices." Smirked Envy. "Though, something interesting happened today."

"Oh?" Asked Father, not sounding the least bit interested. But Envy knew what he had to say would peak his interest.

"The brothers met another alchemist; Hitomi Lieben. She had a glass eye and preformed Alchemy without a transmutation circle. She saw the truth." Envy replied. Almost instantly, Father tuned around to face Envy, an intrigued, devious smirk on his face.

"You're right, Envy. That certainly is interesting." Father stated, sounding almost proud of him. "You've found me another sacrifice, excellent work."

"Thank you, Father." Replied Envy, a slight feeling of pride coursing through his body.

Just as quickly as the proud tone in Father's voice came, it disappeared as the old man turned away from Envy. "Go back out there and keep an eye on this Hitomi Lieben for me. And take Lust and Gluttony with you. I want them to observe her before they leave for Liore tomorrow."

"Yes, Father." Envy gave a short nod and turned to leave the room.

"Oh, and Envy." Father's voice stopped the homunculus in his tracks. "See to it that the public doesn't catch on to our plans. We must ensure this new sacrifice doesn't know you're watching her."

"Of course Father." Replied Envy. "But, on the off chance she does find out about us?"

"Then we'll have to contain her." Father stated. "Now go!" He barked. Envy gave a slight flinch as he shifted back to his appearance as the blond soldier and left the room, leaving father alone with his thoughts.

"Edward and Alphonse Elric, Van Hohenheim and now miss Hitomi Lieben. Four sacrifices ripe for the picking." Father chuckled darkly. "Yes, things are progressing very nicely. The promised day will soon be upon us."


"For crying out loud, Mustang! It was a purse snatcher! How much longer are you planning to keep us here?!" Edward growled as he sat on the sofa in Mustang's office with Hitomi and Alphonse on either side of him.

Mustang merely chuckled in response. "What? Do you have somewhere to be, Fullmetal?"

"Well, yeah! Me and Al are trying to get our bodies back!"

The moment the purse snatcher had been apprehended, the three of them had been escorted to Roy Mustang's temporary office in Central Command. Then, Mustang had held them there for nearly two hours asking the group to detail everything that happened from when they first met to when the military arrived.

Roy wrote down the last of his notes down on his report and handed the papers over to his lieutenant, Riza Hawkeye who had been standing beside him.

"Go file that for me, lieutenant." Mustang ordered.

Hawkeye gave a short nod as she took the report from him. "Yes, Cornel." Without another word, she left the room.

"Congratulations, Fullmetal. Looks like you and your brother are free to go." Stated Mustang. Without a second to waste, Ed and Al jumped out of their seats and rushed out of the office with Hitomi right behind them. But, before she could leave the room, the Cornel's voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Not so fast, miss Lieben." Stated Mustang. "You and I still have some things to talk about. Sit back down."

Hitomi released an irritated groan as she followed Mustang's instructions and returned to her seat. "Are you kidding me? What could we possibly have to talk about after we told you every detail about a freakin purse snatcher!?" The young woman groaned. "Do you take pleasure in wasting people's time or something?"

"Come on, Lieben." Chuckled Mustang. "It's been two years since we've seen each other, is that really how you treat your friends?"

Hitomi scoffed and rolled her eyes. "We're not friends, Mustang. You were just a witness to when Hughes pulled me off the streets." She released a sigh as she thought back to the days she was living on the streets after being kicked out of the orphanage for committing the taboo two years ago.

"You know, I wasn't much older than Ed is now when I did it." The young female alchemist murmured as she turned back to Mustang. "Why did you decide to make Edward a State Alchemist? He's still just a kid. He's going to see hell being a dog of the military, why put him through that?!"

Mustang sighed. "You heard what he said, right? He and his brother are trying to get their bodies back to normal. I don't know if it's my place to say, but I feel like you should know. When they preformed the taboo, Alphonse lost his entire body while Edward lost his leg."

"So, Al's armour..." Mumbled Hitomi, beginning to put the pieces together.

"It's empty." Replied the Cornel. "Edward managed to retrieve his brothers soul and bind it to that suit of armour at the cost of his arm. All those boys want is to get their bodies back to normal. With Fullmetal having the rank of State Alchemist and having access to classified research material, they have a better chance."

Hitomi was at a loss for words. So they already have seen hell. Having committed the taboo herself, she knew all too well the horrors they must have witnessed. From the truth itself, to the pain of losing a body part to the sight of the horrifying creature that came from the transmutation... It must have been so much worse for them, being so young and with Al losing his entire body. Compared to them, Hitomi felt as though she had no right to complain.

She released a sigh as she looked up at Mustang. "Okay okay, so now I get why you made him a State Alchemist. But seriously, why are you telling me this?! Is this your dumb way of reconnecting with me or something?!"

"It's not just that I wanted to tell you about the Elric Brothers. I happened to mention to someone that you helped take down that purse snatcher and he's very eager to see you again. This just seemed like a good way to stall you." Mustang smirked mischievously.

"Wait, what?" Questioned Hitomi.

Just at that moment, the office doors burst open, revealing a man around Roy's age dressed in a military uniform and glasses with a stubble on his chin. Hitomi recognized him immediately; Maes Hughes.

"Hitomi! It really is you!" Hughes beamed excitedly. "Long time no see! Look at you! You got so tall!"

"Mr. Hughes?!" Gasped Hitomi and for the first time since she walked into Mustang's office, a smile spread across her face.

As she stood up to her feet, Hughes rushed to her side and pulled her into a tight hug. "Has it really been two years? Where've you been?"

"Oh, you know just hanging out, fixing up my life." Replied Hitomi when Hughes finally released her from his death grip. She couldn't deny it, but it felt really good to see him again. It was because of him she was even alive today. In all honesty, he was the closest thing she ever had to a real father. Somehow, he had always managed to make her smile and forget her troubles.

Hitomi then turned to Mustang, who was sitting at his desk and rolling his eyes at the two of them. "So this is what you were talking about."

Mustang shrugged. "What do you expect? The guy was worried about you."

"Yeah, I mean two years without hearing from you. Gracia was worried too." Nodded Hughes.

She released a sigh as she felt a pang of guilt in her heart; she didn't mean for people to worry. "Sorry. I just needed some space to figure things out. I didn't want to impose on you and Gracia more than I had to. It was my own stupidity that got me into that mess."

"Hitomi, you were never imposing on us. Gracia and I were happy to help you. Listen, why don't you come over dinner tonight?" Hughes asked with a smile as he reached into his jacket and pulled out a photo of his wife holding his daughter, both of them smiling. "We'd love to have you! I know my daughter would love you! And Gracia would love to see you again!" He beamed with excitement.

The young alchemist released a small laugh at the sight of the picture and Hughes' expression. She always loved that about him.

"Thanks for the offer, but I can't tonight." Said Hitomi. "I have to work early tomorrow; rent doesn't pay itself."

Hughes released a sigh of defeat, "Oh, I see." But just as he turned to leave, Hitomi's voice stopped him.

"But, I'm free this weekend." Hitomi stated hopefully. Hughes responded with a smile.

"Okay then, this weekend it is!" He beamed. "Promise you're not gonna disappear for another two years on me?" Hughes asked with a laugh.

Hitomi nodded. "Don't worry, I promise."

"Okay, I'll let Gracia know. It'll be great to have you over, Hitomi; just like old times." And with one final wave, Hughes disappeared out of the office while Hitomi remained, a small smile lingering on her lips. It really did feel good to see him again. Maybe she should have reconnected with him a long time ago, maybe she wouldn't have been as lonely as she was now.

The sound of Mustang clearing his throat pulled her out of her thoughts. Honestly, she forgot he was still there.

"So, are you glad that I made you stay now?" Mustang asked with a smirk.

Hitomi gave a small nod. "It was great to see him again. But, can I go now? I was serious about that early shift."

"Okay, fair enough." Chuckled Mustang. "You're free to go, Lieben. Don't be such a stranger."

"No promises to you, Mustang." Hitomi shook her head as she left the office and strode out of Central Command. Once she was outside she was surprised to find that the sun had already set. She really had been in there for awhile. Shrugging it off, Hitomi shoved her hands into her pockets and began walking down the streets back to her apartment.

She had been walking for some time when she started to get a chill down her spine, almost as though she was being watched. Hitomi spun around, greeted with the sight of an empty street.

Shrugging off her feeling as just being paranoid, Hitomi turned back to the street. After walking for another few feet, the feeling returned. The young alchemist spun around, once again finding nothing. But she still couldn't shake the feeling that someone was following her.

In an attempt to throw off her invisible pursuer, Hitomi broke into a run into a nearby alley. She sped through several twists and turns before finally stopping to batch her breath, leaning up against the brick wall of her apartment building. She looked left and right, still finding herself alone.

"This is stupid." Hitomi sighed. "I must be tired." But, just as she took a step to head back home, an unfamiliar, feminine voice reached her ears.

"I can't believe you lost her, Envy. Honestly, how hard is it to follow a simple girl?" The voice complained.

Raising an eyebrow, Hitomi slowly creeped around a nearby corner in the alley, widening her eyes at what she saw. Three figures gathered together; a tall, beautiful woman with long black hair, a short, round bald man and the same blond soldier she met at the library.

The blond soldier shook his head. "Come on, she's more slippery than she looks. Relax, I'll find her. She's gotta head back home eventually, right? "

"I certainly hope so. Father won't be pleased if you loose track of a sacrifice." The woman scoffed. "And please, Envy. Loose the disguise, it's not attractive in the slightest."

The soldier chuckled. "Come on, Lust. I thought I looked pretty good in this one. But, if you insist." Just then, the soldier's body became coated in red sparks moving all around his body. Then, standing in the soldier's place was a lean, muscular figure with thick strands of green-black hair.

"This better?" He asked in the same voice as the soldier who had disappeared.

All Hitomi could do was stare in shock and confusion. Who exactly were they?! What was going on?!

"Much, thank you." The black-haired woman smirked. "Now then, we best continue our search for Hitomi Lieben.

Hitomi felt a small shiver of fear in her heart. So she wasn't being paranoid after all, someone really was following her! But, what exactly did they mean by "sacrifice"?

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