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Summary: High school AU. When Lenalee and Allen fell for the same person while in middle school, they went from childhood friends to sworn enemies. Listing themselves into the same club as their crush, who will get to the prince first? Be warned, there will be major OOCness. Yullen fluff, of course duh! And other pairings, if you squint ;)

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**** Love in Drama****

Chapter 1



Trembling slender fingers wrapped tightly against the strap slung across quivering shoulders. Hugging the bag closely to his frame, he took the first step into the compound of his new school, the D Gray High. Taking each step hesitantly he made his way hurriedly to the entrance of the school, his shoulder length white tresses whipping wildly behind him.

Making his way into the school building, the boy went straight to the gymnasium hall where the first-year entrance ceremony will be held, at the North-West side of the main school building. Upon arriving at the destined place he took a seat where his name was printed on a paper and plastered on a plastic chair. Since his last name was 'W' his seat was on the second before the last row.

The large round clock above the stage showed ten minutes to eight, which will be the time for the event to begin. His hands were still slightly trembling due to his nervousness, he was not only nervous for his enrollment but also for the fact that he was not really good with crowds, which he was currently surrounded by.

Breathing deeply to slow down his erratic heart and whisk the nervousness away, but he failed miserably, suddenly the sound system blared on and a voice announced of the beginning of the ceremony. She was probably a student council member because the master of ceremony was also clad in the same uniform as him except for the silver pin with the three roman pinned to their dark blue blazer and a red cloth wrapping around their left upper arm.

The school anthem was sung, and the appropriate people gave their speech, but Allen's mind was elsewhere throughout the ordeal, instead, it dance around on a certain second-year dark haired person that was sitting to the side of the hall among his council member friends and Allen completely forgot all about his earlier nervousness, his monochrome orbs filled with adoration, admiration…and love.



A few days later after receiving his class schedule, books and whatnots, Allen Walker was currently sitting on his desk nearest to the classroom's back door and beside the windows to the hallways, filling in on a piece of form regarding the afterschool club the freshmen will choose. Knowing exactly what he wanted Allen was one of the first few to hand in their completed form to their homeroom teacher.

His long white bangs and large round glasses were covering most of his face, but if one were to look closely they would clearly see the stars of joy and happiness sparkling in the silver orbs, a small gentle smile adorning the pale thin lips, and a soft pink blush dusting the pale face.



"Well hello there fresh meat, welcome to the Most Incredibly Awesome D Gray High Drama Club! MIADGHDC for short!" cheered an overly enthusiastic red haired second-year to a group of first years who had just set foot into the overly huge and decorated club room. They were huddled hurriedly onto the platform in front of the class and were arranged neatly in an unknown arrangement.

The red head's mouth opened, but before any words were said a thick black bound book smacked on his head painfully from behind, and he dropped flat face onto the wood flooring. A painful thud echoed through the room, which made the newcomers cringed in respond.

"Don't make fucking stupid name, Bookman! It's enough that you are stupid yourself! And you're scaring the fresh meat idiotic idiot!" a corn colored hair girl exclaimed furiously while stomping her foot repeatedly on the taller student's back, making him grunt loudly in pain after each hit.

Before the girl could give a kick to his ribs, a blonde male taller than her appeared behind her and held her flailing arms and pulled her backward to sit on a purple velvet fancy-looking chair fit for a King, where she abruptly calmed down and visibly relaxed with sparkles surrounding her and she mumbled 'This is the life'.

An exasperated sighed came from the girl's side and the newcomers' attention snapped to the blonde boy. "Good God Fou, you're the one who's scaring the fresh meats," he shook his head in disdain and turned towards the shaken first-years.

"I'm really sorry for my Vice President's crazy actions, Fou tends to overreact on any matters regarding the club," the blonde student smiled fondly at the petite girl.

"Now let us start over," he coughed into his fist and spreads his arms wide, "Welcome to the D Gray High Drama Club! Nice to meet you all, my name is Bak Chan, I am the President of this humble club!" Bak Chan smiled brightly in greeting the first-years in the manner only befitting of a top rank club in the whole city, maybe even the whole nation.

Instead of nervousness, this time Allen was trembling with anxiousness, and a little bit of excitement buried deep down his heart, due to certain reasons. Allen, along with four others, was told to gather at the club room a few days after their form was accepted. There was going to be an ice breaking session and introduction to the club itself.

It was never announced or said but it was a general knowledge to all the newcomers that this session was also a somewhat test for them to be accepted into the club and revealed their true intention for joining. Though several were serious but there were also those who really just wanted to join the club to be able to be close to the club's top star, the school Prince, and those kinds of people would just become a hinder to the very active club.

The Prince of D Gray high, the infamous-talented-cold-totally-drop-dead-sexy-handsome-cool-model student, Kanda Yuu, the wet dreams of both female and male students alike. This was an undeniable fact in the whole town, and this same fact also applies to the white haired ball of shyness and awkwardness.

Yes, Allen Walker also has a crush for the Prince.



"Alright, let's proceed to the introductions of you freshies! Please state your name, class, and the reason why you would like to join this club," Thus begun the ice breaking session with the new comers. After the other three female and one male finished their introduction it was now Allen's turn but before he could even open his mouth, the sliding door of the entrance was harshly opened and a female student dashed inside hurriedly.

She has beautiful long dark green hair that was tied in pigtails, clear violet eyes and a frown marred her also beautiful flawless face. Though that was what everyone saw but in Allen's stunned grey eyes, her dark hair was a menacing green, her violet eyes sparkling with a hidden malevolent light and when he looked closely he saw a very small and subtle dark smirk that was directed at him by the look in those haunting eyes.

Dark memories flashes like a rewind tape in his mind; sadness, humiliation, betrayal, depression and other dark feelings and emotions that Allen did not like to dwell on for too long, thus making his jaw lock and his eyes downcast towards the wood flooring.

Making her way to the circle of chairs where the newcomers were seated around a large round table, Allen caught her schooling her earlier dark expression into a fake expression the epitome of innocence that she always wore ever since 'that' happened a few years ago.

"I'm so truly sorry for being late," she said guiltily but Allen tuned out everything she said afterward and unintentionally turned his attention to the flashing memories of his middle school days.

He was snapped out of his reverie, by a hand shaking his shoulders lightly. His body suddenly tense and holding himself back from slapping the offending hand of the President away, he apologized softly for getting distracted.

Taking his hand away, the president said serenely, "It's alright kid, now it's your turn to introduce yourself, because Miss Lenalee Lee over there has finished hers," without noticing it seems that following after her rude entrance Lenalee had also introduced herself.

'So she had also pick this club, well it was expected,' Allen thought disdainfully.

Standing up from his seat, he heard a muffled mocking chuckled from a certain girl, making him slouch in awkwardness but still proceeded to introduce his self.

"H-hello everyone, m-my name is A-Allen Walker, class 1-B, a-and the reason I e-entered this club is that, I r-really enjoyed sewing and making things," he gulped quietly.

"A-after watching the beautiful play the club did last year, I i-instantly fell in love," Allen stuttered but his voice gradually became louder and firmer, because what he was saying was something he hold very dear to his heart.

"The play itself was remarkable, the actors were amazing, but even more…the props and especially the costume had been made with such detail and precision that it made me crave to be a part of it, to be able to help the Drama Club and give everything I can in creating them…and…" he ended, his fingers intertwined in front of his chest, his downcast eyes a soft shining grey and his thin lips in a small shy smile.



'…I want to be by his side…'




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