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**** Love in Drama****

Chapter 2



"Rejoice minions!" the club door was almost torn off of its frame as the vice president made her way in and exclaimed excitedly.

After succeeding in gathering all the members' attention, she continued. "Alright, listen here my dear minions, the school festival is just around the corner! You all know what that means right? Well except for you freshies of course," Fou waved her hand dismissively towards the first-years. Smirking excitedly, she began her announcement of the club's involvement and the play they were going to deliver on the event.

Everyone was excited, especially Allen because it was going to be his first play he will be involve in. 'At long last! My wait is finally over!' thought the white haired overjoyed, pure happiness overflowed his senses. Duties assigned to the newcomers, cast appointed, and finally the members of D Gray High Drama CLub begin to work.



"Hey there Allen-san," a male student with a larger round glasses than Allen's and brown messy hair tied in a low ponytail suddenly popped in front of Allen, making the white haired jump. Allen had to take a few steps back to put a more comfortable space between them.

"Opps, so sorry about that," the student apologized while sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. "I bet you're so excited right! Since you were assigned here, without further ado, let me introduce you to the members that'll be in charge of the costumes. My name's Johnny Gill, that's Miranda Lotto, Marie Noise, and Lou Fa." the brown haired named Johnny pointed to himself and the said person one after another for Allen.

"H-hello," Miranda stuttered in her soft voice, while Marie greeted with a nod and a wave from Lou Fa. Bowing deeply, Allen replied their greetings with a deep bow and a shy murmur of "Nice to meet you Senpai, please take good care of me".

He received several strong and hard slaps to his back that made him stumbled and after a squealed from Lou Fa she cheerfully said, "Oh dear you are just so cute, Allen-san! Please, there's no need to be so polite! We'll be working together from now on, so loosen up!"

Rubbing the sore spot softly Allen just smiled and laughed nervously, thinking that it would not be so bad to actually do just that. All four of his new friends smiled encouragingly.



"Cut! Another excellent job everyone, as expected of course, thank you we'll stop here since it's still the first day." Fou grinned proudly with her hands crossed while the rolled script book grasp firmly in one of her fist.

"Tch, you made it sound like we haven't been practicing for half a day, you stupid tomboy," Kanda rolled his dark blue eyes.

"Humph, don't get smart with me kid," Fou grunted, used to the blue haired's potty mouth, and turn her head to the side and stare at her nails innocently.

"You're barely a year older than me you airhead," Kanda sighed and walked to the side of the gym where his bag was placed since this morning, the other actors didn't dare to place theirs' anywhere near Kanda's since that would not result in a pretty scene.

Taking a seat he took a long drink from his water bottle, and dumped the rest to his head. He suddenly heard a soft click sound that suspiciously sounded like a camera going off made him whipped his head around, but when he didn't see anything, he shrugged it off to his tired mind.

But thinking back, he has been hearing that subtle yet annoying sound since they started their practicing. Tightening his hair band, he proceeded to shoulder his bag and walk towards the exit, but several meters from the door he was stopped by Fou calling him.

"Before you go back, go to the club room to get your measurements just in case," she shifted he footing and the newly arrived president which was standing behind her continued, "And please don't scare off the new freshies, this year they seem to be a bunch of soft meat," he grinned and Fou waved then turned around to talk to her boyfriend.

"Tch," was his usual reply. Continuing his walk to exit the gym, he went to walk straight towards the club room direction, which was inside the main building on the east end of the second floor. Since today was a weekend and the only occupants in the school was the large and active club members, such as their Drama Club –

"Yuuuuu-channnnn!" and let's not forget the football club. Heaving a deep sigh through his lips, he didn't respond to the annoying voice, and proceeded to enter the main building, having no mood to even shout at the stupidly annoying idiotic red haired rabbit-like classmate.

"Uwah, don't be so cold Yuu-chan," 'Damn his rabbit-like speed' Kanda though dejectedly.

"How many times do I have to tell you Baka Usagi, to stop using my goddamn first name," he said calmly, his head didn't even turn towards the person he spoke to. Yes, Lavi Bookman Junior was not worth his time to even look at.

"Now, now Yuu-chan, it's not nice to curse the name your parents gave you," the redhead shook his head playfully chiding his friend.

"The fuck you want, you fucker," Kanda said, still surprisingly calm.

"Ah, always the most beautiful words coming from you, Yuu. Nah nothing man, my training's finished for the day so I just wanted to see my beloved club," Lavi said as a matter of factly while crossing his hand behind his head his green eyes behind closed eyelids.

"You're not even in the club you retard," the blue haired Prince rolled his eyes and opened the back door to the club room, but before he could even enter, the next thing he knew he was suddenly sitting on the floor. Looking towards the object of his collision, his stunned sapphire eyes fell upon familiar yet beautiful molten silver eyes, equally shocked due to the force of the collision, surrounded by snow white hair, his large round glasses crooked cutely on his adorable face.

"Oh no! Kanda-sama, are you alright?!" A voice suddenly snapped the two of them from their trance when the white haired boy was abruptly pushed harshly off of his lap by a pigtail haired girl, resulted in the boy scrapping his arm on the floor. Kanda did not understand why this girl was fussing over him, when he clearly saw the blood on the other boy's arm.

Raising his hand to stop the fussy annoying girl, he grabbed the small towel that was wrapped loosely on his neck and went to kneel in front of the seated injured boy. No one saw it, but the green haired girl bit her lips and stomped back angrily into the room, her eye twitching subtly, jealousy reflecting on the orbs and a promise of pain and humiliation in the near future.

By now the others were already crowding around them but Kanda still continued his action to clean the bleeding wound, he chuckled softly and said, "As clumsy as always, Moyashi. Can you stand?"

The injured boy was blushing with such a deep red that Kanda was afraid the boy would explode but the white head still bobbed jerkily in a nod and after the blood was wiped away, Kanda stood and offered a hand to the boy.

"T-thank you, Kanda-senpai…" the boy stuttered softly and accepted the help with his uninjured hand. Standing their full height Kanda noticed the other was only a few inches shorter than him, "I see that you've grown, Moyashi."

"It's Allen, and of course I did, Bakanda!" Allen pouted his stuttering and blushes gone in a flash making Kanda smirk, how he missed that pout.

"Allen, come inside and let me see your hand, Johnny had brought the first aid kit," Lou Fa said worried and hurriedly made her way back into the room. The small crowd dispersed and Allen reluctantly followed, but as he turned around and started to move away, he noticed that his other hand was still in Kanda's firm yet gentle grasp.

He snapped his eyes towards the other and pink blush colored his pale face at the unknown look the older one was giving him. He was about to part his mouth to ask what was the matter but was cut off when the other beat him to it.

"…But you're still definitely shorter than me, Mo-ya-shi," Kanda teasingly said the name slowly syllable by syllable. Thin white eyebrow twitched, and Kanda smirked victoriously because the ever-missed pout was back. Letting the small hand go, to cover his ears with his pointing fingers, and he didn't have to wait long when the expected reaction occurred.


Cradling his injured arm, the beansprout stomped away into the club room with the pout still intact. Once again his shyness evaporated and a new found irritation in its place.

When everyone else was gone, the blue haired idol finally allowed the small smile to graze his full lips. A whistle and Kanda's entire expression morphed into a frown, 'Damn I forgot about the fucking idiot'.

"Whoa, it's been a long time since I've seen you smile like that," Lavi's statement received a glare from his companion. "The last time I saw, it was in middle school when you were always talking about this one white…haired…kid…" the redhead trailed of, when realization slowly came to him. "Oh."

A dark blue eyebrow lifted, "No shit Sherlock." Wait for it…

"Pfft," and there goes the ugly laugh-snort of a buta-usagi called Lavi Bookman Junior that is about to be turn into stew for Kanda's dinner that will maybe definitely end up in the trash can, cause since it is Lavi he's thinking about cooking so he bet it will taste like shit…

"Ouf!" a punch to the stomach made Lavi doubled over but his laughing only stop when he felt the dark devil aura Kanda emitted.

"Speak of this to any soul, and I will cook you even though I know you'll taste like shit," the blue haired said threateningly his voice dangerously low.

"…C-coo-cook…?" the redhead stuttered, his face turning pale and sweating bullet by the threat still hanging in the heavy air.



'…I don't think I want to know what he meant…' Lavi gulped.

'But damn…should've known he was a tsundere…'




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