Summary: The Soldier thought she was alone in the universe until she heard of the Doctor. And now that she has, she will kill him. A story about redemption.

AN: This story is not romance-centric. That being said, there will be elements of romance thrown in. This is a story about murder and redemption.

Also, I have respect for soldiers and what they do. However for the sake of the story, I will be introducing some controversial aspects to being one. If you are uncomfortable with this then please don't read. However my protagonist is a soldier, and will mostly remain one throughout the story, so without revealing anything, I hope that is enough of an incentive to make you continue.

Additionally the Doctor will not become central to the story-line until later. The Doctor will be making appearances, but truthfully the Doctor's first appearance won't be for a while. This will be OC-centred at first for character development and I will be following TV canon but not much of Classic Who. And there will be no episode regurgitation. I will not be adding a character that will take canon character's lines nor be writing a self-insert fic….hopefully.

Lastly, I will try to stick to canon about the Time Lords, but since so much about them is vague, I'll be exercising my creative license.

I strongly recommend that you read until Chapter 10. That's where the story starts picking up with active Doctor involvement. If you still don't like it, then criticism is welcome.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who. Any characters and situations that resemble real life situations are purely coincidental. I only own my Original Character.


The word "soldier" exists almost universally in some form or another throughout time and space. But what is a soldier? Who is a soldier? When humans think of soldiers, they think of war and destruction, and if they feel benevolent, they call them protectors or enforcers of morality. And they're not wrong. Soldiers are all that and more. In the most general sense they are people, "people" referring to all races and aliens, who choose to unite together and tackle a problem that they perceive to be a danger against them or their species. And contrary to a very popular misconception, while soldiers are all uniform in their attire and outward personality, they do not have a uniform outlook on life, or more particularly on the taking of life.

Throughout the universe, almost all the species have some concept of the word. Daleks from Skaro perceive themselves to be the master warrior race. Sontarans, a clone race, have a similar perception. Then there are the more moderate species like humans, Silurians, Sycorax, Chula, Weevils, and numerous other aliens that assign a percentage of their population to the occupation. Finally, there are the absolute peaceful, or the absolutely defenceless, depending on the perspective, like the Ood or Star Whales, who defend themselves on instinct, and have no true concept of strategic defence.

Time Lords, a nearly extinct race, are perhaps the most controversial and hypocritical species when it comes to their perception of soldiers and war. They were a peaceful race in the beginning, almost indolent in their neutrality, ironically because of the destruction they caused with the civilization of the planet Minyos by sharing their advanced technology and military. Despite claims of peace afterwards, they had the largest military force in the universe and an arsenal, named Omega's Arsenal that had the capacity to wipe out the entire universe. The Time Lord President Rassilion nearly did.

And really, things are never so simple either. All species discover a certain problem that escalates and complicates until simplifying, as done above, becomes illogical. But when the situation escalates into battle, who fights to defend against, or attack, the problem? Soldiers. In the grand scheme of things, soldiers are nothing but pawns in the games of mad men.

But how do soldiers fare through the madness? Some make it through intact with no injury or with mild psychological trauma, while others barely survive. Some, after the taste of first blood, become heartless killers, while others bear a relentless weight of sorrow.

However, this is a tale about a soldier who went through everything, yet nothing at all.