New Storrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy. Funny story: I wrote 3 chapters of this story on notes on my iPad. Some reason Fanfiction won't except me copying and pasting. I am rewriting all the three chapters I wrote. But it will be better!

Here's the story:

February 16, 2007

I just got to my work, The Park Cafe(1). I went to the locker rooms. I changed into my uniform and my apron. I threw my chestnut with amber highlights hair into a ponytail. I put some foundation on the bags under my brown eyes. I stayed up all night reading my book. I went out and saw Jessica. I went over to take her order.

"Hey Jess," I said. Jessica was a 15 year old(2 years younger than me) regular at The Park Cafe."The usual?" Her shoulder-length dark brown hair was in

knots and there were bags under her brown eyes. She had sweats on. "What happened to you?" She bursted out crying. I pulled her to the locker room.

"I've been sick all week. My best friend thought I've might be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive and I'm pregnant because my mom took me to the doctors. My parents aren't mad but they want me to abort it or give it up for adoption. I want to give it up for adoption its just, what if they are abusive?"

I got the perfect idea. "What if you live with me for a year and a month because it's February so it would be expected to come in October. So when I turn 18 in November of next year I can adopt it."

"Thank you Ally," she said, hugging me.

July 8, 2007

"Ok Jessica. Ready to figure out the gender of the baby?" My mom asked. Yes my mom is a doctor. Thank goodness she knows the situation. She did that thing with the gel. "It's a...boy."

"Yay!" I said. We left and went to my car.

"Better start thinking names Ally," Jessica said.

"I have Steve, Jonathan, Michael, Ryan, David, Alec and Ron," I said.

"Chose your two favorites," she told me. I started driving.

"Michael and Alec."

"Do Alec Michael," she said. "Then he would have the same initials as you. That would be cute."

"Thanks Jessica," I said, smiling.

October 7, 2007

"You did it," I said.

"Here Ally hold him," Jessica said, giving him to me. I can't believe I have a son.

August 28, 2015

"Mom wake up!" my 7 year old whined. As soon as she left me with him on the first day, Jessica's family moved. She said she never wanted anything to do with my baby. She said he ruined her life. I can't believe her. She's the one who wanted to give him up for adoption!

My mom was his foster mom until I could adopt him. Then she decided she didnt want anything else to do with us. Elsa, my boss who is a nice old lady, and her granddaughter, Brooke, took us in until we could get on our feet.

My baby and I are happy even though we don't have that many people in out lives...

How was it? Good? Bad? I think it's better than my first draft. So now Ally is 23 going to be 24. What will happen? I have many surprises in store. I also made Brooke nice and not stalkerish in this.

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(1) I don't own the Park Cafe. It's a real place where I live.

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