Cielo Perduto

Direct/ General translation : Lost Sky

Chapter 1

Author : 27x18

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Tsuna slid out of her bed and methodically began to tug on her uniform, her house was quiet for once, Mama was off at a spa for a week, Reborn in Italy doing an urgent hit, Fuuta helping the Vongola with something, Lambo on a rare visit to the Bovino family in Italy to get his bazooka checked over, though Tsuna thought it might be safer if the family took that off the child, I-pin was with Fon training while Bianchi was on a three week mission somewhere in the world.

All in all, for the first time in two years, Tsuna was alone in the Sawada house.

Normally she would have some of her Guardians over, being their normal noisy selves and yelling and shouting around the house, but for the past few months they had all been so busy with life.

After the Rainbow Trials there had been so much catching up to do that they were all left half dead, school work was piled to their heads, club activities for some and what was left of their relationships with friends they had been neglecting for some time.

So, all in all, Tsuna was alone, for the next week at least.

Normally she would welcome that, but after the first day of silence, and opening her front door to see no Yamamoto, and no Gokudera, walking to school and not hearing any Extreme yell passing her nor even a scowl from Kyoya at school.

Tsuna was lonely

She had been alone in the beginning and that was fine, but being surrounded by so many people for so long had gotten her used to it, and now that she was cut off from them, it hurt to be honest.

The petite brown haired Decimo of the Vongola slid out the front door with a soft goodbye to the empty house and began her long walk to school, her brown eyes brightening when she saw Kyoko and Haru

"Ohayo." she called while the pair continued on their way not seeming to hear her, Tsuna blinked before jogging up behind them ""Ohayo, Kyoko-chan, Haru-chan." Tsuna greeted while the pair looked at her startled

"Ah, T-Tsuna." Kyoko stuttered while she glanced at Haru "Morning." Kyoko bade awkwardly before smiling at Tsuna, the teen flinching at the overwhelming fakeness of it "Sorry, I have to go give nii-san his bento, he forgot it at home." Kyoko ran off in a hurry while Tsuna blinked after her, looking at Haru whom also smiled in a strained manner before making her own excuse and leaving, Tsuna standing on the footpath her wide eyes watering.

Biting her bottom lip she slapped her cheeks lightly, she needed to stop being silly, they were busy, that was all, it had been going on for weeks. Still...Tsuna couldn't help the little sting in her heart seeing them leave her behind so easily.

"Now now, Tsuna, stop being so melodramatic." Tsuna chided softly "They're busy, that's all." forcing a smile she didn't feel Tsuna began on her path to school again, her head down and bangs covering her eyes to shadow the pain that she couldn't hide. Tsuna really was useless at keeping her feelings from her eyes, Reborn always told her off for it.

"Yo-" Tsuna went to lift her head hearing the familiar greeting ahead of her, a soft smile curling over her lips as she blinked ahead at Takeshi, the teen baseball player and sword fighter had his arm up in greeting


"Hayato!" Takeshi called with a grin while he tossed an arm around the shoulders of the glaring silver haired teen, Hayato snarling at him softly

"Stop touching me, baseball-freak." Hayato snapped while Takeshi chuckled and tugged him inside the school, Tsuna blinking after him while she dropped her head again, bangs covering her eyes while she dragged her feet a little and slid into the school as invisible as she had been back in the beginning.

Slipping into class she made her way to her desk and slid down with a heavy sigh, the others weren't here yet, and so far, she was alone again

"Hey Tsu-baka." one girl sneered "Haven't seen you around Yamamoto-kun or Gokudera-kun lately, they finally realise what a whore you were? Trying to be both of their girlfriends!" one girl sneered as she passed, Tsuna biting back her glare, she couldn't get mad and act out, especially not physically, she was too strong now and she didn't want to hurt anyone at school, they were just stupid kids.

The guys were her guardians, so what if they had shit going on at the moment, they were still her friends first and foremost, even as she had begged them not to, and tried her best to keep them out of everything they had stuck with her through hell, once things were back to normal and everyone wasn't so damn busy they would be back at her side. until then she just had to endure.

"The high and mighty dame-Tsuna got her reality check." Another girl snorted while Tsuna clenched her hands on her long skirt, longer then the other girls, she didn't like showing herself, her oversized top hiding her form while she bit back her tears and let her long fluffy, gravity defying bangs, hide her sad chocolate eyes.

Bosses don't cry dame-Tsuna, you're stronger then that. Her sadistic tutors deep voice echoed in her head while Tsuna took a deep calming breath When you feel like you're about to cry, take three calming breaths and put on a mask, not a real mask you dame!

Schooling her face carefully Tsuna straightened her back and calmed herself, she just needed to make it through the day, that was her number one priority. The opinions of strangers and kids didn't matter, only her family, her famiglia.

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