Hey! So I know I'm still working on a ton of other fan fictions, but I had to get this idea out of my head. This is going to be a series of one shots of Leo and Chase acting brotherly towards one another, no slash and no OCs, I promise. It will take place during many different times, from the very start of the series, season 1 to the bionic academy, season 4 and beyond.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first chapter!

Leo had been acting weird since lunch… okay, so Leo was always acting weird. Chase was still getting used to having another brother around to compete with, okay, so maybe they'd put everything behind them since the Grandma VS Exoskeleton incident, but that was beside the point, Leo had wrecked the routine he had… and yet, he had sort of… Fixed everything, they had finally been able to go to school thanks to Leo, Mr Davenport was finally trusting them more and they were finally part of a normal family… Well normal enough.

Still, Chase thought as he looked at his step brother across the classroom, which stank of perfume and deodorant, he hadn't even looked at the questions their teacher had set the class, he noticed that the place Janelle usually sat at, next to Leo, wasn't occupied, he turned around and saw that the girl in question was sat behind him whispering to her friend.

When the teacher went out of the class room Chase quickly switched seats and sat next to Leo, he wouldn't be missed, Chase thought, no one sat next to him anyway. It didn't bother him that much, but Leo always had someone near him, he didn't want Leo to feel bad.

"Hey, Leo." Leo didn't look up, Chase sighed and grabbed Leo's work. Being super smart had its advantages, he filled in the worksheet for him. Hey, he may be super smart and a little stern when it came to work, but he knew Leo would do it if he could, he placed it in front of Leo and finished his own off. "You going to tell me what's going on with you and-"

"Don't say the she-demons name." Leo mumbled, still hiding his face. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Okay… But you might want to look up for the next half of the lesson, Mr Daniels looks like he's going to pick on you if you don't." Leo lifted up his head and looked at Chase, he looked awful, like he'd been crying for a while, his eyes all puffy and wet, so Chase may be super human, and super smart, but how was he supposed to comfort Leo, a kid he had hated up until a few weeks ago. Chase looked over to where Janelle was laughing, a little too loudly. "Want me to stay or…."

"Can you stay? I need a bionic buddy." Leo smiled weakly. Chase grinned.

"Okay" Maybe Leo wanted to be friends, not just have a bionic body guard, like he joked about all the time.

"And thanks for doing that sheet for me, I wasn't really paying attention, I could hear her talking all the way through class. Telling Lori about how she rejected me." Chase looked over at Janelle and glared at her, she avoided eye contact how he hated the concept of gossip. What was the point in spreading rumours about someone? It only led to sadness and then revenge, which Chase found stupid. For example, Trent had spread a rumour around that Chase had an obsession over girly dolls when Chase had corrected his phrasing of a sentence.

Chase looked back to the front as the teacher, Mr Daniels stormed back in. As much as Chase loved school, he hated some of the teachers that were involved in his learning experience. Some of them, he couldn't even imagine how they got the jobs they were so terrifying.

"Mr Dooley!" Leo flinched. "Without using a calculator tell me the exact sum of this angle against the rectangle, multiply it by pi and then subtract the common factor."

'Easy' Chase thought, but then he saw Leo's face…

Leo had frozen, even some of the smarter kids in the class looked confused, well not Chase, but he was the smartest person on earth, so...

He hated teachers like this guy. Thinking fast he scribbled down the number on his worksheet and tapped it subtly so Leo would see it, but so Mr Daniels wouldn't. Leo answered look across and realised, "oh. That would be 7.986 to the tenth, sir."

"WRONG! … Wait…" The teacher punched it into the calculator, his face, which was supporting a huge, ugly, wobbling mole, dropped. "Correct." Leo grinned. The teacher marched around the room quizzing the rest of the class, Leo threw Chase a grateful look, just as the evil teacher was about to go to Chase, the bell rang and everyone got up to leave.

Adam and Bree were waiting outside their lockers, Adam laughed, "you had Doom Daniels for Math? Wow. How did you survive?"

Leo put his arm around Chase's shoulder dramatically, "It helps when you have a bionic bud looking out for you."

Chase grinned, maybe it wasn't so bad having Leo around after all, even if he was strange, he was his little brother.

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