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Chase and Bree were walking through the school corridors, on a miserable, raining Monday morning, the teenagers at Mission Creek High more miserable than normal, due to the circumstances. "Bree, I really don't care about this dream you have, no matter what it's telling you, it is not saying you should capture a boy and brain wash him-"

Bree rolled her eyes, 'here we go', she thought, she really didn't need the nerd rant again… She spotted Caitlyn and crept away from Chase who was still mid rant.

"-Though, if you wanted a more scientific answer, you could say that a dream is a subconscious thought that you haven't even realised you were thinking of, thus-" Chase looked up and saw that Bree was gone. Damn, had he really gone into the nerd territory again? He had to stop doing that… But he enjoyed it, so…

"What up, Daven-dork?" Trent roared as he burst through the double doors of the school, along with his football gang. Surprisingly, he walked straight past him. His ego must still be hurting from that Spike incident a few weeks ago. Although Trent and his team won the football match, he was still wary of Chase, although, Chase had a sneaking suspicion that that wasn't going to last long and Trent would mend his ego and start to make Chase's life a misery again.

Instead of charging into the cafeteria like the babbling bumbling baboons usually did, however, they decided to hunt for another victim. Who was next on Trent's 'To Bully' list?

"What up Dooley?!" Trent shouted in Leo's face. Leo froze, dropping his text books in fear, Trent had him backed up against his locker. Chase could see his eyes searching around for Adam, who usually kept Trent at bay in these situations, but Adam was in the art class, getting extra credit for a project that he needed to get done by the end of the week. Trent grinned, although Chase would have called it a snarl more than anything. "Looks like the Muscles aren't here to protect you are they?" Leo tried to move out of the way, but Trent moved his arm, blocking his path, most of the students watching had left the scene of the to-be crime. "What are you going to do? Cry to your new billionaire daddy? Oh, but he isn't really your daddy, is he, Dooley? Where's your real daddy, huh?"

Chase could feel his blood pressure rising, Leo should have to be put through this… He knew what he needed to do, but he knew someone who could get Trent better than he could. "Just this once, Spike," Chase mumbled to himself. He, for once, let himself be overcome by anger and couldn't be happier when the words 'COMANDO APP ENGAGED' flashed over his eyes.

Meanwhile, Leo was trying to look Trent in the eyes, how him that his words didn't hurt him, but he could feel the stinging in his eyes. Stray tears betraying his front that he put on.

"Hey! Meathead!" Spike roared and shoved the rest of the football team out of the way. Most of them ran away, knowing what would happen if they crossed 'The smaller Davenport' in a temper. "You messing with my brother?!"

Trent turned around with a cocky expression, "Daven-dork, don't try the threats on me. I'm the one who kicked your butt at football." Trent turned back to Leo, but before he could say or do anything, Spike stepped in front of him, pushing Leo behind him and growled in Trent's face.

"Leave him alone, or when I'm done with you, not only will I be using you as the football next time, I'll make sure I kick you so hard that your grandkids will be able to feel it."

Trent's eyes widened, "Okay, I get it! I'll get both of you instead… Yeah… That's what I'll do!"

Spike grabbed Trent's shirt and picked him up, "OR MAYBE I COULD SQUASH YOU LIKE A FLY RIGHT NOW!" Spike threw Trent against the lockers and got in his face, "how does it feel to be cornered, huh?!"


"If I EVER see you picking on him again, I'll roast your head on a platter, got it?!" Trent nodded his head, thinking it was over, and tried to scurry away. "Oh no… You apologise to him!" Spike grabbed Trent's shirt and hauled him over to where Leo was smiling with glee. "APOLOGISE BARBIE!"

"I'm sorry Dooley!" Trent cried.

Leo nearly broke down with laughter, the scene was hilarious, a kid Chase's size shouldn't be able to pick Trent up like that… It was just a funny turn of events! "I'll think about it Trent… Maybe I could forgive you if… My brother here gave you a wedgie."

Trent was almost in tears, "Please, no!"

Spike grinned, "what a good idea!" After about 30 seconds of torture, Trent finally broke free and ran into the cafeteria screaming.

"Wow, thanks Spike, you really had my back there!" Leo high fived the bionic application.

"You're welcome, just tell my counterpart whenever he's bugging you and he'll get me over. I have a feeling I'm going to have to do worse to get the message through to that meathead."

"Will do-" The bell rang and the hall filled out with students, Leo watched Spike deactivate and Chase give him a confused look.

"Look, Leo can you just tell me you're alright, tell me at lunch what Spike did, I feel as if it's going to be a long story…."

"Sure, buddy, Trent isn't going to bug me for a while, anyway." Leo nodded.

"Good. See you at lunch!"

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