One time the minions tried to eat Kaito

(Disclaimer) I do not own kamen rider Gaim that belongs to Toei and the minions belong to Dreamworks and universal enjoy.

"Now kazuraba, behold true strength. Henshin!" Kaito shouted over to Kouta "Banana!" the lockseed called out as it was unlocked. Little did Kaito know what would be drawn to him.

"Banana Arms! Knight of the spear!" the lockseed once more called out as Kaito's armour folded out on to him. But suddenly from out of nowhere half a dozen small yellow creatures leapt on to Kaito trying to eat his armour, calling out "Banana!" as they did so.

Both Kaito's team and Team Gaim looked on in confusion "you guys want to gets some cake or something?" Kouta offered the opposing team who after a few seconds of deliberations agreed and so off they went leaving Kaito to fend off the small yellow nusiances.

The end!

Author's note: someone had to do it eventually.