Chapter One

Spencer Reid has many of his teammates experience the happiness of being with someone, but Reid has been able to actually get a chance to share those feelings with someone special in his life. Only one person in his life has made him feel normal in a sense and she walked away when he refused to make a commitment to their three year relationship. He has not seen her since he left for the FBI academy and he has not forgotten about her. Reid is going over an old case file when Morgan and Garcia walk over with a folder in their hands.

"We have case," Morgan says. He tosses it on Reid's desk and then sits on the edge of the desk. "An abduction of a young boy was called in and it is not the only case called in."

"Wait, this woman is the one with a missing boy?" Reid pipes up. Morgan raises a brow as he looks back at the file for a moment.

"Yes, her name is Jackie Greene and her twelve year old son went missing when he did not return home from his meeting with his Junior Classical League at the high school," Morgan says. Reid looks at the picture of the woman, Jackie, and the young boy with her in the picture provided. "Reid, is there something wrong?"

"I know this woman," Reid says. He gets to his feet and runs to Hotch's office. Rossi and Hotch look at the frazzled doctor with raised brows and wait for him to say something. "We need to take this case."

"We are," Rossi says.

"Why must we take the case?" Hotch asks.

"I know this woman and I want to help her," Reid says.

"If you know her then you cannot be part of the case," Hotch says. Someone begins shouting outside the office and the three men step out of the office to see a young woman with curly red hair crying as she shouts to see someone. Reid stiffens a little when he sees Jackie standing before him, looking the same as the last time he saw her twelve years ago. Jackie spins around to rest her eyes on Reid and begins to shake.

"Spencer," Jackie whispers. Reid runs over to her when she begins to fall to her knees and holds her close as she sobs. "He is gone. My baby is gone."

"Reid, bring her to my office," Hotch says. Reid nods while helping Jackie to her feet before leading her to Hotch's office.

"Jackie, we are going to find him," Reid whispers. Rossi walks behind them quietly, watching the two together.

"They took our son," Jackie hiccups. "Why would someone take our baby boy?"

"Breath, Jackie," Reid coos. He helps Jackie into a chair before looking for some tissues and then crouching next to her to calm her down a little more. "We will get him back safely."

"Ms. Greene, I am Agent Hotchener and I am taking over the case in the disappearance of your son," Hotch says once he closes the door. Reid stands up to step away, but Jackie grabs his hand quickly. "Can you tell me a little more about your son?"

"Michael is about to turn twelve in six months and he was at his meeting for his club while I was at work finishing up a few things. I work as a linguist at the white house and teach a few times a month at the local college. I told Michael to meet me back at home after his meeting and call me like he always does when he gets home. He never called me which made me worry until my maid called to say he never made it home and that is when I called it in," Jackie explains.

"Has he been in contact with his father recently? Would he be with his father spending time with him?" Rossi asks. Jackie looks up at Reid with sad eyes and then looks at her feet.

"No, I have not seen my son," Reid says. "Not since he was born that is."

"Wait, your Michael Greene's father?" Rossi asks.

"Please just find my son," Jackie says quickly. Reid crouches down to calm her down before she begins to cry again.

"We will get him back home, Jackie," Reid says. She hugs him tightly as she begins to cry once more.

"We will start our investigation as quickly as we can. Reid, you cannot be part of the case since Michael is your son but you can still know what is going on," Hotch says. He and Rossi leave the room with surprised looks on their faces. "I did not know he had a son or even that he had a girlfriend before."

"Neither did I," Rossi says.

Jackie sits at Reid's desk looking at the picture's Reid kept of Michael with a small smile. Reid brings her a cup of hot tea to sit with her and takes her hand.

"He is a beautiful boy," Reid says, looking at the picture from the case file.

"He is really smart like you and he loves to read like your mother," Jackie says. She wipes her eyes with her free hand and sniffles for a moment. "Spencer, I am sorry for keeping him from you all these years. He has been asking to see you lately and we fought over it just before he disappeared. I am afraid of what might happen to him."

"No, you did what was right and I just glad to see he is smart and healthy," Reid says. He kisses Jackie's hand softly with a small smile while caressing her face with his other hand. Morgan and JJ walk over with tight smiles at the two of them.

"So, you are the mysterious woman that gave our little nerd a son?" Morgan asks. Jackie stands up with a tired smile and extends her hand out.

"I am Dr. Jackie Greene," Jackie says. JJ and Morgan shake her hand briefly when Reid puts his hands on Jackie's shoulders for some support.

"Why did we not know you had a son, Spence?" JJ asks.

"Jackie and I split before I joined the academy and before Michael was born. She agreed to send me pictures and would bring Michael when he asked to see me," Reid says. Jackie put her hands on Reid's for a moment with a sad look on her face.

"How did you two meet?" Morgan asks.

"I was taking a psychology class while in college and we began to talk ending up together for three years or so," Jackie says. She and Reid share a big smile at the memory until Hotch comes over.

"We are to take you home until we find a lead on your son," Hotch says.

"I will take her home," Reid says.

"No, I don't want to go home without my son," Jackie says quickly. Reid nods, grabbing her purse and jacket, before leading her to the elevator. Jackie hooks her arm with Reid's as they walk.