Chapter Twenty-Five

Jackie looks at Reid with a calm look and processes what he said a few times. They remain quiet for a few minutes.

"That would make sense," Jackie finally says.

"You agree?" Reid asks with shock.

"I knew about my dad having someone following me, the person was not very good at hiding it. But, my mom is very good at doing things quietly. That would explain why Maria seemed to disappear after my kidnapping because she was my mom's spy from within my own home," Jackie says. She walks over to the board, wrote Maria's name and then stands beside Reid with their eyes on the board.

"So, what is the next step?" Reid asks quietly.

"Nothing, we watch it play out until one of them slips up," Jackie says plainly.

"Is that the best course of action?" Reid asks.

"It is the only thing we can do at this moment. Play innocent," Jackie says. Reid turns to look at her to see she is calm as she looks at the board.

"You have been through this before," Reid whispers.

"Something like this? Yes, my brothers and I went through this many times, but in different ways each time. It was like tactical training between my parents and the children," Jackie says. "The best way to win this is going to do something that will catch them both off guard."

"What might that be?" Reid asks. Jackie turns to him with watery eyes and Reid stiffens.

"We lie and tell the truth at the same time," Jackie squeaks out.

Michael watches Jackie pack her bags from the apartment to take to their hotel. He is quiet and Jackie is moving at a swift pace.

"Mom," Michael says. Jackie ignores him, but he walks in front of her path to the closet. "Mom, talk to me."

"It is not your choice and it has to happen," Jackie says angrily.

"No, you think it does and you do not want to do it," Michael firmly states.

"Michael, I am not going to talk about this with you," Jackie snaps angrily.

"Do not do this to him!" Michael shouts.

"We have no choice! It is either do this or we end up getting hurt or even dead!" Jackie shouts back. She goes back to packing and takes them to the door where the valet is waiting patiently. Michael follows her and the valet down to the town car waiting patiently. Reid is standing at the car with a plain look on his face. Jackie walks over to him, places something in his hand, and kisses his cheek gently.

"Jackie," Reid whispers.

"I think it is best we end the engagement to protect ourselves," Jackie whispers. She walks away to get into the car and Reid watches it drive off, clutching the wing in his hand. He remains there for a few more minutes before making his way to the office silently, processing what has happened.

I know this is short, but it was hard to write. Thank you for sticking with me until the end and I hope you all enjoyed this. Until next time, my lovelies.