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Chapter One: Our Home

(Namine's POV)

Sleep, Sleep. Ugh. I need sleep.

High pitched and excited laughter along with quick footsteps passed by our bedroom in the hall.

Well, Ventus and Roxas's bedroom.

Even though Nora and I have lived here with the Strife's for a few months now, I still refused to call it Our home. What if something happened between Roxas and I? I couldn't stay living with my ex, because that would be wrong...and weird. Or what if they had another family crisis, God Forbid, like Marlene falling out from a tree and getting a coma?

We all swore to never bring that memory up again, it was too much for Roxas and his father, Cloud. Which is completely understandable. I never want to mention the death of my mother ever again, unless I absolutely have to. The memory of her last day in this world still haunts my mind and my dreams that turn into dark and gruesome nightmares.

After the whole crisis with our father, Rufus Shinra, Tifa has been so generous and kind to Nora and I for taking us into our home. Everyday I would ask her if she was sure about taking us into our care, and everyday I would tell her that we would be out if she didn't want us anymore. But she'd always shake her head and tell me to stop speaking such 'Dilly Dally.'

A high pitched scream followed by little footsteps that pattered against the hardwood floors passed by once more. A muffled grunt bubbled in my throat as I rolled over onto my stomach in my boyfriends bed that we shared, which was only a twin size, but I never had to worry about freezing my butt off since Roxas always slept with me in his arms and he was my personal heating pad.

"Nora! This time you get to be the sparkly dragon!" I heard Marlene shout happily from outside the room.

Now the only reason why Tifa and Cloud would EVER let Roxas and I share the same bed is because we also share this bedroom with his twin brother, Ventus. Like any parent, they wouldn't want to hear their own kid having sex with their other...so that's why we do it whenever we're the only ones in the house, which isn't often or for very long.

Don't get me wrong, it's fun and exciting when it's quick and fast paced and it's kind of flattering how I can get Roxas going in three minutes. But sometimes, I hope for the very first time when we made love, everyone was at Denzel's baseball game and it was my first time. Now, they usually say that your first time is the worst, but honestly, I think that my first time was the best.

The way Roxas touched me and held me just made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl in all the worlds. When he whispered those sweet nothings in my ear along with every gentle movement he made has my heart doing back flips.

Wow, I sound like a sap.

"Oh! Denzel! You're up! Good morning, Denzel! Would you like to play dragons with Nora and I!?" Marlenes voice traveled through the entire upstairs of the apartment. She was adorable, and so sweet and responsible, EXCEPT for keeping her voice down while others were sleeping.

"Roxas?" I muttered, lazily patting the spot next to me where Roxas slept.

It was empty, but still warm. Which means he hasn't been up for long.

Probably outside smoking a butt. I always wondered how Tifa allowed him to keep up with that habit, with her being Tifa and all.

"Oh! Would I ever! Can I be the big black dragon with the yellow teeth!?"

I heard Denzel's voice now. He was just as loud as Marlene.

"YELLOW TEETH!? EEEWWW! Tell your dragon that he needs a visit to the dentist!"

That was Nora.

I wonder if Ventus was still asleep? Meh, I was way to lazy to open my eyes. Even to check what time it was. Probably seven was my guess.

"How about you all three dragons go downstairs and fly around? You don't want to wake up the Queen dragon, now do you?" Came a rich voice that was no other than Roxas. He must have been finished smoking and was coming back up to snuggle with me, or kiss and teasingly touch me until I woke up.

"Good morning, Roxas!" I heard the little trio respond together. Their series of careful footsteps heading down the stairs could be heard.

I hugged my pillow closer to me, waiting patiently for Roxas. I didn't have to wait to long until I heard him quietly opening and closing the door behind him. I heard him curse softly to himself as the floorboards creaked underneath his feet. I felt the corner of my lips quirk up as I felt the mattress sink underneath his body weight,and his strong arms encircle themselves around my waist pulling me into his warmth.

I sighed softly as I felt his warm lips at my neck. They were warm and messaged my skin with every butterfly kiss that he planted upon my skin. I hugged my pillow closer to me and breathed in and out softly, in complete tranquility.

"You awake?" He whispered against my skin, his hand slowly sliding down and between my legs.

I squirmed and shuddered as a warm spark shot up my spin at the sudden heated touch. I could feel his smirk as he brought his hand up back and around my waist.

"Hmm, so you are awake?" he asked, his voice full of innocence.

My eyes fluttered open and the first thing I saw as him. His azure blue eyes were fixed on mine,a few of his golden spikes were tangled and a few were in his face.

He was so perfect.

"Don't stare at me, I don't have any makeup on!" Roxas squeaked in a high pitch voice, as he playfully hid his face against my back.

I couldn't help but laugh.

"Hey, I don't do that!" I said, my fingers finding their ways naturally into his soft spikes.

"Hmm. You don't." He agreed, now kissing up my arm. "But most girls do."

"Oh? Should I be happy that you know this?"

He rolled his eyes and hugged me even closer to him, practically squeezing me.

"Blah!" I squeaked in a strangled voice from his grip.

He laughed and loosened up, a little.

I forced my body around so that I was facing him, earning myself a warm kiss. I kissed back instantly until I got a taste of his breath, I instantly pulled away as soon as I leaned in.

He looked at me puzzled. "What's wrong?"

"Your breath!" I cried, plugging my nose shut with my fingers. "It smells like an ash tray!"

He has been smoking!

He laughed and purposely leaned closer to me, I scooted back from him keeping my nose pinched shut.

"Yeah? Well...your breath isn't much better, but that didn't stop me from kissing you, now did it?"

My eyes widen as I clamped my other hand over my mouth, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks.

"SERIOUSLY!?" I cried, my voice muffled against my hand.

"I could ask you two the same thing!" Ventus growled at us, from his bed across the room. "Trying to sleep here! Can you two go do your lovey dovey stuff...I don't know..off a cliff or something!?"

My eyes shifted away from Roxas briefly to Ventus, who was nothing but a big lump underneath his heap of covers. I looked back at Roxas who smirked.

"Well, that would be a bit hard..." He paused to grab my butt. "...but exciting..."

I squeaked and practically pushed him away from me and hurried to the bathroom, with my hands still blocking my nose and mouth. I probably looked so ridiculous, but I had to get rid of this morning breath!

"Hey! Namine! Where are you going!?" I heard him call after me with a laugh as I frantically searched around in the little clustered bathroom for the mouthwash. Going through ever drawer their was underneath the sink. There was plenty of pads, tampons, extra tooth brushes, foot creams, face creams, body lotions, condoms, hair brushes, floss...but where was the toothpaste and mouthwash!?

I dropped my hands from my face to shout.


(Kairi's POV)

"AQUA! AQUA! AQQQUUUUUAAAA!" I cried out, racing into my older sisters bedroom.

She was still in bed, but I could see her short blue tresses sticking out from under the covers. I giggled and hurried over to sit at the edge of her bed and fix her hair for her. "Aqua, my dear. I believe that it's time for you to get up!"

I couldn't help but think of my boyfriend, Sora, while I watched my sister sleeping like a rock in her bed. She must have been on cloud nine! She always was such a heavy sleeper! I smiled, I was in such a happy mood today! Sora and I are were going to hang out at the beach in Twilight town today! I can't wait! It's going to be the perfect way to start my weekend!

"Good morning, little sister!" Axel said, leaning against the door frame eating a bagel.

I laughed.

"Your hair is a MESS!" I got up from Aqua's bed and hurried over to him to fix his hair, having to get on my tip toes.

He ducked and wrapped an arm around my waist and threw me over his shoulder effortlessly as if I were a sack of potatoes! I grabbed at his long crimson hair trying my best to pry the snarls apart.

"OW! Geeze! Careful, would ya!? Whats up with you and fixing hair anyways!? How about you try fixing your boyfriends!" He cried as he walked us over to Aquas bed, throwing me on top of her and sitting at the edge of it just like I was earlier.

I laughed as I laid on top of my sister.

"I do, actually! But as much as I try to fix it, it goes back to being messy!"

He laughed with me. "How does he feel about you constantly touching his hair!?"

I blushed. "It puts him to sleep!"

"AWWW!" Axel mocked. "How sweet!"

I just blushed harder.

"Why is there a body on me?" Aqua muttered from under the covers.

That just made us laugh.

That's our home for you!

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