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(Roxas' POV)

"So...Namine AND Nora are sick with the flu!?" Mom asked me while Marlene, Denzel, Ventus, Vanitas, and I were having breakfast. Her crimson eyes narrowed at me suspiciously. "Isn't it a bit early for the flu season?"

"No. It's going around at school." I lied, taking a sip of my coffee.

"It is?" Ventus asked dumbly.

I kicked him from under the bar. He yelped.

Mom raised a brow at us. "Is that so? You two seem to be fine. Considering that you two share the same room with her."

"We have strong immune systems." I added quickly.

Vanitas snorted at that. I kicked him too.

"OW! You little shit!" He growled, shooting me a glare.

I shot one back.

"That's a gil in the swearing jar for you!" Marlene said, poking Vanitas' cheek.

He rolled his eyes and sipped at his coffee.

"So Nora's sick too?" Denzel asked, his mouth full of scrambled eggs. "I don't want to get sick!"

"Maybe Nora can stay in my room." I reply.

"You mean OUR room!" Ventus sneered. "And no way! I don't want to get sick!"

I rolled my eyes. How thick headed was he!? He clearly saw that Namine and Nora weren't sick. I kicked him again.


Mom frowned. "Who's kicking who!?"

I shot Ventus a warning glare and he sighed.


Mom frowned even harder. "Okay. Quit the lying." She slammed her cup of coffee down onto the bar counter nearly shattering the cup to pieces. "I want to know what's going on, and I want to know NOW! You know I will NOT tolerate lying in my house!"

"Don't you mean apartment!?" Vanitas joked, earning himself a pinch from mom causing us all to cringe.

Mom's pinches could leave bruises for weeks, sometimes...months depending on how angry she was.

"OW! Okay! I was just joking!" He yelped, pulling his hand away.

Mom didn't look convinced. "Really now?"

"I think they're lying." Vanitas said.

"And I think you're an asshole!" I sneered, earning myself a pinch from mom.

"Mind your language!" Mom snapped, twisting the flesh on my forearm.

"OKAY! OKAY!" I howled.

She let go of me and sighed. "I'll keep an eye on the two today, but I have to pick up a few things at the store tonight."

I nodded rubbing at the spot where she pinched me, that was going to bruise for sure.

We ate our breakfast in silence then parted ways to brush our teeth.

I went up to our bedroom to go check on Namine and Nora, they were both asleep together in my bed. I may smoke, get into brawls, cuss, but I will not deny that the bond that Namine and Nora have is the cutest damn thing.

Not wanting to disturb them, I slowly walked into the little bathroom took a piss, brushed my teeth, and threw on some eyeliner. Before I left the room I went over to Ventus' desk and took a heart shaped sticky note that Aqua gave him for valentines day last year and snatched a dull pencil and left Namine a note.

The sounds of her and Nora's soft breathing comforted me and wanted me to do nothing more but to jump in bed with them and hold them close to me. But I couldn't. There were questions that needed to be answered.

With one last glance at the sleeping sisters I set the note down and left the room.

It was my duty today to drive my siblings to school. It was some stupid rule that we had at the Strife household. Mom and dad bought us all a car to share, so Ven, Vanitas, and I would take turns driving each other to school. I guess they figured that the three of us would get tired of sharing the car that it would motivate us to get jobs. Vanitas has a job but is saving for college and isn't the greatest with his money. Ven and I? I guess you could say are still looking for jobs, I really need to get one now.

Axel was waiting for me by the lockers once I arrived at school. He was shamelessly smoking a cigarette and checking out some girls ass, who happened to have the locker he was standing next to. Leave it to Axel.

"Hey, did you get my text?" I approached him.

"Yeah, something about a dude in a black hood?" he took his eyes off the random girls ass to look at me.

"Yeah, Namine saw him or her staring right at her from across the street the other day." I reply, leaning against a locker.

"So? Maybe it was just some person looking for money." Axel suggests, his eyes falling back to that girl's butt again.

I rolled my eyes and snatched his cigarette from him and took a long drag from it.

He just kept staring.

"DUDE!" I growled, as smoke rings leave my mouth.

He looked at me, not even caring that I took his cigarette from him. We do that to each other often, it's a bro thing I guess. I also caught the girls attention who gave us both a dirty look before slamming her locker closed and strutting off.

"What's your problem man?" Axel snarled, glaring at me.

I took another drag from the tobacco and slowly let the smoke out. I feel like the freaking catipilar from Alice in wonderland.

"I'm trying to talk to you, and you're just eye-fucking that girl. Can you give a guy five minutes!?"

He rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. Right. Sorry. But don't you think that she might be overreacting a little?"

"No, she isn't. Xion and Seifer invaded her home a few months ago, remember? And everything her father put her and Nora through?"

"But they're all in jail."

"They have friends that could be seeking revenge, have you ever thought of that?" I snapped.

"Now you're getting paranoid." Axel sighed. "Do you know how many people walk around with their hoods on?"

"I do, and I told her that but then the more I thought of it-"

"Thought of what!?" Axel demanded, raising an eyebrow at me.

"I will tell you if you stop fucking interrupting me." I reply, finishing his cigarette and tossed it on the ground, putting it out with my foot.

He rolled his eyes, but stayed silent so I could continue. I picked up the cigarette and threw it out in a nearby trash can and faced him.

"As I said before, the more I thought of it the more I realized how many suspects we could have. What if someone is staking Namine? Think about it...Siefer's friends...Xion's friends..."

"But doesn't Siefer live in Traverse Town!?" Axel asked.

"That's what I thought too...until I found him and Xion at Namine's house, and before I knew it...I was getting attacked and tied up.."

"What did you do to piss him off anyways?" Axel asked.

"I didn't have to do anything! Xion knows lots of people, and she's very manipulative. She must have seduced Seifer and gave him a bunch of bull shit in order for him to hate my guts and wanting to kill me. She might have told him shit like I 'abused' her or 'was a drunk'." I rolled my eyes.

Axel nodded in agreement. "That about sums it up...look, I'm sorry for giving you shit. I'll start looking around, see what I can do to help...okay?"

I smiled and patted his arm. "Thanks man."

(Namine's POV)

I woke up from Buttercup's tail right under my nose, tickling the crap out of it. I pushed it away gently, failing to fight off a smile. I watched the little fuzz ball as he rolled over onto his back and stretched out his legs. He was starting to get bigger now, and fatter. Nora and Marlene must be overfeeding him.

Speaking of Nora, I looked over to see her sitting up and looking around Roxas' and Ventus' room. It made me wonder how long she was awake for. Slowly, I sat up, being careful not to disturb Buttercup who was purring away.


"Why did Roxas want us to stay home, Namine?" Nora asked, her big blue eyes looking up at me curiously.

How could I explain this to her? I couldn't. So what am I suppose to do? Lie? Yes, I had to...I had to keep her safe.

"Well...I wasn't really feeling well Nora..."

"Sick?" She suggests, scooting closer to me and wrapping her skinny arms around my neck.

"No...sad..." I answer, and that wasn't all a lie.

"I'm sorry you're sad, Namie...but...you shouldn't skip school because you're sad! Because that will only make things worse! Then you'll have more work to do when you get home!"

I blinked a few times taking in everything that my sister was saying. And she was right. I felt ashamed of myself. What kind of older sister am I? Mom wouldn't want me to be this way...

Despite how scared I was about this hooded figure, I couldn't let my fear take over me. I faced Xion and Siefer...and if I had to..I could do it again..I just have to be strong. Like Roxas.

"You're right, kitty." I said, gently dropping her arms from my neck and getting up to my feet, waking up a confused Buttercup.

She looked at me with an encouraging smile and that was all the strength I needed to get going.
I got clothes for Nora and I for the day. As we quickly got dressed I spotted a little note in the shape of a heart by Roxas' nightstand.

Nora followed my gaze to the note and then looked back at me. "Read it! Maybe Roxy wrote that he loves you!"

I smiled at that and went over to pick up the note:

I'm meeting with Axel today at school and we're going to find out about this freak in the hood.
Stay home with Nora today. I'll see you later today. Love you baby.


"SO what does it say!?" Nora asked, looking up at me.

Carefully, I picked her in my arms so that we were eye level. I hated keeping secrets from my sister, but she was too young, and has already experienced enough trauma. She didn't need this.

"You were right. He said he loves me and hopes I feel better."

Nora grinned. "I told you! Are you going to kiss him when you see him at school!?"

I giggled and carried her down the stairs. "I might!"


I laughed. "Don't even think about boyfriends yet, missy! You're only five!"

"Don't worry, I won't! The only thing I think is cute are cats!"


"Feeling better I see?" A soft voice from behind us caused me to nearly jump out of my skin.

I whirled around, still holding Nora to spot Tifa.

"Tifa! Oh! H-hi!" I responded awkwardly.

Tifa was in the middle of mixing drinks for a few old customers at the bar, giving Nora and I curious looks.

"Uh...yes...we both woke up with pounding headaches..but it turned out all we needed was a few more hours of sleep! Nora and I were going to school right now!" I answered quickly, setting Nora down to her feet and grabbing our school bags by the door.

"Okay...be careful walking to school you two!" Tifa called out to us as Nora and I made our way out the door. That caused my stomach to turn painfully. Could that hooded figure still be lurking around the streets?

"Namine? What about breakfast!?" Nora asked, slipping her small hand into mine.

I looked down at her, pushing my paranoia away for now. I couldn't let myself get caught up too much in my thoughts like last time. I almost lost her.

"They serve you breakfast, lunch, and snack at the center don't they?"

She nodded. "I mean, what are you going to do for breakfast?"

I was so stressed I couldn't even think about eating anything.

"I'll grab some lunch at school." I said, giving her small hand a gentle squeeze.

Nora nodded. "Good! Make sure you care for yourself!"

I smiled at that. She was always so considerate. She got that from mom. How I missed her.

The good thing was that Twilight's Sunny Childcare Center and Twilight High were just around the corner from the Seventh Heaven. only five minutes away. Once I dropped Nora off and gave her the false explanation to why she was late, I headed off to school. Every few seconds I would look over my shoulder and expect that hooded figure to be right there staring at me.

But he never appeared.

Is someone really after me? Or am I just going crazy?

(Roxas POV)

"So. You wanted to see me?" Fuu asked, meeting up with me after third period as promised from our texting conversation. Her red eyes bored into mine, her facial expression stoic. She was dressed in a pair of red leggings that had rips in them and a sleeveless jean vest with black high tops.

"Yes, I did." I answered, sitting at the windowsill. "Know you and I both know that I don't sweet talk or bull shit to get what I want. I get right to the chase."

"Sounds exactly like you from last year." Fuu replies dryly.

"That was last year, sweetheart." I reply, with a roll of my eyes. "Anyways. When was the last time you've seen Xion."

"Why? You don't give a shit about her." She snarled blowing a black bubble from the gum she was chewing.

"You wouldn't either if she fucking stabbed you." I shot back.

She just rolled her eyes. "You know, I don't have to tell you anything if I don't want to. You're pretty much wasting your own time."

"Maybe." I admit, folding my arms across my chest. "But I know a lot about you, Fuu. Don't you think that I remember that summer party you and Xion threw last year."

Fuu raised her eyebrows. A small hint of fear lit up her eyes. She looked around us quickly to see if anyone was listening and leans in closer to me and lowers her voice. "Hey. You swore you'd never tell."

"And I stay true to my word. For now. If I don't get the answers I want...I maaaayy just let the cat out of the bag. I still have those pictures and videos you sent to me of you and Xion high off your ass and you telling where to hide the evidence, which I'm sure...is still in your closet in the old jewlery box in the third drawer of your dresser."

She flashed me a glare.

"You would have bought some drugs if you were there too. Don't try and act all innocent."

"You have no proof of that, and I've never smoked a joint in my life. Just these." I reply, holding up an unlit cigarette. "And I have my parents, siblings, Zack, and Axel to prove it. So I guess you're trapped, honey."

"I thought you just said you don't bull shit or sweet talk your way into getting what you want anymore." Fuu sneered.

"I don't and I'm not. I'm simply stating facts." I answered, pulling a lighter out from my cigarette and lighting it up.

"You're blackmailing me!"

"Of course I am."

"Screw you!"

"You wish." I smirked as I took a drag of tobacco.

She let out a frustrated growl. "FINE. What is it that you want to know!?"

"I thought I already asked you the first question!? When was the last time you saw Xion."

She sighed and ran a hand through her silver hair. "A week ago."

"What did you two talk about?"

"Does it really matter?" She snapped, her stare not threatening at all.

"You tell me. How much do you want to get busted?"

"You bastard. All we talked about was school!"

I took in more from my cigarette. "Bull shit." I purposely blew the smoke in her face, causing her to cough.

"FINE! We talked about you! Are you happy now!?"

"Not yet. You're not giving me enough details, sweetheart."

"All we talked about was how she planned on getting you back and how furious she was when she discovered you were dating Namine! So she planned on killing you, and then Namine and her little sister so that nobody could have you and that Namine and her sister couldn't have anybody else!" Her voice was a harsh whisper.

I sucked in another drag as I listened to her nodding slowly. Not too worried about Xion wanting to kill Namine and Nora since she's in jail. "Anything else?"

Fuu chewed on her lower lip and looked down at her feet quietly for a moment.

"Anything ELSE?" I repeated impatiently, causing her to jump.

"She's hired someone to kill Namine! OKAY!?" Fuu cried, looking me right in the eye.

My stomach turned, like I was being stabbed again and I nearly choked on my cigarette. I swallowed hard, feeling my blood starting to boil. That little bitch.

"Who?" I demand, letting out my cigarette against the windowsill.

"That I can't tell you." She replied, taking a step back from me, being able to detect my anger.

I jumped off the windowsill and took a step closer to her, staring her right in the eye.
"Yeah? And why not?"

"Because she wouldn't tell me his name."

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