Before the story begins, quick disclaimer: I DON'T OWN UBISOFT'S [PROTOTYPE], [PROTOYPE] 2 AND ROOSTER TEETH'S RWBY. And hope you enjoy this crossover, and there is a special message at the bottom.

Bio to the story's protagonist

Name: Alexander Helix

Age: 19

Appearance: Having Lie Ren's hairstyle but with a blood colored streak instead of magenta and wears Heller's biomass clothes and boots

Height: 5'6

Weight: 167 lbs.

Weapon: His Backlight virus

"Semblance": Symbiotic morphing (can mimic anyone if the subject gets a tiny amount of blood on him)

That is his bio and enjoy the story!

Chapter 1: Vigilante in Black and Red

-Vale (Night time)-

It was night time and the streets of Vale and the humans of Vale panicked and ran into their homes, for that the White Fang ring leader Roman Torchwick and seven White Fang soldiers walk to a dust shop called "The Dust Mines" for a debt that the owner have. As the owner saw five men enter his shop, he panicked when Roman entered the door. While he examines the variety of dust but sees the news headlines saying of a black haired vigilante with a "unique" semblance, but he ignores it and then he raises his head and "talks" to the clerk.

"AH! Finally a shop that finally has Dust in these parts of town, and what's this?! The clerk is a Faunus...AH how nice. Soooo... hand me all of the dust." Ordered Roman as one of the men pointed a rifle to him

"O-o-ok, just take what ever your want, just don't hurt me or my family!" Pleaded the clerk

As soon he finished pleading, he gave the word for his men to gather all the Dust, both powdered and crystal form. While Roman's boys finished gathering the Dust, one of them sees a boy in a leather jacket, white sleeved shirt, and dark blue jeans reading a magazine about Beacon Academy. The goon aims the gun to his head and barked.

"Hey, empty your pockets!" As the goon approaches to him and grabs his right shoulder which caught his attention.

"What?" asked the boy letting the goon confidence be pierced his blood red irises

"I-I-I-I said empty your p-p-p-p-po-pockets!" quivered the White Fang member

Putting the magazine away, the young man stretches and asks the petrified Faunus

"Woah, woah, woah! You attempting to mug me despite me having nothing but 50 Lien in my pocket?"

"Yes... Then give me the Lien!" Barked the soldier

As Torchwick and his men got what they needed, he founded out that he was a men short. In frustration, he yelled, "WHERE is the last guy? We're on a tight schedule and it will not be pretty once we are LATE!" Upon saying it, he saw the missing grunt being flown out the window who sees who launched him. The boy he encountered now having a black, red pulsating, mutated fist with huge rocks wedged in the mutated red flesh. Roman also sees him breathing heavily, as if he was in some sort of pain. Finally Roman claps for him.

"Very good young man, you just founded out how to use Blacklight! You should have a cookie for that!" Teased Roman who then later leaves the building but said one last thing to his men.

"Boys! Kill the runt."

"Roger that Mr. Torchwick!" As the other six move in to take out the runt. Alex reverted his hammerfist back to normal, he walk and ask the clerk

"Want me to kick these hostile men out?" Still struggling to get his breath

"Please, we will be in your debt!" thanking the clerk

"Then *gasp* time to kick these hot heads *gasp* out!"

As the infected vigilante close lines the six out of the shop but as soon he brought the duel out side, his vision blurred following a slight headache causing him the groan in pain. In confidence the six members then boasted at the suffering infected.

"Look at the, he's shaking in utter pain for fear!"

"Just keep your guns trained on him"

As they continue to shoot their rifles at him and starts to surround, Alex roared in pain as black and red flesh starts consumes him. This made both fear and traumatize the six making both stop shooting and start to start panicking.

"WHAT THE! What's UP with him!?"

"He's shifting into A BOMB!"


"HE-he-he...HE'S GONNA BLOW!"

"Grab the fainted one and lets get out of here!"

As the six White Fang members carried the unconscious one out of the "explosion radius". But the flesh that surrounded Alex didn't turned him into a bomb but encased him in a hard, bendable, exo-skeletal shell but was rejected the host's body. It soon morphed back into the leather jacked and jeans that he use to wear but with the pain that it took to change into the armor, he fell onto his knees and fell face first, who fainted from the pain he just went through. As the Vale police came to the scene, he was rushed to the hospital with multiple cuts and bullet rounds to his chest, this made him to be put into intensive care.

So Alex fainted from his mutation of the Agile Armor while fighting the White Fang members who then ran like a bunch of sissies but soon he will meet two special visitor, just guess 400 Lien who those two is. (Heads up, this is my first crossover of Prototype and RWBY and if you reads this please give me hints or advice by PM me or write a review of it)