The day of Alex's initiation begins and the entire school will be soon watch him. It is a test of mind and strength, and let see if he can overcome the test.

Chapter 4, phase 1: Initiation Day/Infected evolution

-RWBY's Dorm-

As the sun rises for the day of initiation, Alex was softly woken up by the sun's soft light and not knowing that. As he got off the bed and walked is way to the team's bathroom to prep up for the initiation. But when he went to the sink to just wash his face, he sees a knife and paper stabbed into his chest.

"OH WHAT IS THIS SHIT ON MY CHEST?!" yelled Alex which accidentally made several dorms wake up even waking up team RWBY and Jordan

"Who was that?!" said Ruby frantically but as soon she finished talking, another screamed roared out of the room. Blake, Weiss, Yang, and Ruby ran to the center and hugged.

"AAAAAHHH!" screamed the team, but for Jordan he jumped out of bed and morphed into his pajamas to his biomass clothes and his claws.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" Jordan yelled in a act of fear and anger but when the Alex barged in the room freaking out with a knife in his chest, Jordan also freaked out and morphed to his hammerfists and punched him in the gut which made him flew back into the bathroom causing a massive thud. When Jordan sees who yelled, he ran into the bathroom and saw Alex being stuck in the wall.

"OH! What the FUCK Alex! Don't do that... you almost gave me and everyone a DAMN heart attack!" barked Jordan while pulling him off the wall


"I didn't expect you to be a heavy sleeper. SO I thought I should add a note"


"Exactly. So stop wiping out so I can pull you out." Said Jordan who finally pulled out Alex

"At least let me read the note!" responded Alex and both pulled out the knife and read his note

Hey if you read this, you're late for initiation. SO GET YOUR LAZY ASS MOVING!
-Your buddy Jordan

"Wait, is my initiation today?"

"Believe so." Responded Jordan

"OH NO! I NEED TO BOOK IT!" As Alex got up and bulleted out of the bathroom, through the girl's dorm and heading to where he detected Ozpin through his infected vision. As the four girls got up, Weiss ran in front of Jordan with a little hint of bloodshot eyes.

"What was that about?!" questioned the heiress

"Just a little freak accident... hehe..." responded the infected fighter

"FREAK accident? Or total ruining my beauty sleep! You should learn some manners!" retorted the heiress

"I knew that the leave a note by stabbing him was going to end badly... *yawns*" said Ruby who is now drowsy from the alarm

"At least I made him start the whole thing early. Everyone get dressed and let's watch the GAME!" cheered Jordan

"You're a inspiration of knowing to light the mood." Said Yang who is still in her bed trying to get some of her sleep


As the students of Beacon began to St in their seat to spectate Alex, both team JNPR and RWBY took their regular spot which was in front of the monitor where they see Alex taking in about the initiation. While waiting for the initiation to start, the two teams sees team CRDL sitting in their seats all passed off. In slight curiosity, Jaune asked Jordan.

"What happened to them... looks like they're going to pummel him the second he comes back."

"IleftanotebystabbingitthroughhischestandhewokeupandwenttothebathroomandsawandhefreakedoutandabouteveryonewokeupandIfreakedoutandhefreakedoutsoIpunchedhimin thegutwhichsenthimflyingandhitthebathroomwallandIhavetohelpoutbypulling... no harm done." Responded Jordan, to see Jaune's but having nothing but a blank stare.

"You are very odd..." replied Jaune

"He knows and SHHH! It's starting!" barked Yang, taking some of the popcorn that Jordan brought in

As the auditorium started to dim and the monitor still shows still Alex talking to the headmaster, leading to students whisper to each other of who is the new guy.

"Who is the newbie?"

"He looks so similar to Lie Ren"

"Why did he not brought any weapons to defend himself?"

"He wares the same clothes just like Jordan!"

"What's that symbol on his jacket?"

Hearing to what the student's whispers, Jordan took noticed to the a symbol on Alex's back. "A Mercer mark... this going to be a interesting."

-Ridge Over the Emerald Forest-

Out side and not far away from Beacon, Alex stood on the edge of a cliff seeing nothing but huge and lush trees. As he observes his a area, he spotted twelve gray, stone plates on the ground. After finally observing his area, Ozpin and Ms. Goodwitch began to debrief what his initiation.

"Alright Mr. Helix, you're task is to retrieve a relic which is located in a ruins in the Emerald Forest." Said Ms. Goodwitch while she's reads off her tablet

"When will I get to the ruins I might add?" questioned Alex

"You'll see it." Answered Ozpin

Nodding in agreement to Ozpin, Alex walked on the gray plates just to hear a faint ticking sound under him. In hopes he'll not regret it, he asks Ozpin in desperation of what is that ticking sound.

"uhhhh... Ozpin, what's is that ticking s-" before he could finished question, he was launched off into the sky with his arms and legs flaying around like a fish out of water.

"You think he'll make it?" asked Glynda to Ozpin

"I know that he's under control" responded the headmaster while he walks off back to the school

"I hope you do..." Said Glynda in her head as she followed Ozpin back.

Well that happened, Alex gets launched in the air similar to Jaune before he finished his question. And if you're wondering what the symbol is on Alex's jacket is, it is similar to Mercer's but replace his dragon design with wolves.

ALSO,CHANGE OF PLAN. This chapter is a two part chapter, if any chapters is going to be a multi part, there will be a phase in the chapter title. Don't think the phases are going to be long, will be a two or three phase.

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