This is my first trailer for my own Pokemon story~...! It's also slightly the first in White Knight Chronicles. Anyway, enjoy and ciao~ This is for Pokemon Project! Time for epic sci-fi hero music~

There was starry night sky with a 10-year old boy named Maxwell Valorhart looking out the window of an orphanage.

"I've always dreamed of becoming something... Like a hero of some sort~ L-Like a Pokemon Ranger! ... Or something like that..." Max then showed a drawing of himself as a cool-looking hero.

A group of bullies looked at his drawing as if it looks like nothing and one of them grabbed his picture and said, "You don't have whut it takes, Shrimphart~!" He then scrunches up the drawing! Max would've done anything to stop him but he didn't want to get hurt.

Maxwell, saddened by his ruined drawing, keeps it nevertheless and calls his 13-year old cousin for comfort and advice. "Say, Wendel... Do you know what does it take to be... Someone who is strong and does whatever's right?"

Maxwell was then visited by a scientist named Brian Summers. "Good evening, Maxwell. I'm Brian Summers."

"Well, cuz'... It doesn't depend on how strong or powerful you are or doing whatEVER is right, it's what you BELIEVE in doing what you THINK is right."

"Max, we at PokeGene Inc. have a very special proposition for you..." Brian stated. "Would you like to start a new life as someone... Or rather someTHING else?"

"Absolutely~... My days as a normal human boy are over...!" Max answered but then asked, "So... What's in it for me?"

Brian smirked and answered, "I want your permission on wether you'll give up your life as a normal human boy."

Max was a little silent but agreed nevertheless. "... Yeah, that's cool."

Max was then turned into a Pokemon, an Oshawott specifically and was introduced to his new friends who also became Pokemon.

The 'PokeKids' turn to Max who introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Max~"

A female Cyndaquil with a plush pink scarf named Samantha said, "Nice to meet you~"

Matthew, a male shiny Snivy with a light red visor scoffed, "Don't look so smart to me."

Max looked around the area as an Oshawott.

The PokeKids and their caretakers tour around a robotics company. A turquoise haired man in a formal suit then walks in, presenting a mecha suit that's twice a statue's size. "I present to you all, the Functional Avatar Core Entity! Otherwise known as the F.A.C.E. unit."

The F.A.C.E. unit, being piloted by one of the demonstrators, is shown running, flying and attacking. "Fast as a Ninjask. Strong as a Rampardos. Talented in Flight as does female Unfezant. And Skillful as a Lucario. The F.A.C.E.s shall bring a brighter future for the safety in Paein region."

And now the song, "Monster" from Imagine Dragons~

"Sometimes, I have a reason to believe... That I might be someone special..." Maxwell looks out in the window at the starry night sky until he saw a bright light urging him to follow it.

"Maxwell..." Max then sees a bright human-like being floating in the air.

Max then sees a bright glowing white gauntlet in the ground. He picks it up and looks at it curiously. It waved 'hello' at him, shocking the Otterboy!

The bright figure appeared again. "W-Who or what are you!?" Max asked and the figure said, "I am Wizel." But Max was confused, "Uh... Weazal...?"

The white gauntlet was forcefully worn on Maxwell who tried to shake it off but then a bright flash came and engulfed them with Max screaming!

Max then woke up. "Ugh... What... Happened?" He said with a surprisingly slightly deeper voice, making him gasp! He then looked at his paws which have became white metallic hands!

"You must save the people...!" Wizel's voice said from Max's gauntlet which became his armoured arm. Max then looked that there is a building burning in flames and there are people inside!

Maxwell used the armour in his new 'White Knight" form to protect himself from the fire as he is carrying a baby he had wrapped around his blue fireproof cape and jumped out of the window, crashing on his back as he held the baby close in his arms! Panting while relieved he and the baby are still okay, he awed at the fact, "Whoa... I can't believed I had survived that one~..."

The TV was on with the Genta News. "Reports are live that a giant black metallic robot is wreaking havoc across Genta City Uptown!" It was true as the screen shows black metal mech with claws is terrorizing the town!

Maxwell was shocked but he knew what he had to do. "Guys! I think I can help!"

Warren, a Pikachu PokeKid with gray goggles around his forehead, says, "HUH!? But what can ya do, Max?"

Max shows his friends the white gauntlet and transforms into the White Knight, surprising everyone with wide eyes! He looks down and said, "The right thing...!"

The White Knight is shown battling some F.A.C.E.s that are out of control! The same man who introduced the units saw this and gets a bit mad, "This White Knight is making a fool out my work!"

The White Knight is shown to be well-equipped after upgrading itself, showing-off his rocket punches, laser eyes, his cape can turn into a pair of wings with a jetpack, etc. Brian spoke up for the White Knight. "He has more power than we can imagine~!"

"We have to believe in our brother!" Mary, the Piplup PokeKid said as Aleron Bane, a Growlithe PokeKid joined her. "He can beat this guy!"

A scene of Max as the White Knight is seen battling with the black metallic clawed mech as the evil robot yells at the Otterknave, "YOU THINK YOU'RE SOMEONE IMPORTANT!? YOU'RE JUST AN ORPHAN! HOPELESS, ALONE AND MOST COMMONLY...! A COMPLETE CHILDWRECK!"

A girl's words came to Maxwell's head. "I know you'll do the right thing, being someone great~...!"

Max stands up and boldly proclaims, "No... I am Justice! I am the Light! I AM THE WHITE KNIGHT!"

This made the black bot stare questionably and annoyedly, to which Max jokingly answers, "Yeah... I kinda think it's epic just as Batman says it."

The White Knight then lunges to spinning rocket punch directly at the black mech who does the same to slash Max!

Pokemon: White Knight

And that's another epic trailer~! I don't own Pokemon or White Knight Chronicles, you know~... Ciao~ ;)