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Chapter Summary: Everyone gathers at Hannibal and Maggie's to celebrate.

Chronicles of a Colonel: by LAGC

Chapter Nineteen - Family Freedom Day Celebration.


"The rest you pretty much know yourself, Rachel. We all went back to California. We opened up A-team Security and pretty much continued helping the helpless and beating up thugs. During this time your parents got married as did your Grandma and I. Uncle Murdock resumed his relationship with your Aunt Kelly. You were born as well as your brother. We kept the Security company for several years. But when your Aunt became pregnant with John David, your Uncle didn't want to risk orphaning his child through our risky line of work. He and Murdock had already begun to start up the A-team Flight School. Your parents were starting up the St. Jerome center. I was ready to retire. Everything was in synch and the time was perfect to move on to our next phases. And here we all are today. " I closed up my tale.

"Wow! Papa. I understand everything so much better. I totally get Family Freedom Day now." Rachel said as she sat back into her seat. "I'm awed by everything you all survived through and triumphed over."

"That's life, Sweetie. You just keep putting one foot in front of the other until you crest the hill." I replied.

"Thank you so much for telling me the entire story. I feel so grownup because you trusted me enough to share all of this. I can't wait to see my Uncles and Dad on Sunday."

"That reminds me, John. We need to go shopping for the Freedom Day Feast." Maggie said, "I have cooking to do."

"I'm going to call Daddy to ask if I can stay another night. Grandma hasn't gotten any of her chores done in preparation for this weekend, because I've been here monopolizing you both. So I'll stay to help get things ready." She declared as she went off to the phone.

Maggie leaned in and gave me a deep lingering hug and said, "Oh John, we've come so far haven't we? When you pounded on my door all those years ago with a badly wounded, bleeding BA never did I dream it would lead me here ...to a devilishly handsome husband, three sons, and six grandbabies. I treasure these Family Freedom Day celebrations."

"I know Darlin'. I'm so glad Murdock made us start this tradition honoring our exoneration day."

Rachel bounded back into the room announcing that her father approved her extra night, agreeing that it was only right that she help Maggie and me catch up on our feast day chores. He also promised to be in Bad Rock by noon on Sunday with the rest of her immediate family, and an extra surprise. She also told us that her mom was bringing the hot veggie side dishes.

Rachel was true to her word. While Maggie and I ran to the grocery store, she baked a cake, tidied up, and decorated the dining room. After she greeted us she said, "Aunt Kelly called to say she was bringing the salad and to call her back if you needed anything else. John David also phoned to say his parents were bringing the soup, wine, and homemade chocolate chip cookies that his sisters made."

"Sounds like this meal is coming together." I said lighting up my cigar.

We grabbed a quick lunch of leftovers then Maggie and Rachel started to prep the main dish, roasted turkey. That was another tradition Murdock had insisted upon since that was the meal Stephanie had cooked before we went to DC. I offered to work on the stuffing but Maggie shooed me out of the kitchen and directed me to get the porch ready and to mend the rope on the tire swing."You know the kids will want to play on it, especially the younger ones. And I don't want to be treating any of them for concussions because of a snapped rope."

Just as I was heading out on my assigned mission the phone rang. I answered it.

"Hi Colonel"

"Hello Murdock"

"Um. I was wondering if I could ask a favor?"

"Go ahead, Captain."

"Um Kelly and I have an appointment later this afternoon. Could we leave Amelia with you for a couple of hours? "

"Of course, Murdock. We'd love to have her. Rachel is still here and she'll be thrilled to see her baby cousin."

Maggie had walked in when I had picked up the phone and therefore was privy to the entire conversation and she piped up, "Hannibal, why don't they just plan to spend the night. Why should they travel all the way back to Bedford Falls only to come back here tomorrow".

I passed her message onto Murdock who gladly accepted. Maggie smiled and went to tell Rachel.

Obeying a gut instinct, I asked, "Murdock? Is everything ok?"

"Sure Hannibal, it's all good" he replied. I detected something in his tone though, but didn't push.

"Alright. Well, see you in a bit." I said as we hung up.

By time Murdock arrived Maggie and Rachel had prepped the turkey and the stuffing. They had also prepped the Murdock Family bedroom. (Maggie insisted that since we had three spare rooms that each one be set up for each of the guys). Kelly and Murdock kissed Amelia, and Sockie, goodbye then left for their appointment. Maggie gave me her look that meant that she too was picking up on some vibes. Our pondering was interrupted by a little voice,

"Papa? Can I go play on the swing?" asked Amelia.

"Sure, Princess, I fixed it today for that very purpose"

The rest of the day passed with Maggie and I enjoying our granddaughters. Kelly and Murdock brought pizzas for supper when they came home. The kids went to bed and honestly we adults soon followed.

Family Freedom Day dawned sunny and warm. The scent of the roasting turkey filled the house because Maggie had popped it into the oven before sunrise. We all ate breakfast, which Kelly had insisted on cooking. The morning passed quite quickly. Round about noon we heard cars pulling into the drive. Amelia ran to the window to see who it was. She happily ran to the door squealing that "Uncle BA and Uncle Face are finally here with everybody."

She wrestled open the door to greet her cousins,

"Hi John David! Give me a hug." she said leaping at my grandson.

"Ok, Amelia" he said smiling

His twin sisters, Katherine Rose and Carrie Margret also hugged the tiny doorkeeper.

"Hey! I heard you have a kitten, Amelia. I can't wait to meet her." said Katie.

"Papa, here are the cookies Katie and I made." said Carrie proudly. "Daddy says chocolate chip are his favorite." I smiled at Face's eight year old twins, recalling why he liked this type of cookie.

"Wonderful, sweetie, could you put them in the kitchen for me." answered Maggie.

Right behind the wave of grandkids came BA and Face with their wives. The guys were loaded down with the promised side dishes, wine, and assorted desserts. Hugs and kisses exploded and all food supplies were stowed properly.

Suddenly Rachel said to BA, "Daddy! You said you had an extra surprise. And where is Albert?"

BA snickered and called out, "OK Son! Now's the time!"

The front door opened once again and in strutted Albert with Mrs. Baracus on his arm.

"Granny!" screeched Rachel happily as she ran over to her.

"Mama B! How wonderful to see you" called out Face.

"Wow, it's an almost complete Family Freedom gathering. Too bad your Daddy isn't back from his missionary work yet, Stephanie." said Murdock.

"I know. But thankfully he's scheduled to be home in time for Rachel's graduation" said the younger Mrs. Baracus.

Face passed around glasses of wine to the adults while his wife, Lily, gave the kids glasses of ginger ale. "Let's offer up a toast to get our celebration started." he said. As we all raised our glasses he continued,

"To the lessons of the past, the events that brought us all together, and the friends who helped us get here. May we always let what has been, remind us of the wonder and gift of what is and will be."

We all clinked glasses and I noticed Rachel hugging her Dad extra tightly. I heard BA whisper, "Learned a lot from Papa Hannibal, I'm guessing." She nodded and hugged him again. "Uncle Face's toast means so much more to me now."

Maggie gave me a gentle nudge and indicated I should glance at Kelly and Murdock. Kelly was passing her glass to my Captain. My wife had a sly grin on her lips.

"Um, Captain? Anything you'd like to add to our Lieutenant's toast?" I prodded.

He and Kelly looked at each other and smiled.

"Ok ok. We spoke to Amelia this morning so we can tell everyone now. Kelly and I will be adding to this menagerie. In about five more months, we expect to be introducing you all to Charles L. Murdock." We all cheered and congratulated them and Amelia.

Once all the dust settled, and another place was set for Mama B, we all sat to eat. I lead my family in the blessing then we all dug in. From my spot at the head of the table I surveyed my expanded Team. BA and Stephanie sat across from Rachel and Albert. Face and Lily were watching over JD, Katie, and Carrie. Murdock was helping little Amelia E. cut up her meat under Kelly's beaming smile.

We'd gone through a lot but it had lead us all to this perfect A-team American Dream.

I coughed quietly to clear the sudden lump in my throat. My Boys looked up at me, all grinning.

"Go ahead, Hannibal" said Face.

"Yeah, man, we all agree anyway." added BA

"Come on Colonel, tradition demands it." encouraged Murdock.

"I love it when... " I began but six young voices interrupted and chorused,

"a plan comes together!"