He hated Him.

His Father.

He hated his very existence.

He had sent soldiers to kill his sibling, his unborn sibling.

It wasn't enough that he'd had his mother killed?

Or even that he ruled the Midlands with an iron grip?

He only thanked the Lady that his sibling's wizard grandfather had managed to escape the Midlands with the child.

He had hoped to be able to raise them and teach them what it really meant to be part of the House of Rahl.

Like she had.

Not his mother, she'd been killed when she had continued to miscarry...

No he referred to she who had his heart. The one person who could see through his lies.

The one his Father had taken from him in a...cursed sleep.

With no known cure.

Well, she was the main cause for his hate, why couldn't she also be the reason for the fight for the liberation of the Midlands?