Egg Factory

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy were running through the Egg Factory to stop Eggman's latest plan. The four of them were beating down Egg Pawns, Egg Flappers, Egg Hammer and Egg Fighters just to get to the mad doctor himself. Just as they reached the door to the center of the factory, they were blocked by a Heavy Egg Hammer.

"You call that a hammer?" Amy asked. She got out a hammer that was bigger than herself! "This is a hammer!" Amy started beating the robot to death.

"Well done, Amy," Sonic said. "Now we just need to break down this door."

"Just leave it to me," Knuckles said, cracking his, well, knuckles. He rapidly punched the door until it fell down and the four of them walked in.

Central of the Egg Factory

The room was circular and empty. Eggman was nowhere to be seen. On the walls were multiple monitors and on the screen were multiple Eggman Rockets, ready for launch.

"What's that Eggman up to now?" Sonic asked.

"You like it, Sonic?" a voice, from above, asked. The four heroes looked up. A giant tarantula robot crawled down the wall. Eggman's cockpit was in the spider's carapace.

"It's Eggman!" Tails yelled, pointing at him.

"This where it ends, old friends," Eggman laughed. "As you can see, I have a bunch of rockets, ready to be sent around the world. Inside each of them are a bunch of my Badniks, programmed to destroy anything in sight, beside yours truley. The GUN won't be a match!"

"Ha! If they're the same badniks you always use, like the ones outside, I'm sure my friends and I can make short work of them!" Sonic said.

"But will you be fast enough save everyone around the world?" Eggman asked. "No lives lost?"

"I think you're forgetting how many friends we have," Sonic said. "Shadow, Silver, Blaze, the Chaotix and that's only scratching the surface!"

"Maybe so, hedgehog, maybe so…" Eggman said, scratching his chin. "But you're not going warn them, I'll make sure of that!" Eggman's mech shot missiles from the abdomen part of the tarantula as it crawled around the wall. Knuckles climbed up the wall to get to the mech while Tails lifted Sonic up so he could homing attack the cockpit. Amy used her hammer to bang the wall, so the impact would make the mech fall (you'd be surprised how strong she is). The mech created a web and used it to swing the other side of the room.

"Get back here, coward!" Knuckles yelled, gliding over to him. Tails lifted Sonic and Amy up and got closer to the mech.

"Sonic, homing attack the area where the missiles are coming out," Tails ordered. "Amy, use your Spinning Hammer Attack on the cockpit." Sonic and Amy did as ordered. Eggman knocked Sonic off and shot missiles towards Amy. Amy jumped off before they hit her, making them hit the cockpit.

"Arrh!" Eggman screamed. "You'll pay for that!" Knuckles went under the mech and pushed it off, making the mech land on it's back. Sonic walked over to the upside Eggman.

"I can still launch my attack upon the world!" Eggman yelled. "It's not over!" Tails got out his Miles Electric and used it to hack the Egg Network.

"Not anymore. I just hacked your network and order your robots to add bombs in the rockets and then rerouted their locations to you're all of your bases. It will destroy every robot and thing you built over the years!" Tails said. "And what kind of password is "EGGMAN," anyway?"

"That's was the same password to his own private Chao Garden back on the Egg Carrier." Sonic said.

"Shut up!" Eggman yelled, getting his mech back on all eight legs, which quickly gave way. The glass dome opened and Eggman flew out in his Egg Mobile.

"Get back here!" Tails yelled, flying up after him. The tarantula shot an electric net at Tails, hitting him. Eggman swooped down, with a claw coming out of the Egg Mobile, and grabbed Tails, flying away with him.

"Tails!" Sonic yelled.

"Get back here, Eggman!" Knuckles yelled. Eggman bent down and grabbed the Miles Electric off Tails and changed the rockets, to make them blow up in 5 minutes.

"I may not take-over the world today, but I know I can take you out right now! The missiles will blow up in 5 minutes, destroying the factory, along with you," Eggman laughed. "Can you make it out in time?" Eggman flew through a hole in the roof. Sonic ran up the wall after him but Knuckles pulled him down.

"Knuckles! What are you doing?" Sonic asked. "He's got Tails!"

"Yeah and he's got us if we don't get out of here in time!" Knuckles said, starting to run. "We'll worry about Tails later." Sonic sighed in defeat and followed him, along with Amy.

Egg Factory

Sonic, Knuckles and Amy were running through all and any Badniks in the way, with no time for a fight. The timer was almost over, so Sonic grabbed Knuckles and Amy's arms and ran faster barely escaping with time to spare. They watched the explosion from a nearby cliff.

"At least it was the Egg Factory that was destroyed and not anywhere else," Amy said, wanting to look on the brighter side of things. Knuckles turned around and walked away.

"Where you going, Knuckles?" Sonic asked.

"Back to the Master Emerald," Knuckles said. "I left it alone for too long."

"But, Knuckles, we need to save Tails from Eggman," Amy said. "He's our friend!"

"Isn't Tikal and Chaos guarding it as well?" Sonic asked. "It's still being guarded. And we could use all the help we could get to save Tails…"

"Fine! We'll save Tails but straight after that, I'm going back!" Knuckles yelled, annoyed.

Lava Shelter

Tails was tied down to a metal table, with a laser pointing at him which was connected to a giant computer, which Eggman was at.

"I hope you like my newest invention, Tails!" Eggman smiled. "I call it the Roboticizer! Soon, you will be my robotic slave!"

"New? The Zeti used the exact same thing one me," Tails yelled. "It didn't work for them, and it won't work for you!"