World Roboticizer (or Death Egg, as I called it in the last chapter)

Omega was firing at the E-105s while Sonic and Amy were dealing with Chaos.

"This brings back memories!" Sonic laughed. "Look, dude, I know you're really a good guy but it's always fun to fight you!" He homing attack the metal head, sending Chaos offline.

"Sure sending him offline didn't kill him?" Amy asked.

"Course not, it's not like we blew him up," Sonic said. "Don't get any ideas, 'Tiny.'" Sonic pointed at Omega as they carried on into the base. After much fighting, they reached the core.

"We don't have long," Omega said. "Only 5 minutes to upload Eggman's coding."

"Right!" Sonic said. "Where do I plug this thing in?"

"Not here," a voice said. It was Miles. "The main computer is on the uppermost floor. Are you fast enough to get there in less than 5 minutes?"

"Seems like being Miles has made you forget how fast your best friend is, Tails," Sonic said.

"It's not that," Miles muttered. "You don't know how to get to the main computer, let alone which room it's in. I'll admit, I don't feel like roboticizing you two. How would like to be test subjects?"

"I'll give you the short answer," Sonic said, spin-dashing into Miles and jumping into an air vent. "Amy, Omega, distract him for me!"

Sonic ran up the the base, trying to find the shortest route to the computer room. He was just glad Vector wasn't here. There was only 60 seconds left when Sonic reached the computer room. He plugged in the pen drive and uploaded the coding. Now he only had to replace the roboticizer's coding with it and relocate it to the WR. Just as Sonic was going to do that, with 30 seconds on the clock, a hand grabbed him and pulled him away. It was Mecha Sonic, no under the name: M3-CH.

"10 seconds until Roboticized!"

"No! You…" Sonic spin-dashed but it was blocked. Sonic just decided to run to the computer but M3-CH just kept hitting him away.


"I just gotta…"


"It's not too…




"Get out of my way you piece of…"


"It doesn't end like this…"

Mobius (or Earth)

The WR fired. Everyone on the planet was turned into a robot. Eggman's bases, GUN's bases and my city blew up because of it. It was too late…

World Roboticizer

Amy and Omega were still trying to defeat Miles. They saw the planet get roboticized.

"It's over…" Miles said. "You have two choices, hedgehog. One, become a test subject or two, be roboticized. Choose your poison, carefully."

"We shall not give up the fight!" Omega said. "Rosey, we can defeat…" Omega stopped when he saw Amy was on her knees, crying.

Sonic was still battling M3-CH.

"The whole planet may be robotic," Sonic said. "But that's doesn't mean I'm giving up!" Sonic jumped on the robot. "I've fought robots my whole life! And it looks like that isn't changing!" Sonic kicked M3-CH into a gas pipe, filling the room with gas, M3-CH started rusting. "So Miles created this gas in case of rogue robots, huh? Well, looks like I'm taking out the trash!" Sonic picked up the rusted robot and threw him down an air vent, making him blow up. The WR started to lose altitude. Sonic carried on setting the De-Roboticizer.

"I'll active this when this thing is in the planet's atmosphere," Sonic said. "In doing so, it should de-roboticize everyone, including Tails and my other friends!"

"SA-55, why are we losing altitude?" Miles asked SA-55, via radio.

"M3-CH was tossed into the jet engine, sir!" SA-55 stated. "We are now in the planet's atmosphere!" The core began to light up. Amy looked up.

"No… no, no, no, no, no…" Miles yelled. "It wasn't supposed to end like this… the blue fool must of super charged the roboticizer!"

"You mean de-roboticizer?" Amy corrected.

"Whatever! This whole base will blow up in a matter of seconds!" Miles yelled. "And how do you know it's de-roboticizing?"

"Look at your hand," Omega said. Miles lifted up his hand. He could she fur and a glove.

"No! No! No…" Miles yelled, before the core blew up.

World Roboticizer Crash Site

Omega climbed out of the rubble, carrying Amy.

"You ok?" Omega asked.

"Yeah," Amy said. "I just hope Sonic made it." They saw Shadow and Rouge, now organic again, running off with the Master Emerald, along with Knuckles, Tikal and Chaos chasing after them, also organic. A piece of metal flew upwards, as it was kicked by a blue leg. Sonic climbed out of the rubble, bruised and gloves torn.

"Good to see you two out alive," Sonic said. "Any sign of the others?"

"We've seen everyone but Tails," Amy said. The three of them saw something move. It was only IDI-07 with SA-55's head.

"Ha! Let's see how you like bein' a head!" IDI-07 laughed. "Wait, Miles is gone, so that means… I'm Cubot again! And you're Orbot."

"End this nightmare, now," Orbot said. "Just find Eggman so we can be on our way." The both of them floated away. Omega saw a tail sticking out. He pulled it out of the ground. It was Tails.

"Hey, Omega…" Tails laughed, nervously. Sonic and Amy ran over to them, both hugging Tails.

"Good to have you back, buddy…" Sonic said.

"It is…" Tails said. He sighed.

"What's the matter?" Amy asked.

"It's just… I can't help but feel guilty for all the things I did as Miles…" Tails said.

"You and Miles aren't the same person. Miles is an evil robot that took control of you. But you fought his control… it was the only reason why he didn't roboticize Amy and me back there," Sonic said.

"You're right, Sonic." Tails said.

"Now come on, we have to help the world get back on it's feet after Miles' attack. And celebrate with a truck load of chili dogs!" Sonic laughed, running off. Tails followed.

"Chili dogs?" Omega said. He looked at Amy. "What do you see in him?" Amy got out her hammer.

"Keep walking," Amy ordered.

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