In a time, that was oh so distant from today, there had once existed a Kingdom by the name of Hakobune.

For many years the Kingdom lived in terror and destruction as an evil witch who lived in a deep dark forest along the edges of a swamp, cursed the land and its rotten king.

Brave General's and Knight's fought nobly to save the land from the wicked woman who cursed it...

but alas, none prevailed.

Until one day, a peasant gentler than the breeze, with a heart purer than gold, and a soul kinder than that of a child's at its youngest age, was able to convince the witch to leave the Kingdom.

This man's name was Mana Walker.

Mana had asked the witch why it was that she hated his homeland and the witch, who found herself touched by the kindness and bravery of the peasant, shared her sad tale.

She told of her sister, Miranda, who had been killed by the King, Marian Cross, after she cast a spell of lust upon him. The King had promised the witch many riches if she could make him the handsomest man in the Kingdom until the day he died but after the spell was cast he ordered the witch's demise so that he wouldn't have to pay her for the service.

The witch who told him this tale had harmed the land as only revenge for her sister's untimely, unfair death.

Mana had surprised the green haired witch, whom was called the Witch Lee, and giving her his condolences, he struck a deal with the poor witch.

"King Cross, whom rules this land, is gravely ill and dying, but his last wish is to see you dead, not to lift the curse but to be brought your head, so dear magic wielding woman, I ask that you and I may strike a deal. The King has said that the man who brings him your head shall be successor to the throne, instead of one of his mistresses rude sons. I propose that you leave this kingdom, and find a happiness far from here, and I, in return, shall promise to return to the kingdom and rule the land with a gentle heart so that the King's bloodline should no longer be royal and this land should be full of happiness. No creature to live under my rule, or to pass through my Kingdom, will be wronged and if that law should be broken the criminals would be punished and the creatures reimbursed for their troubles."

Hearing this the witch agreed, she enchanted the skull of a deceased deer so that it would look like her severed head until the day that Mana or she passed, and then she fled the kingdom, quietly revoking her curses on the land.

When Mana returned to the kingdom and brought the sick King the fake head, the king was so over joyed that he named Mana as his heir.

The old ill king died soon after Mana was announced as the only heir, and later Mana would marry the woman of his dreams, who would later sadly die, shortly after the birth of his first and only son.

His son suffered scars over his left eye and up his left arm from problems during his birth, but would fully recover and grow.

But just as Mana had promised, his rule brought peace and prosperity to the land for many years, the witch forgotten until the summer of his sons 16th year.

At sixteen, his son was to choose a partner to court, but the prince had come to believe fully in true love at first sight, his head filled with tales of fairy's and brave knights becoming great hero's and falling for princesses at only the first glance. The Prince dreamed of being a great hero, he took his sparring seriously, and worked hard to be a brave and intelligent King someday. So when word spread of a witch moving into the old witches house by the swamp, the prince abandoned his daily routine to protect his land and be a hero, just as his father was.

He would confront this witch himself and ask; would thee be friend or be thee foe?

But only the king Mana and the witch Lee knew of the secret detail removed from this tale.