The door that slammed behind Prince Allen echoed around the dinning room, the last sound before a bout of silence, leaving the air so thick that every limb in the room felt heavy and weighted down.

The three men left in the room combined couldn't think of a word to say, King Mana gazing down guiltily looking as if it was his heart that had been broken, Kanda standing in angry silence, Knight Lavi staring at the spot Allen used to be with a shell shocked glaze over his emerald orbs.

It took seconds before Kanda couldn't stand it anymore, damning them and their silence, he wouldn't just stand there and fume like a powerless child, no, not when he was the strongest individual in the room.

"Che," He scoffed, shaking his head in disapproval at the King before shooting a judging glare in Lavi's direction.

"Oi! Baka Usagi!"

The Knight shook his head out of his empty trance, glancing over at the Wizard and his strange language, the King not moving a hair, looking as if he was barely breathing in his seat.

"Come with me."

Strongly he strode over to the large double doors the Prince had disappeared through, pausing as he placed a hand against the fine wood, glancing back over his shoulder at the King.

"You and I, your majesty, will have a little talk about this later."

His voice was threatening and full of all his rightful anger and distaste, the words spit in the King's direction like they tasted sour and awful on the Wizard's lips, His Majesty chancing a sorry glance up to piercing blue eyes.

Promise was all he could see, even though he could feel the other mans blue flame of unhappiness, he could not see it's reflecting in the mask the wizard wore over his emotions.

Mana swallowed thickly, nodding in agreement with the Wizard - that they would indeed have a talk later - and with a motion also encouraged Lavi to follow the man that was now to be considered the Prince's fiance.

Kanda stepped out of the beautiful room and into the elegantly decorated hall, not bothering to wait for the redhead, demanding the servants manning the doorways to tell him which way the Prince had stormed.

He had made it halfway down the hall before Lavi caught up to his almost jogging pace.

"Where are you going?" Lavi asked him breathlessly as he struggled to keep up beside him.

"To the Prince's chambers."

"What?! But-!"

"Damn it Usagi! Your his 'best friend'," he said accusingly, skidding to a stop at the end of the hall, highlighting his ideas on there friendship with a mocking tone, "you should know better then I that the Moyashi needs someone right now, and his father's not an option."

"I- I-..." he hated to admit it but the dumb wizard had a point, Allen was angry, angrier then he'd seen in a long time, it wouldn't be good for him to just hole himself up in his room.

"...Yeah, I- your right, I just was a little shocked, Allen's never pushed me away like that before." Yes, Allen had been mad at him before, and sometimes had shrugged him off, but he'd never slapped his hand away, never rejected comfort with violence, that wasn't the kind of person Allen was, he would never use violence unnecessarily.

"First time for everything then." Kanda told him dismissively, eyes rolling in haste as he started down the hall to the left.

"Do you even know where your going?"

"I wouldn't have dragged you along if I did."

Lavi sighed following after the Wizard, guiding him the rest of the way to the Prince's rooms, Kanda taking the best mental note on the path he could but it was sort of difficult seeing as there was little differences in the hallway decor.

"Moyashi!" Kanda called determinedly as he approached the Prince's door, rapping on it so harshly that the solid oak shivered beneath his fist, "I know your in there!"

A muffled and stubborn, 'go away,' was heard through the door, and with a frown the Wizard grasped the knob, turning and pushing and finding it surprisingly unlocked.

Quickly he slipped into the room, jumping out of the way of the threshold just as the door was rammed closed with all the Prince's weight, the click of his lock evoking Lavi's protests from the other side.

"I told you to go away." The Moyashi mumbled, still facing the door, refusing to turn and look at the older male.

"Taking orders is not something I do, especially when they're from a stubborn angry Prince."

"Please, then," Allen said to the door again, breathing deeply and steadily, "Please go away."

Kanda hesitated any movements, he wasn't always the greatest at reading the situation but he could tell something was wrong. Why would the Moyashi not face him? He had no reason to keep his back to him, and what was with his breathing? Those steady breaths that sounded almost choked and held deep in his chest?


Kanda cautiously approached the younger, who'd raised his hands to wipe his face, and carefully he rested a hand on his shoulder just as Lavi has done before.

Only he was not knocked away.

"Moyashi, look at me."

His voice was soft, softer than he ever meant it to be, but it seemed to reach the white haired man. He turned towards Kanda slowly, eyes glued to the cold floor between them.

Frowning Kanda brushed back the little hair the Prince was trying to hide behind only to reveal a pair of tear soaked cheeks and wet shiny eyes, silver iris's standing out gorgeously against the red that rimmed his sight.

Gently he lifted his small turned-down chin, the sight leaving confusing ping's and skips in his heart.

"Are you alright?" The Wizard asked dumbly, showing him only his concern, his own anger taking the back burner to Allen's distress.

Kanda didn't really know what he'd expected, asking that stupid question, but it hadn't been the further scrunching up of the Prince's cute features, nor the strong grip that wound itself around his torso as the Moyashi rushed into his chest, immediately dirtying the wizards robes with his tears of betrayal and snotty nose.

A soft 'ouf' was pushed from his lungs because of the unexpected embrace, the Prince being a little rougher then you would expect from someone with his looks, yet the Wizard hardly noticed. He felt strangely peaceful having the Prince curled into his chest, even though the man was crying messily, even though he should have been his usual angry self, he couldn't be that with the distraction Allen was. Pulling the younger into his arms gave them both a comforting a warmth that urged the Wizard to never let go, one that eased the Prince'd tears until they slowed.

Not sure that just a hug was enough slowly Kanda ran a strong hand up and down the Prince's back, just like his mother had done to him when he was young and needed soothing, it was the only thing he could think of that might help to console the males emotions.

"How could he- how could they make that kind of deal?! We're their s-sons!" he sobbed, clutching the older males clothing tightly.

The exclamation was like a haven for the Prince, Kanda's hold reminding him that he wasn't alone, that someone else could share his situation.

Only, at the same time, he cried because it was Kanda who would have to do this with him.

His heart told him he should be happy, glad to be in this with the Wizard instead of someone he didn't have feelings for. It could have been a tyrant, an individual with a dark soul, or even a woman! Deep down in the cockles of his heart he was so relieved that out of anyone it was the man currently consoling him. But then his head grasped the pain of realizing what his father had promised in the first place, and it left slashes across the surface of his pride, a nick in the respect he held for his father.

Allen had never seen the King as anything less then a good man, level headed, a bit quirky at times, but it was nothing any other father hadn't gained along with their children. Yet he felt betrayed, for the first time in his life, by his old man, and at his age the world was still nothing more then the Kingdom and his family no one more then his father, Lavi, and his servants.

It was an idea he would need time to come to terms with, one that he would hold to his dad for awhile.

He'd been sold out before he was born, they had both been! They had the right to be angry and upset.

And then there was that piece of him, that scared, shivering, shuddering little part that wondered what Kanda thought of all this. It sat so heavily and conflicting inside him that he had no idea what to do with it, he wasn't even fully sure what it was. Fear? Worry? Happiness? Allen had no idea, he only knew that asking would make it go away, knowing how the elder really felt would wash it from him.

But it could be something, that maybe, Allen rather not hear.

Yes, they had been flirting, he knew that Kanda had a mutual interest... the man had been trying to hold his hand out by the pond, tried to create a moment! He wouldn't do something like that unless there was some interest, right? It's not like he'd do that for the money or power... at least, he hoped the Wizard wouldn't do something like that... but then if he was after money he could have just held Allen captive from the moment he heard he was the Prince. He's a wizard, why would he go through a marriage to take over the kingdom? Wouldn't it have been easier to use magic?

They had felt the spark, the shiver that wracks your bones and just makes every second feel right when your in the same room, but they still knew close to nothing about each other and whether or not Kanda would think this was all moving too fast was a mystery to the Prince.

"I'm sorry Kanda, I'm so sorry you've been pulled into this."

The older man's eye roll was so powerful and full of his opinion that Allen could hear them tumbling in his eye sockets.

"Baka Moyashi, don't apologize, I'd much sooner blame the fates then you for all of this. It's not like we could have done anything."

"Kanda..." He said, lips muffled by robes and tears and an oncoming sore throat.

"We weren't even born then for Kami sake Allen!"

The Prince swallowed thickly, knowing every word was the truth.

Yet fear still gripped his heart, a fear unlike any other.

One that was comforted - but not dismissed - by the careful caressing hand that rested on the back of his head and the logical reassurances that were grumbled with unending haughtiness and annoyance into his ear.

Allen was forever grateful that they stayed like that until he had calmed down, his emotions rolling back into a simmering anger and slight exhaustion.

"Thank you..." The Prince mumbled, eyes still a distressed red but tears no longer leaking, his nose and face now clean of any evidence he'd broken down thanks to the Wizard's robes.


The Prince gazed up at him thoughtfully for a moment, realizing that even with this hard front, the Wizard still cared. His scoff of a reply was really just a 'your welcome' in disguise, expressed in his own way, made to be in his own brand.

It was so sweet, so... cute of him, it made the Princes heart sing.

Allen felt his lips stretch into a warm grin, a giggle bubbling in the back of his throat, and even though he was still angry, still heart broken over the blow to his father trust, everything seemed like it would be okay with Kanda at his side.

"What?" The Wizard asked in annoyance, "What's so funny?"

The Prince merely shook his head.

"Maybe... maybe this won't be so bad."

Looking down at the Prince, Kanda's annoyed and angry expression from before had turned almost... loving. His eyes were gentle, his usual frown straightened, and his face relaxed.

The man had been endeared by the young Prince's reply, both their hearts beating rapidly in their chests, neither noticing just how close they stood in their embrace. They were far too enthralled in each other, the young Prince captured by the cobalt colors the others eyes, the older male holding those shining silvers with his gaze.

The turn in the air had taken the Prince's breath away, the hypnotizing affect the man had on him made the world feel like nothing else was left to matter, like the moment they where sharing would be one to last through all the ages, and be told like a tale born the same day as time.

"Moyashi, I..." Kanda said lowly, trailing off like he'd lost his train of thought, unthinkingly leaning in slowly towards the young Prince.

The Moyashi could feel his heart thumping in his throat as the male inched closer, as a moment he had waited longingly for quickly neared.

Would Kanda kiss him? Would he take the honor of being the first to press his lips against the fair Prince's? Was this the moment that would make this all better in the long run?

His heart beat for the man before him, there was an unmistakable spark that he felt as the other leaned in, one that encouraged the closing of his eyes and the slight shifting of his weight against the taller male.

His nerves burned like fire through him, the anticipation eating him up from the inside... but after a moment that seemed far too long, he felt the other pull away without so much as a peck.

At the last moment the wizard had taken in the sight of the Prince, patiently awaiting the magical second that was approaching, and had felt the ultimate fear grip his heart.

Kanda pulled out of the oncoming kiss, his mind jumbled and unclear.

Was it really what the Prince wanted? Him?

Kanda wasn't so sure he deserved any of this, even if others would level kingdoms to be in his place, he didn't want the other to think he was doing this because he felt he had to. To think he was taking advantage of him in his moment of weakness because that was in no way what this was.

The moment felt right enough, but his heart feared it wasn't what he thought it was.

His heart asked, 'Was this really even true love?'

And all it took was that second of doubt to have him pull away from the Prince he had just attempted to kiss. Even though Kanda's mind answered that question as he chickened out, even though his mind screamed yes! that's exactly what this is! at him, he still decided that he would make his escape from this place.

Kanda let his grip fall, pulling himself from the Moyashi's arms with little effort, giving the tear stained man his personal space back.

"I should go," he grumbled backing towards the door, refusing to look the Moyashi in the silver eye, "you should get some rest."


"We should talk about this later."

Allen frowned with a heart wrenching confusion as the other turned the lock from its place and left the room almost in a hurry, the door left wide open in his wake, allowing Lavi a quick and worried entrance. The redhead's concern was written all over his face, and upon seeing the look the Prince wore he embraced his friend in a tight hug that the other didn't react to.

A million thoughts where running through the Prince's head, most of them full of fear and confusion.

Why hadn't he kissed him? It had been the perfect chance, Allen had been waiting for it, he was the one instigating it!

He could feel his heart from how heavy it was behind his ribs, wondering where it had gone wrong. Was it him? Was he wrong? But what about that moment by the pond?

Did he... Did he hate him now? Was that sweet comforting out of pity?

What if Kanda blamed him for this, for being stuck here? What plans did he have before this mess their parents made had caught up to them?

The flurry of thoughts that began to haunt him forced into the Prince another urge to cry, but he held them back in Lavi's presence, not wanting to break down in front of his long time friend.

That hurt him even more, realizing he could cry before the Wizard but not in front of the friend who he's known for years.

What had he done? What had he done wrong?

The Wizard hurried down the halls, not really sure where he was going but not caring either, and beating himself up in the inside.

He was such an idiot for running away, for chickening out, what the hell was wrong with him?

Kanda had ruined a perfectly good moment and he knew it. He knew it and wanted to slap himself for it.

He was not a man to chicken out on things either, he was strong willed and stubborn, had always known what he wanted, always fought to get those things.

But this was different, this situation was foreign to him because he didn't want to hurt the handsome young Prince, he was actually scared for once in his life. This time he had to consider someone else's feelings, had to compare them to his own, and he didn't know why but that seemed to unnerve him for the first time in his life.

He already regretted turning tail on the white haired man, battering himself as he got lost in the giant castle, not caring that later he'd probably have to use his magic to find his way to a familiar room.

"Damn it!" He growled stopping in his tracks, his self directed anger bubbling the magic beneath his finger tips.

"Idiot!" He yelled at himself, whipping out his wand from it's sheath only to have it reconstruct itself as he did so.

He held it out at arms length, the wand now four times the length it had been, ending with a dangerous tip as one side stretched and formed a black blade of deadly sharpness. Closer to the wizards hand a hilt had formed, completing the transformation the wand had made to a scary black bladed sword, a dark blue glow that matched the color of the Wizard's hair outlining the weapon.

Anger still fueling him Kanda took on a stance he usually only took upon battle, holding the dark sword vertically inches away from his body, his teeth grit.

Grunting out his frustration the Wizard slashed at the hallway around him with practiced swings, cleanly slicing through the decor and walls, leaving thin cuts on and through the expensive objects around him.

It was a short loss of control, one that seemed to be over in a flash, but the amount of damage he caused was tremendous. For a brief second everything was still, like the room had gone into shock, before everything within 30 meters of the Wizard fell apart.

The stone walls where scratched all to hell, the banners and art gracefully slipping to the floor in shreds, a vase shattering before the table it rested upon collapsed in on itself into pieces.

With a single long sigh of relief he re-sheathed his wand, the blade shifting back down as he slide the weapon into its holder, the hilt folding away.

Releasing some of his magic had helped ebb away his anger, making him feel more annoyed with himself, but also clearing his muddled head.

He had wasted the perfect opportunity to tell the Prince how he was really feeling, and hoped that the Prince wouldn't take what he'd done the wrong way, making a promise to himself that he would tell him at the next opportunity.

Next time, because there had to be a next time, he would pull through.

They where stuck in this together, and if the Prince was willing to try and make this work, he would try too.

Putting his foot down Kanda decided that he wouldn't let this frighten him, it wasn't like him at all to feel fear, and so he would have courage even thought his heart trembled. He would be clear with the Moyashi so that they could figure this mess out... at the next opportunity.

Looking around he surveyed the damage in the hall, smirking slightly at his work as he noticed a few of the stone bricks where cut right through, and that art on the walls were now shreds beneath their destroyed frames.

He was a powerful magician, Kanda knew that, could feel the power beneath his skin. He knew a country would be safe with his powers in the royal family, he knew Allen would be safe, he knew there was really no downside to all of this. Especially since he thought that this love from first sight could grow.

He had to tell the Prince how he felt.

But before then he couldn't screw anything else up, who knows what the King or the Moyashi would do if they came across a hallway in tatters like this?

Focusing in on the residue left by outburst Kanda tightened his fist harshly, the air growing heavy, taking on a feeling that made non-magic wielders feel as if the walls would tumble down around them. Slowly, carefully, he released his grip, straightening out his fingers as the sound of crunching stone and shifting wood scrapped through that small section of the hall. Then he clamped his fingers together, like you would when offering a handshake, causing the sound to dribble to a stop.

With one last sigh the wizard dropped his hand, walking away from the now spotless section, leaving not a scratch nor shred behind.

It looked as if his little moment of fury had never happened.

Later he'd have to use a spell on a large window to get back to the small part of the castle he was familiar with.


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