Chapter 5

Soul P.O.V

The front door quietly opens, Maka enters still wearing the clothes she was wearing last night.

Bet you didn't have a change of clothes at Kid's huh?

Maka tries tiptoeing by but I speak scaring her. "Hey Maka, how was your night?" Resentment is thick in my voice but I make no attempt to cover it up.

"Um it was good." She avoids looking at me, like I'm a piece of trash that can't be looked at, cementing the idea she is guilty of something.

She starts walking towards her room, her heels clicking on the floor. She's trying to avoid me? Haha fuck that.

I step in front of her bedroom door just as she reaches for the door knob. "So I heard you and Kid had a fun last night." I say my arms crossed. She looks up at me, most of her makeup under her eyes, making her look like a hot mess. She's so hot.

"I said my night was good." She says avoiding my gaze, her voice quivering.

I feel rage build up in me. She knows Im pissed at her, or that she at least did wrong, but she doesn't even dare apologize to me? After how I've defended her over the years? After how I've loved her?

She goes to lightly push me out of the way and try to make her way into her room but I won't let that happen. I grab her wrist and swing her around, slamming her onto her bedroom door, placing my leg between hers and pinning her in place.

She looks up at me with her big blue eyes. 'Soul, what are-" I cant take it anymore I cram my mouth against hers kissing her hard. I slip my tongue into her mouth. At first she resists me, fihghting against my grip, but she gives in. I feel her kiss me back, her tongue starts moving with mine, her wrists no longer resisting me but instead I release her as her hands travel up my neck and into my hair. She moans into my mouth making me want her more.

I feel her pulling me into her as she squeezes my leg in between hers. I start kissing down her neck, smelling her sweet scent. "Soul," she moans and my hands travel her waist. But suddenly, I smell something, something that Maka never smells like, I smell Death the Kid.

I stop and step back, sliding out of her grasp. "Soul?" She asks still leaning against her bedroom door, her face flushed as she slightly pants.

I look at the floor, remembering why I was so mad at her to begin with. I look up to her feeling hurt, "Why Maka?" I ask her.

She raises an eyebrow as the look of concern passes over her face. "Why did you kiss me back?" I ask her, my voice cracking.

"I…" She starts he voice trailing off. "I care about you Soul, I-"

"If you care about me so damn much why did you sleep with Kid!?" I yell louder then I mean to.

"What?" She asks gathering herself. "I didnt sleep with kid." She says.

"Bullshit!" I yell getting my phone and showing her the picture I got from Liz earlier that day. "So this isn't you in Kids arms?"

She looks at the Picture then to me. "I might have slept with kid but thats all that happened! We slept!" She yells at me as she gets closer to me.

"Oh yeah! Sure!" I yell. "Because if I was him I totally wouldn't make a move on the most beautiful girl in the world as she sleeps in my-"


Im cut off as I feel a sharp pain on my face. I look at Maka, a stupid shocked look on my face. She has tears in her eyes. "Soul you idiot!" She yells. "The only reason we were like that was because I got a little drunk and had a breakdown because I love you! And Kid was the only one I could talk to! We didn't do anything!" And after that she opens the door, and slams it shut behind her, leaving me speechless.


A few hours pass as I try to wrap my head around what she said to me. I feel like an idiot.

I am an idiot.

Maka loves me?


I dont know what to do.

I look at Maka's bedroom door. She hasn't come out and its been dead silent. I truly just don't know what to do. I walk over to her bedroom door my hands in my pant pockets. I stare at the door not entirely knowing how to go about apologizing to her. I take a hand out of my pocket and am about to knock, but then I hesitate. What if she doesn't want to see me? What am I talking about of course she doesn't. I yelled at her and accused her of sleeping with Kid.

But I love her. And she said she loves me to. She loves me. I blush thinking about what happened at this door just hours ago. Oh my god.

Come on soul. You've risked your life. You can knock on a girls door. The most beautiful, smart, intelligent, strong willed girl in the world. But a girl nonetheless.

Okay here it goes. I muster up the courage to knock and just as my hand is about to touch the door I hear the door knob creek. I jump back as the door slowly creakes open.

Maka opens the door, her hair down and straight. A green silk kimono night robe covers her frame, showing her long porcelain legs. Her makeup from last night gone, showing her true complexion.

I stare at her dumbfounded. She is so beautiful.

"Soul" She says and I pick my jaw up from off the ground.

"I," She starts fidgeting with the end of her robe.

"Wait." I say. She looks up to me. "I'm sorry for how I acted earlier. I was a total jackass. It's just…..I got mad. Seeing you in Kids arms. I would get mad seeing you in…..anyone's arms. It's just…" She looks at me, her eyes burn a way into my soul as a light blush dusts her cheeks. "I love you."

A silence sits as we both look at eachother. She breaks the silence first. "I……..I love you too!" She yells as she throws her arms around my neck. We embrace each other, she smells of honey and books. A smell i've loved for years.

We hold eachother for what feels like centuries.

"So," I say feeling my way around her silk robe. "Whats under this robe?" I ask with a smile.

"Soul!" She giggles as she comes close and kisses me, gently, tenderly.

I can only hope, that this lasts for forever.


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