Tony woke up and blinked several times as the overhead light overwhelmed him. He gave his eyes a minute to adjust before propping himself up on his elbow. He examined his surroundings, which he concluded to be the same hospital room as before, and then remembered Gibbs. He no longer occupied the chair he had when Tony had fallen asleep, and after a quick assessment Tony found he was not in the room at all. Tony, for a reason unbeknownst to himself, suddenly felt a loose grip of fear on his heart. It was irrational, he knew that. Gibbs had probably gone out to get coffee or gone home to his family and would be back soon. But that didn't stop his deep rooted fear of hospitals from letting itself be known.

Tony took a deep breath knowing he just needed to hold it together for a while, until he could sign himself out. However, what was supposed to be a calming breath, only served to push him closer to panic. The air reeked of antiseptic and choked him as it went towards his lungs. He clutched onto the bars on the side of his bed until he felt his breathing improving. Finally, when he felt he was ready to move, he sat up. Without giving himself enough time to think clearly, he yanked the IV that snaked out of his arm. He grunted as blood began to flow slowly out of the hole, and he quickly ripped of a part of his hospital scrub shirt and tied it around the area. Now came the hard part; standing up while he couldn't move one of his legs. A flash of doubt crossed his mind, but it was too late to stop now.

He swung his good leg off the edge of the bed and gripped tightly onto the rail. He tested his weight on it and decided that it would hold. He pulled himself up and straightened his body until he was standing by balancing precariously on one leg with the other bent. He grabbed onto a nearby table, preparing to jump. However, just a second before he was going to do it, the door opened and in stepped Jethro Gibbs. Crap. This was going to be bad.

Gibbs first looked to the empty bed. Then Tony. Then the bed, and back to Tony's leg. His expression morphed from confusion to anger.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?"

"Oh, about that, I was just-"

"Are you trying to kill yourself? Or are you stupid?" Ouch. That hurt.

"Gibbs, the hospital… you know how I feel 'bout them…" He must have sounded pathetic because Gibbs sighed and walked over. He helped him back to the bed before dropping down into the chair.

"Tony, look, I'm sorry-" He stopped when a huge smile crossed Tony's face. "What?"

"You just broke your own rule," he replied smugly. Gibbs looked at him, surprised, and then shook his head.

"Only you, Tony. Only you. Get some sleep."

Gibbs woke to an incessant tapping on the shoulder. He sat up in his chair quickly, the fatherly part of him always worried that something was wrong. He found Tony lying in the bad, thank goodness, with a huge grin covering his face.

"What?" He felt like he was missing something.

"Come on, Gibbs, aren't you a detective for a living?"

Gibbs looked around the room and examined Tony's face. He wondered what could have made him so impossibly happy. Oh. Oh. The tapping. His shoulder was next to Tony's foot.

"You can move it?" He asked because he needed to be sure before he started jumping up and down like Kelly in a candy store.

"Yep." Gibbs hadn't thought the smile would have been able to get any bigger. Tony must like proving him wrong. For a moment he thought he would start crying right in front of Tony. Instead he pulled Tony against his chest and wiped his eyes with back of his hand. Crying could come later. Tony was okay. And Gibbs did something he hadn't done in a while; he prayed his thanks.

Okay, I know, cheesy and rushed ending. I'm sorry. I just wanted to get it done. And I'm sorry for the really long delay. I don't have an excuse. I just stopped writing.