Zodiac Precure: Origins!

Author: AshK1980

Rated: T for Violence and romance later.

Summary: Akiko Denkou is an average 16 year old girl. She is involved in her school sports programs and also has 2.57 GPA. Two years ago she and her friends became the Zodiac Precure Team, this story is the origin story of the Zodiac Precure Team. They are telling the story, so when there are no quotation marks or anything, that means they are talking from the present time while the main story takes place two years ago.

Ages: Akiko Denkou/Cure Leo: 16/14 in flashback, Chisame Genshuku/Cure Libra: 16/14 in Flashback, Kaminari/Nari/Cure Gemini: 16 in Human and Cure form/14 in Human form and Cure Form in Flashback, Kasumi Yawa/Cure Aquarius: 16/14 in Flashback, Sayomi Suna/Cure Scorpio: 16/14 in Flashback, Princess Amaya Hikari Amaterasu of Climatopia/Amaya Amaterasu/Cure Aries: 16/12 and 14 in Flashback, Dark Princess Arina Luna Amaterasu/Arina Amaterasu/Cure Eclipse Virgo/Cure Virgo: 15/11 and 13 in Flashback.

Author's Note: I'm adding a bit of back story to Akiko with this latest version of the first chapter. The first paragraph or two will be told with Akiko's point of view.

Akiko or Chisame's Point of View

Kaminari/Nari, or Umi's point of view

Kasumi or Sayomi's point of view.

Amaya or Kaze's point of view.

Episode 01: Guided by the Light of Regulus! Cure Leo is Born!

Hi, my name is Akiko Denkou. I'm sixteen years old, a Leo, an Average Student at best, and have been a Precure for two years now. I am also good at athletics. I play Volleyball, do Martial Arts Training, and care a lot for my friends. I was just a normal ninth grade student until my life changed drastically one day two years ago on the way home from school. Little did I know, that I would come face to face with a destiny that would lead me to being one of the Legendary Warriors known as Zodiac Pretty Cure!

Let's start out two years ago when I was on my way home from school.

Akiko Denkou, a young lady about 5'4" age fourteen wearing a female school uniform of Aurakako Middle School is a third year Middle School student. Her uniform consists of over-the-knee white stockings with pink stripes at the top of her stockings, a pink and white uniform skirt with a pink and white blouse with a white sweater over it. On her feet is a pair of flat-soled Mary-Janes pink and white in color. She also has a pink necktie around her neck. She just finished her volleyball practice and is heading home.

Little did she know, that her life will forever change when she meets a certain creature from the Fairy Kingdom of Climatopia. This kingdom makes sure that the weather around the world stays normal. Unfortunately, Climatopia was invaded by an evil force known as the Dark Weather Gem Brigade. The King and Queen were captured leaving three fairies and a Princess to try and rule a kingdom on the brink of destruction. The Princess, being desperate to save her kingdom and her parents sent the three fairies to the Earth City known as Aurakako, Japan. Aurakako is an average size town with 118,943 people. Its metro area population is 373, 553. The three Fairies are known as Kaminari, Umi, and Kaze.

This young lady has a figure that makes her look about two years older than she actually is. She has long mid-back-length red-hair with green eyes. Her face is slowly curving making her one of the most beautiful athletes in school. As she walks down the hallway after Volleyball practice, guys look her up and down, left and right like a piece of meat. She is mature-looking for her age resembling a sixteen year-old rather than a fourteen year-old.

On the way home she stops for something to eat. Once she is finished she makes her way home. As Akiko is making her way home, she hears a scream. She follows the source of the scream and notices that a young lady about the age of seventeen with long blue hair wearing a shiny blue form-fitting cloak is harassing one of her friends. The young lady harassing Akiko's friend is none other than Alpha Sapphire. She is holding a blue orb with the Greek letter alpha embroidered on it.

"Prepare to feel the wrath of the Dark Weather Gem Brigade! This lovely weather will cease to exist once I activate my power. Let me see your wonderful fantasy and I will turn it into something disastrous!" Alpha Sapphire exclaimed angrily and evilly as she launched her orb at the heart of Akiko's friend. Her outfit was essentially the same, only she had a white necktie instead of a pink one. Her name was Chisame Genshuku. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. She stood about 5'4" tall like Akiko and also had a decent figure, however unlike her friend Akiko, Chisame looked like she was one year older than she actually was, resembling a fifteen year old. She too was beautiful. On her back she carried a backpack full of books. She excelled in Academics and had a 4.0 GPA. She is the one that tutors Akiko.

When the orb entered Chisame's heart, an image projected of her becoming a Precure and saving the world. On a trip to Pikarigaoka the previous year she saw the Happiness Charge Precure in action and wanted to do what they were doing. She wanted to save the world from some evil empire trying to destroy it. She also watched all the Japanese news stories over the years as she saw the feats all the Precure Teams have accomplishe. She wanted to be exactly like them! She wanted to save the world! She had figures in her room of all the Precure Teams ever, including the most recent addition the Go! Princess Precure! Team.

Alpha Sapphire cackled, "you will never become a Precure! I guarantee that! There is no way you have the skills and the stamina needed to be one! Time for me to drown that fantasy! I activate my special ability Primordial Sea! Time for your fantasy to drown in sorrow! It will never come true! Come forth Climakami Primordus! Use this girls fantasy to drown the world in a never ending deluge of rain!"

All of a sudden Chisame was encased in a downpour and trapped in jar of water. Her essence was transferred to the monster known as Primordus. The monsterfied Chisame started flooding the streets of Aurakako causing massive damage to the buildings and streets of downtown.

"Chisame no!" Akiko exclaimed angrily as she stared right into the eyes of Alpha Sapphire, "I can't believe you did that to my best friend! I will make you pay with my Karate and Volleyball skills! Bring my friend back now!"

"What are you going to do if I don't little girl?" Alpha Sapphire taunted, then continued, "there is no way you can stop me! I will destroy you and this miserable excuse for town."

"There is no way I will let you destroy this town or the people in it! I will protect it and my best friend with my life if need be! I will do my best!"

Suddenly something appeared to shimmer over her heart. It was the Zodiac Symbol for Leo the Lion. Kaminari saw this and threw a Star-Shaped device that resembled a locket straight toward Akiko's hand. The Star-shaped locket landed perfectly in the palm her hand. She thought it was pretty so she unfastened it and fastened it around her neck. It was pink in color and had the symbol of Leo on it. The glowing Leo symbol merged with the locket as Akiko fastened it around her neck. Kaminari yelled out toward Akiko, "Akiko Denkou you have been chosen! Open the cure-ket and say the first thing that comes to your mind! You must do this to save your friend!"

Akiko nodded an smiled as she held up the pink Star-Shaped Locket and shouted her phrase, "Let's Sparkle! Precure Zodiac Sonnet!"

Immediately Akiko was engulfed in pink lightning as it arced around her transforming her look into something completely different. Her hair turned pink an lengthened to knee-length and ended in a low braid with lightning bolt-shaped ponytail holders throughout the braid. Her eyes went from green to a pastel pink and gained an even pinker shade of eye-shadow and lipstick on her face. Her eyelashes also lengthened and became pink to match her new hair color. Her outfit consisted of pink thigh-high stockings, pink high-healed shoes similar to what Sailor Mars wears in her Senshi form. Straps were then added to the shoes as they wrapped around the stockings. On her torso materialized a mid-riff blouse and a pink mini-skirt. Leo symbol barrettes held her bangs back from her face give everyone the full view of the beauty she is. Where Akiko Denkou once stood, a new hero took her place. She was now Cure Leo of the Zodiac PreCure Team.

"Guided by the light of Regulus, Cure Leo!" The newly named Cure Leo exclaimed as she posed similar to how Sailor Moon poses after transforming.

Alpha Sapphire gulped, she had no idea there was another team of Precure. She was trying to get used to the twelve teams of Precure that already existed, though she never encountered the other teams, she knew they existed. So did her partners Omega Ruby and Delta Emerald.

"Just because you transformed, doesn't mean you will win! Primordus destroy her!" Alpha Sapphire ordered.

"As you wish Mistress." Primordus complied as she attacked. Primordus looks like a Sea Monster with legs and the Greek letter for Alpha embroidered on her chest.

"Snap out of it Chisame! This isn't you! Don't let the evil control your Fantasy! Please come to your senses!" Cure Leo exclaimed trying to talk some sense into her friend.

"My name is not Chisame, I am Primordus! I will destroy you and this pathetic excuse for a city!" Primordus exclaimed as she shot several pulses at Cure Leo that surrounded her. Luckily Cure Leo was able to dodge them thanks to her new agility. However when she saw a pulse of water coming for her legs she immediately jumped nearly hurdling over one of the tallest sky-scrapers in town and then some.

"Yikes! I didn't know I could jump this high! I have to get down some how!" Cure Leo then aimed her hands straight down at the pavement and began to descend using the lightning to slow down her descent. Once she was on the ground she noticed that her lightning bolts had dispersed the water turning it to Water Vapor. Primordus was running out of power and fast. She hope to the world that her friend would return to normal after this fight. She had seen several news reports over the years of Precure saving the day. She was even impressed with the newest group the Go! Princess Precure! It looked like she too was going to get the chance to save the day just like them.

Kaminari was so happy to have found the first Zodiac Cure that she forgot to tell Cure Leo to attack. "Cure Leo focus all of your energy into your hands and think of saving your friend. Once you do, make up an attack that will return your friend to normal and help her gain confidence in her fantasy. Maybe one day she will experience that fantasy that she has had since she was little."

Cure Leo nodded and smiled. Closing her eyes she focused power into her hands as a pair of sai materialized in her hands. Swinging them around like an expert Martial Artist, which she was in addition to a good academic student and an expert volleyball player she crossed them over her head as pink lightning coalesced around her pair of Sai she came up with an attack, "Precure Leo Regulus Lightning Slash!"

Immediately, the energy from her Sai headed straight toward Primordus zapping up all the water that was on the ground. The pink lightning hit Primordus in the center of the Greek letter Alpha on her chest. Once again she was surrounded by a cage of water, but this time she reverted back to her school uniform and her normal self.

Cure Leo smiled as she picked her best friend up and used her enhanced speed to get to Chisame's house.

As Cure Leo rushed off toward Chisame's house, Alpha Sapphire scoffed at her luck and made a pledge, "just you watch Precure, I will use my powers to make this city unlivable. It will just be Omega Ruby, Delta Emerald, and me that will survive the new world that I intend to make! I will be back!"

With that, Alpha Sapphire vanished with her blue orb back to wherever it was the evil base was.

Eventually Cure Leo made it all the way to Chisame's house and scaled the wall to her best friend's room. Luckily the window to Chisame's room was open so Cure Leo was able to climb up the wall of Chisame's house and into her room. Cure Leo then set Chisame down on her bed and de-transformed. Kaminari followed Cure Leo of course and she landed on the de-transformed Akiko's shoulder and smiled. The little fairy hovered from the shoulder and into the arms of Akiko and immediately acted like a stuffed animal.

Kaminari then looked up at Akiko and spoke up, "I'm glad I found you Akiko, you are going to be an excellent Precure. I also sense a strong powerful magical force within your friend Chisame. She may be the first step to building your team which, from here on out, is to be known as Zodiac Precure!"

"I accept the responsibility of being a Cure Leader and I do like my Cure-Ket," Akiko said happily, "I do hope that Chisame turns out to be one of my teammates."

"So do I Akiko-Chan, so do I!" Kaminari exclaimed happily as she started to act like a stuffed animal when she saw Chisame stir.

Umi and Kaze look on happily as they see that Kaminari has found a Cure of her own. Now they had to find their own Cures. What would they be like? Only time would tell. With that, Umi and Kaze took to the skies throughout Aurakako to search for Zodiac Cures of their own.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Finding herself inside her bedroom with an ever watchful Akiko making sure she is okay, Chisame wonders what happened and why she was in bed. The last thing she remembered was meeting Alpha Sapphire and being forced to do evil deeds. The two girls have a sleepover and Chisame is in awe at how cute Akiko's stuffed animal is. The next day the two friends go for a shopping trip since it's the weekend. Their trip is cut short with the arrival of yet another villain. A villain known as Omega Ruby. What will happen? Will this be the time for the second Zodiac PreCure to make her Debut? Only time will tell.

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