Zodiac Precure: Origins!

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Episode 05: The Story of the Kingdom of Climatopia!

Hi, my name is Akiko Denkou, I'm sixteen years old and I'm also known as Cure Leo of the Zodiac Pretty Cure Team. Time to meet my friends.

Hi my name is Chisame Genshuku, just like Akiko I'm sixteen years old. I am the Zodiac Cure known as Cure Libra.

Puh! my name is Kasumi Yawa, I am also sixteen years old and a member of the Zodiac Team. My Cure Name is Cure Aquarius, truth be told I would prefer if I was the only one here. I don't need these other three rejects, but then again if I were to ever lose them, it would break my heart.

My name is Sayomi Suna, I'm sixteen years old. I am also known as Cure Scorpio, today we're going to be focusing on someone different besides us. I would like you to say hi to Princess Amaya Hikari Amaterasu of Climatopia. This chapter is going to focus on her and how she came to Aurakako four years ago.

Thank you Sayomi, as she said my name is Princess Amaya Hikari Amaterasu of Climatopia, but you can just call me Amaya. I'm sixteen years old and from the Fairy Kingdom of Climatopia. This chapter will focus on my sister and me and how we worked together and eventually got separated. Also the Fairies are here too, and Kaminari has a special treat for you. She recently learned how to change into a human form and maintain it. This led to us making her into Cure Gemini. More on that later. Right now, let's go back in time, back in time to four years ago when Climatopia was a peaceful kingdom. Before the Eclipse Kingdom and their Generals: The Dark Weather Gem Brigade took over and stole my little sister from me. I will be narrating this story, I hope you enjoy it.

My name is Princess Amaya Hikari Amaterasu of Climatopia, you can just call me Amaya. I'm also known as Cure Aries. I was born in Climatopia on a beautiful day. Climatopia used to be a peacful kingdom. This story starts four years ago, the day that my sister Princess Arina Luna Amaterasu became Cure Virgo along with me. She was only eleven while I was twelve.

It was a beautiful day in Climatopia, Arina and I were hanging out like usual when Kaze approached us with his two friends Kaminari and Umi. Kaminari and Umi are two of our three fairy friends, Kaze is the other. However, you must also know that Arina and I weren't the only ones who were chosen to uphold order and peace in the Kingdom of Climatopia. Kaminari and Umi were also chosen as well. Kaminari was given the mantle of Cure Gemini, while Umi was given the mantle of Cure Sagittarius. The reason why Kaminari was given the power of Gemini is because she was good and impersonating other people from my parents to my sister. Yes, Kaminari could impersonate men and she did really good job with it. No one could really tell when she disguised herself as Dad, no one thought any different. Even my own father was impressed. In the end, my parents were so impressed by Kaminari's abilities that they gave her two charm bracelets engraved with the Gemini Symbol.

As for Umi, she had a special gift in her human form, she was an expert Archer, even though technically she was the same age as me, at least her human form was, the same thing with Kaminari's human form, who is named Nari. No one knows the true age of my Fairy friends, when they are in human form, Nari and Umi look to be about my age, which at the time was twelve. Kaze on the other hand looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old at the time. As for the reason she was chosen to carry the mantle of Cure Sagittarius, she is an expert Archer, and Sagittarius is known as the Archer. So once she proved how good she was in Archery, she was given a pair of rings. One ring had and arrow-like protrusion on the top and was engraved with Sagittarius symbol. The other ring had an arrow-shaped slot on the top. When Umi transforms into Cure Sagittarius, she punches her fists together in just the right way so the arrow-like protrusion and the arrow-shaped slot interlock with each other and she becomes Cure Sagittarius.

As for my sister Arina and me, we were given the mantles of Virgo and Aries respectively. Our transformation items are Cure Lockets with our respective Cure symbols engraved on them. They are star-shaped, and gold engraved with a green Virgo symbol for Arina, and gold engraved with a purple Aries symbol for me. My sister and I had a good time, we were charged with guarding the kingdom along with our friends Kaminari and Umi. For most of that year, Climatopia was peaceful, then suddenly darkness invaded our skies.

Nari, Umi, and Kaze were enjoying hanging out with their Princesses and helping protect Climatopia. Crime was kept under control by the four Cures. Princess Amaya Hikari Amaterasu, also known as Cure Aries; Princess Arina Luna Amaterasu, also known as Cure Virgo; Umi also known as Cure Sagittarius as well as Narumi in her human form; and Nari, in human form is known as Kaminari, in Cure form known as Cure Gemini.

Kaze, however didn't really want to take on a human form. He really wasn't comfortable taking on one, so he stayed in Fairy Form. Kaze does have a human form, actually he has two human forms. He's not comfortable showing either one off at this moment. He also has a third form that he doesn't want to show. So he opted to stay in Fairy form. However, he had a feeling that a couple years down the road he would have to reveal his secrets. The only people that knew of his secrets where Amaya, Arina, Nari, and Umi and possibly the King and Queen of Climatopia, but that has not been proven.

Suddenly several monsters started attacking Climatopia and the skies got really dark. The once pristine landscape of the Fairy Kingdom Climatopia was immediately turned into shambles and monsters started targeting the citizens of Climatopia for hopes, dreams, goals, future turning everything into despair and causing the light to go dark. The once bright sunshine, suddenly had a shadow go over it and vanishing.

The Dark Weather Gem Brigade started attacking the Zodiac Team, the Climatopian Citizens transformed into their Cure forms and started fighting. The four cures with Kaze watching took out several monsters as various sections of the Kingdom returned to normal. With all the cures battling most of the Fairy Kingdom Climatopia became serene again.

Then darkness spread and it caused the group to split up and go four separate directions.

"Girls, you four have to spread out, make sure we all meet back here so we can head back to the castle to figure out what to do next," Kaze said to the group as he and Cure Virgo went off to section of the kingdom that they thought they would triumph and be back to discuss what to do next.

Cures Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini split up for the battle.

"Well if it isn't the little Princess of Climatopia," a woman wearing mostly blue taunted, "where is your little sister? Did she abandon you?"

"Virgo would never abandon me like that," Aries shot back, "her and I are the best of friends, it's you who should be worried about battling by yourself Alpha Sapphire! Being the first heir to the throne of Climatopia, I must protect it. There is nothing you can do to keep me from defending it, so give me your best shot!"

"Fine then, " Alpha Sapphire cackled as she sent out an army of monsters, "destroy that little runt! Show them what the Eclipse Kingdom can do!"

So began my battle with Alpha Sapphire and her army of monsters. As the battle dragged on, each and every monster that Alpha Sapphire sent out was destroyed by me. The same can be said about Cure Sagittarius and Cure Gemini. Once those monsters were defeated, the three generals vanished. There was only one person that they had to take care of, my sister. So the three Eclipse Kingdom Generals went after her. The three of us followed them by following the destruction, unfortunately whenever we would get close to finding my sister and helping her more and more monsters would be in our way. Not even the three of us together could handle the army. By the time we got to where Cure Virgo was we were too late.

Cure Sagittarius, Cure Aries, and Cure Gemini arrived where Cure Virgo was last known to be seen. They came across a very desperate Kaze in his human form, however his form wasn't what you think. It was a female form and his voice was very female as well. She had a pendant around her neck that was Star-Shaped and had the Zodiac Symbol of Taurus engraved on it. The pendant itself was a light green color and the chain that held it around her neck was Gold.
She was wearing a two-tone green skirt, a medium green button up vest. Her button up vest had light green pockets close to the bottom of the vest and a lighter green shirt she had light green Tennis shoes and light green stockings that went up to her thighs and she had light green flowing waist-length hair with a light red almost pink bow in it.

"Have you seen Cure Virgo anywhere?" Kaze asked of the girls, then continued, "I went to go check on things elsewhere to see if they were okay, it was the least I could do with Cure Virgo fighting her heart out, she did pretty well for a time, but then the three generals ambushed her, so I went to find you girls to help, I didn't find you for quite sometime so I figured you were busy. I came back to this spot to check on Virgo and to comfort her to let her know I knew you were doing your best and would be here to help shortly. I continued to search for you three because Virgo said she could handle things herself."

"You left my little sister alone?" Cure Aries scolded her green Fairy companion, "you know she gets flustered when she's ambushed."

"Apparently so do our attackers, look someone left a note," Cure Gemini said as she found a note on the ground with some claw marks in the dirt, "Should I read the note or should we read it together."

"We should read it together," Cure Sagittarius said as she picked it up and read it, the look on Sagittarius face, told Cure Aries and Cure Gemini everything they needed to know.

We all read the note together, this is what it the note read:

Dear Zodiac Precure,

We have taken care of your little Cure Virgo once and for all. We are going to use her against you and there is nothing you can do about it. Too bad you were way too late to save the youngest Princess of Climatopia. Queen Ophiuchus will own this world soon enough, and then move on to other dimensions. Your little Princess Cure Virgo will remain safe...

That gave us some hope, that is until we read the next part of the note:

She will only stay safe if you don't come after her. She is the kind of young talent and blood Queen Ophiuchus could use in her army, especially with her control over the plant element and the earth element. The second we hear about you coming after her, she will either be killed or re-programmed, for lack of a better word to do our bidding. You will never see your little sister alive again, or at least not the way you know her.

Sincerely, your enemy, the Eclipse Kingdom's Dark Weather Gem Brigade,

Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, and Delta Emerald.

Long story short, we should've heeded that warning, but didn't. The Dark Weather Gem Brigade has tricked us before. Needless to say, we went after her. We eventually found her, but she was unconscious. We picked her up and took her to the castle infirmary. We felt a pulse so we thought we could save her. We hooked her up to some equipment and watched over her, when suddenly there was a loud beep, my dear little sister Cure Virgo flat-lined. The doctor's came in and tried to bring her back, but every time there was a sign of life, it would vanish and she would flat-line again. Eventually, we thought she was dead so we left what we thought was her lifeless body in the hands of the doctors. Unfortunately, we didn't know that the doctors in the infirmary worked for Queen Ophiuchus and the Eclipse Kingdom.

Our fighting continued, until eventually our home of Climatopia fell to the Eclipse Kingdom. The remaining three Zodiac Precure members were given four more Cure-kets to search for the rest of the Legendary Warriors Zodiac Precure. The most surprising thing of the fall of the rest of Climatopia to the Eclipse Kingdom was quite alarming.

It seems that the Eclipse Kingdom had another General that looked exactly like my dear sister Cure Virgo, except her outfit was all black and she had an evil look on her face and her eyes were blood red. We had some suspicions that she might be Cure Virgo, but we quickly disregarded that observation because we knew that my sister was dead, or so we thought.

It has been four years since the incident. I eventually figured out that Cure Eclipse Virgo was indeed my sister, but she didn't really fight that much, the Dark Weather Gem Brigade took over the fighting duties. However, regarding my green Fairy Friend. She took all the blame for losing my little sister because she wasn't their with her to help. She should've transformed into her Cure Form. Since then, Kazumi has never been the same. She uses her magic to take on the form of a male human and a male Fairy. She swore that she would never take on her true form or her Cure Form again. She would stay out of the battle even if it looked hopeless for the group. Kazumi would never be seen again. Which is sad really, she is so cute, and she's always been a big sister to me. Little did I know that in just six short months, I would meet up with the Legendary Warriors Zodiac Precure and their Fairies Nari and Umi, who were also known as Cure Gemini and Cure Sagittarius. The day that Nari and Umi found the four Legendary Warriors Zodiac Precure, was the day the story of Zodiac Precure truly began!

Where one adventure ends, another one begins. What will happen now? Only time will tell!

To Be Concluded...

Next Time: Jump back to the present time. It has been two years since the Zodiac Team was formed. Amaya and her Fairy Friend Kaze are some place completely different in Aurakako. They were rumored sightings of a girl that matched Cure Eclipse Virgo to a T. She was in the main living area of Aurakako. Apparently Queen Ophiuchus has given Cure Eclipse Virgo one more chance to impress her. After the countless failures of the Dark Weather Gem Brigade they are locked up and are not to ever take on the Zodiac Team again, unless of course Eclipse Virgo can't hack it. The secrets of the Fairies are revealed as this Origin story for the Zodiac Team Reaches it's conclusion.

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