Zodiac Precure: Origins!

Rated: T

Episode 06: Secrets Revealed: The Zodiac Trio's True Forms!

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It has been two years since the Zodiac Precure Team was formed. For two years they've been fighting the Eclipse Kingdom that decided to invade Aurakako after they took over Climatopia. When the Eclipse Kingdom took over Climatopia, one Princess and three Fairies were forced to flee. It has been a tough four years for Amaya, Nari, Umi, and Kaze since the youngest of the Amaterasu Sisters was captured and corrupted into Cure Eclipse Virgo. They certainly had their trying times over the last two years, however they pulled through. The Dark Weather Gem Brigade were mediocre at best so they were defeated easily after the four Cure from Aurakako formed the Legendary Warriors Zodiac Precure. Who is the Zodiac Precure you ask? Well that's a very good question.

The Zodiac Precure Team is a team of Super-Heroines that fight for truth, justice and the Precure way. Their mission, to stop the evil Eclipse Kingdom from spreading their dark reign over Earth.

There are four main Cure Members from Earth. Akiko Denkou, sixteen years old 2.57 GPA, very athletic and by some consider very pretty, but you can say that the rest of her friends are just as pretty. She is the Captain of the Volleyball Team, Girls Basketball Team, and Girls Softball Team. She is five feet six inches tall, not too tall not too short. Within the average height range of a sixteen-year-old girl. She is the leader of the group; her element is Lightning. She is known as Cure Leo. She is wearing the Aurakako Academy Girls Uniform. Her necktie is a darker pink so it doesn't blend completely in with her uniform. She has red mid-back length hair and green eyes.

The second in command of the group is Chisame Genshuku. She is not that Athletic, but she is smart. She is the Academically inclined member of the Zodiac Precure Team. Her element is Gravity; her Cure name is Cure Libra. She has long blond waist-length hair and blue eyes. She is also five feet six inches tall and is sixteen years old. Her GPA is 4.0 and she excels in all things Academic. She is the captain of the Scholastic Bowl Team. She can frequently be seen tutoring Akiko after school when Akiko is not on the practice floor or field.

The fairy partner for Akiko and Chisame is Nari. She is a pink robin and she has a secret of her own, that will be explained later.

Thirdly, Kasumi Yawa is the third cure to be found for the Zodiac Team. She's the Artistic one of the group and can be considered quite the Tsundere especially when she makes fun of Akiko and Chisame. However, she has the power over water. She is Cure Aquarius. She is sixteen years old and five feet five inches tall. She has shoulder-length brunette hair and brown eyes.

Chisame wears a white necktie, and Kasumi wears a darker blue necktie. Her GPA is a little better than Akiko's at 2.75, however that's because she constantly gets A's on her Art Projects and her Art sketches and paintings. Her excelling in Art is what gives her a better GPA than Akiko.

The fourth member of the group is Sayomi Suna, her GPA is 3.0. She is the quiet and reserved one in the group, however she is usually the one that brings Kasumi back from her Tsundere fits. She is the voice of reason and can quell a fight between teammates with ease. Her element is sand; her Cure name is Cure Scorpio. She is about five feet five inches tall had black hair and hazel eyes. She is a red Cure.

The fairy partner for Kasumi and Sayomi is Umi, a beautiful blue seagull. She, just like Nari, has a couple of secrets of her own, which will also be covered later on. She too can be a Tsundere sometimes, but she cares deeply for her Fairy and Cure Friends. The Zodiac Precure Team is the only thing that stands between the Eclipse Kingdom and Aurakako. Peaceful times in Aurakako have been few and far between over the past four years. Thanks to the Eclipse Kingdom. Since the Dark Weather Gem Brigade has failed so many times inf trying to take over Aurakako and destroying the Zodiac Team, Cure Eclipse Virgo has been the villain over the last two years. Each battle gets tougher and tougher for the Zodiac Team. They usually pull through but have a lot of bumps and bruises from the battle. The four Zodiac Cures usually had no problem defeating the monsters that Cure Eclipse Virgo sent after them. Suddenly, out of the blue, Queen Ophiuchus decided to link Cure Eclipse Virgo's monster to her. She's tired of her failure. Time and time again Cure Eclipse Virgo is defeated. Over the past few battles the monsters have gotten harder and harder to defeat. It got to the point where the Zodiac Team used a lot of energy to take down the monsters. One day, the monsters got too tough for the Zodiac Cures from Earth. It was time for the Cure Aries, Cure Gemini, Cure Sagittarius, and Cure Taurus to join in the fight.

It was a beautiful day in Aurakako, the Zodiac Team was having a nice relaxing time with their two Fairy friends Umi and Nari. A little way away there was a Cure in mostly purple and a green bird hovering next to her. The purple Cure turned to the green bird and spoke up, "Kaze, the time has come to get over your fear and show the Zodiac Team your true form and powers. It's going to take all four of us to help out the Zodiac Team. I've already contacted Nari and Umi about it, they agree with me. You have to face your fears and realize it's not your fault that Arina was captured and corrupted, she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I know you feel responsible for her, but so do I. We have to make good on our promises to the kingdom of Climatopia, bring Arina back from darkness safely. It may take a while, and I have a feeling we are going to need all eight of us to do this."

Kaze nods, she knew she had been beat. The time has come to show the Zodiac Team and the world who she really is, "I guess you're right Cure Aries. That doesn't mean I have to like it."

"I understand Kaze," Cure Aries said to her fairy partner, "we all have to leave the darkness sometime. The time has come for us to leave our darkness. I'm going in as Amaya. You can follow me in your Fairy form if you wish to, but eventually you're going to have to reveal who you are."

"Understood Princess," Kaze said, "I will do my best. I've been hiding in my own darkness for four years. It's time I leave it."

Kaze then transforms into her human form and activates her Male disguise for the time being. Male Kaze has green spiky hair and is wearing all sea green clothing right down to his shoes. Soon, he would have to reveal himself as Kazumi and eventually Cure Taurus. Cure Aries dropped her transformation and approached the group of four girls and two Fairies.

The four girls heard footsteps behind them and turned around, the two fairies were resting on Akiko's shoulders, Akiko turned around and almost reached for her Cure-Ket until she saw that the girl in purple had her hands up along with the guy in green. This showed Akiko that they meant no harm. "Sorry for being a bit on guard, but the last two years have been quite abnormal, "Akiko said to the duo, then continued, "I never know who or what may be behind me. My name is Akiko Denkou. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"My name is Princess Amaya Hikari Amaterasu of Climatopia, but you can call me Amaya. It's a pleasure to meet you as well. The friend with me is Kaze. Is there someplace we can talk privately, I have to explain who I am."

"Well," Akiko said, "we do have a classroom that we use for the Martial Arts Club, I have the key to it because I'm the president of it, we can go there."

Amaya and Kaze nodded as they followed Akiko and her friends back to Aurakako Academy, luckily the front door was still unlocked because Janitor's were doing some cleaning. Akiko with Nari and Umi on her shoulder led Amaya and Kaze to the club room along with the rest of the group. Apparently, Akiko taught some Martial Arts after school when she didn't have practice. Since Softball Practice had been canceled for today, she and the other three girls, Chisame, Kasumi, and Sayomi respectively led Amaya and Kaze to the room. The group of six girls, one guy, and two bird-like creatures entered the club room.

Amaya, Kaze and the other girls situated themselves around the table and sat down, the two birds flew down from their perches on Akiko and landed gracefully. Akiko went over and locked the door to the room.

"My name is Chisame Genshuku, you've already met Akiko Denkou. The other two girls are Kasumi Yawa and Sayomi Suna," Chisame said to the group, then continued, the two birds you see are Nari and Umi. With this door being locked now, everyone was free to talk about whatever they wanted.

"My name is Kasumi Yawa, "Kasumi said to the duo, then continued, "this not only functions as the Martial Arts Club, but also the Art Club, which is why the table is in here.

"My name is Sayomi Suna," Sayomi said to the duo as she curtsied the best she could in her jeans.

Amaya was wearing mostly purple, she had a purple shirt, a purple skirt, purple stockings with a lighter purple stripe running up the side of her stockings which were knee high and had purple shoes on. The rest of the Zodiac Team were wearing skirts except for Kasumi and Sayomi. Sayomi had a red and whit shirt, red jeans and red and white shoes. Kasumi wore mostly light blue with darker blue borders on her shirt and white stripes at the top of her knee-high stockings. Akiko was wearing a pink shirt and skirt with pink-knee-high stockings and pink shoes. The Fairies Nari and Umi were still in their fairy forms.

Kaze then sighed and looked toward the group, "I have to show you something. This isn't my true form at all. It's a disguise I created four years ago. I created the disguise because I was ashamed of myself for losing Princess Arina. I am now willing to show you my true form."

Kaze's form was a female form. She had a pendant around her neck that was Star-Shaped and had the Zodiac Symbol of Taurus engraved on it. The pendant itself was a light green color and the chain that held it around her neck was Gold.

She was wearing a two-tone green skirt, a medium green button up vest. Her button up vest had light green pockets close to the bottom of the vest and a lighter green shirt she had light green Tennis shoes and light green stockings that went up to her thighs and she had light green flowing waist-length hair with a light red almost pink bow in it. Her eyes were also green.

"In this form I am known as Kazumi. I have always been female. I was just disguised as male," Kazumi said in a now distinctly feminine voice. She also stood in a very feminine pose, then continued, "I am actually glad I get to reveal my true form to you." Kazumi herself looked to be about seventeen years old and at five feet seven inches tall. She had a well defined figure and had a much happier look on her face than she did when she was disguised as a male, "you can still call me Kaze in this form, it will probably be better that way because that way I won't get mixed up with Kasumi."

In a poof of pink and white smoked, Nari was quickly replaced with a girl with mid-back length pink hair and crystal clear blue eyes. She was wearing a pink collared short-sleeve shirt and a white skirt. She is wearing pink and white sneakers and wearing white knee-high stockings with a pink stripe up the side. She stands at about five feet four inches tall and is very beautiful. In her hair is a red bow. "in this form I am known as Kaminari, I will still respond to Nari so don't worry about having to get used to calling me Kaminari. Kaminari appeared to be sixteen years old with an average figure.

This gave Umi the cue she needed. She took that in stride, flew off the table and in a poof of blue smoke, she stood in front of everyone with shoulder-length light blue hair. She was wearing a medium blue colored shirt with darker blue outlines on it. Her skirt was also a medium blue color. On her feet was a pair of medium blue and blue sneakers. She was also wearing blue and medium blue striped stockings that went up to her knees. She two stood about five feet four inches tall. She had blue eyes. She appeared to also be sixteen years old with an average figure as well. "In this form I am known as Narumi, however if you wish to, you can still call me Umi. I will respond to either Narumi or Umi.

Finally, Amaya got up and stood next to the three fairies. She appeared to be five feet six inches tall, with a slightly above average figure. She was very pretty. She also appeared to be sixteen years old.


So began the true adventures of the Zodiac Precure Team.

As time went on, They continued to fight monsters and Cure Eclipse Virgo. They continued to get bruised and battered. Every time they got close enough to healing Cure Eclipse Virgo, she turned tail and ran. Hopefully someday they will be able to heal Cure Eclipse Virgo and bring her back to the side she belongs on.

The End

Well what did everyone think? I had to add another chapter to the story to cover the Fairies a bit. Yes the fairies and Amaya did transform from time to time to battle along side the rest of the Zodiac Team. However more times than not, the Fairies choose to remain in their Fairy forms. I really hope everyone enjoyed this story. Eventually I am going to write a follow up to this story called Zodiac Precure, but that will have to wait for now. Until next we meet, TTFN!