Here is Chapter one of the final part of GHOST.

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1: The Awakening of Light Shugo.

Light Shugo, age 25 had been having strange dreams as of late but they were always so blurry that he couldn't make out a thing and then there was the fact that some years back, he had this warm feeling spread across his entire body.

Sometimes he swore in his dreams that everything was much bigger than him and he was much smaller, perhaps they of his childhood?

Anyway, Light Shugo wasn't the type of person that would sulk, he would always face everything with a smile and a bit of humour, something his assistants say was a terrifying ability to have.

He had gone from drawing Manga as a hobby from childhood back in Italy to taking it on as a career and because of charisma and charm. He landed a few hot dates with some celebrities, a fact that could make any male proud.

"Your reeking of stupidity again. Mr Shugo" Clara, one of his assistants said, she swore he had that face on more and more as time went by, it was a wonder how he became a very successful Mangaka when this room was always so cheery to the point you could even feel it before you even came into the room.

"Elementary, my dear Clara." Light mysterious replied and Clara rolled her eyes at her boss.

"Well, the others are coming soon have you finished the pages?" Clara asked, sitting down at her desk where Light handed her this month chapter of his popular Manga 'unwinded'.

Clara flicked the pages and once more she was astonished at the high-level Artwork and storyline, that made her proud she was working on this Manga.

"EH!? The main character gets sent to his Uncles for the weekend, but his Uncle wants to kill him!?" Clara exclaimed and some of the Uncles expression were so dark. She truly wondered how these were coming out of such airhead, like Light Shugo.

" I know, right! Can you believe it all came to me in a blurry dream?" Light said the Uncle reminded him of someone, but he couldn't remember who.

But he wouldn't rush his brain, he know it was trying to sort the dreams out.

All he know was that he was waiting for something and he's been waiting for the past ten years ever since he found himself sleeping underneath a tree on a soccer island no less! He could still taste the amazing, softballs with sauce.

" Mr Shugo you're drooling again." Clara pointed out, knowing he was thinking about food, followed by footsteps going up the instantly wiped the drool off his mouth.

The door smug open to reveal several people all carrying bags of some sort before they sat at their sections of the room.

"Good Morning Mr Shugo," the rest said.

"Morning everyone let's have another joyous day and meet the deadline!" Light exclaimed with tears in his eyes while the rest rolled and droned out Light cheery voice and did what they were paid to do.

It wasn't until late at night that they all went home and Light was left in peace.

Light smirked it was what he dubbed 'me' time.

He instantly took off shoes and used his socks to slid across the floor to put on his top ten songs of all times while he made himself so tea.

He stopped in front of the mirror and saw a blond strand out of place, he flatted it down.

Then the reflection did what almost gave him a heart attack.

It moved without him!

He merely stared before laughing under his breath "What the hell?" He was pretty sure reflections weren't meant to move, but the reflection just grinned at him.

"Hello other me" the reflection said and Light want to get a glass of ice cold water and splashed it on his face before going back to the mirror expecting it to have just been his mind playing tricks on him.

The reflection just crossed his arms and huffed before saying " Now that was rude." in his own cheery voice.

Light stared at the reflection of himself before touching the surface of the mirror and said "are you really me? Tell me something only I could know" His logical mind taking over.

The reflection became thoughtful before saying. "You know that feeling like something big is going to happen and you're just waiting? I'm the part of you that knows what that something is"

That certainly got Light attention and said in a happy cheery tone "Really!? So what? Have you come to tell me what it is that we're waiting for?"

" Believe it or not were not just Mangaka we have a higher purpose that can change the world" His reflection said and Light looked at him in sceptical, he found that hard to believe after all he was just a Mangaka he wasn't a president or a Lord with any real power.

"Are you sure your me? " Light said, laughing jokingly at the pout on his reflection face.

" we've been having weird Dreams right? Those are memories that are breaking out of the seal the master put on us so we won't do anything suspicious. Come on didn't you think it was weird you woke up with a pounding headache underneath a tree?" The reflection Light said.

" so let me this straight I have a mind block on me put there by a person I call 'Master' so I wouldn't act weird. Wow! That sounds like a great plot to a Manga" Light said while the reflection face palmed. Had he really grow into this kind of person who doesn't anything seriously!?

" Just touch my hand and we'll merge back into one" Reflection Light said, pushing his arms through boundary itself and because he didn't belong in the real world, his hands came out less than ideal.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" Light yelled jumping back at the sickly black hands that were trying to reach him, there was no way in he was touching that!

" Well, this is what happens when a reflection leaks into reality. Stop being such a baby and let me out!" the reflection said, irritated that Light was hesitant about touching it.

Light decided he was going to trust himself and touched the hands.

He blacked out after seeing his reflection turn into a Stream of colours.

# several Hours later#

Light woke up with a throbbing headache, it felt like years, worth of memories were shoved into his mind.

He remembered the person that was also by his side.

He looked at the drawing for uncle in his Manga and laughed.

No wonder he seemed familiar!

He remembered Nero Ghost, his chaos Master.

He was the first of the Chaos powers.

Oh, how he missed the cold hearted young boy from his childhood.

Ten years had passed since Ghost want to war and his memories were locked away.

He froze as a thought came to him.

Having his memories returned could only mean one thing.

He opened the Window and looked up to the sky and smiled.

Nero Ghost was coming home!

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Here is the first chapter, sorry it was short, I'm kind if in a hurry. Next is Ryuu awaken followed by Hunter not to mention Ghost finally come back to the house he grow up in.