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Everybody in the room looked at new kid, he had long gray hair and eyes, nothing special about him, meanwhile the disguised Nero Ghost, looked around the room.

The room layout surprised him, he couldn't help but expect the same layout from when he was a child.

The room was massive, and very colorful to the eyes, behind him were color glazed windows and in front of him were round desk's that had lots of hovering holographic screens around them, the seats weren't even touching the ground.

The amount of student in here, had lessened since he himself, went to school, but who truly drew his eyes were a brother and sister duo, who each had the air of high nobility.

The boy, had really short white hair and identical white eyes, with pretty boy good look's wearing the highest grade of clothes that was made to resembled the school's uniform, even his bag was of the highest quality, his body was that of a 12-year-old, despite his much younger looking face.

The girl on the other hand, had long curly white hair and eyes, she had a cute face, there was no doubt in his mind that she would grow into a gorgeous women, wearing the highest-grade of clothes, bag and accessories, with an air of self-importance just like the male beside her.

These two were none other than Damiyen Fyster Ghost and Jexa Izbella Ghost.

Just two of his many times over grandchildren.

And because they were related to the Master, it was only naturally that they were dressed in the very best of clothes and received the very best of everything in life.

He was even willing to bet, the teacher who was supposed to be teaching the class, addressed them with the highest respect.

"Today, we have a new student joining us" The teacher said, before turning to him, she wondered if his slave would introduce him or if he would do it himself.

It looks like, he would do it himself.

"My name is Nout Mann, the youngest of the Mann family" He said, in a self-important monotone.

Ghost thought he played the rich arrogant brat, pretty well.

Ch 14: The world he created.

"Mr Mann, you can sit anywhere" The teacher said and he did, he walked with a self-important air that all the student's in the school seem to strut in.

Even if, he was supposed to be posing as somebody from a lesser house, he could certainly hold his head high, at least he wasn't a slave.

He then sat right behind the Ghost Twins who ignored him, as if he was lesser than a bug in their eyes, a far cry from the 'listen, like your life depends on it' that he usually got from them, in his normal form.

But who could blame from? because since the moment they could understand words, they were taught that humans were below them, their attitude was based on that teaching.

He had never felt so proud.

He took a seat and immediately the seat made sure, he felt comfortable in it.

"Now, before we were interrupted" The teacher said, as a holographic screen suddenly appeared behind her. "Can anybody tell me, what this is?"

On the screen was a sword.

The most famous sword in history.

"Yes, Jexa-sama?" The teacher suddenly said, addressing Jexa with respect, lacking of when she addressed him, the twins had inherited a tiny bit of his mind control power's, so it was easy for them to communicate using just their minds.

"Lord Hunter's Sword, Taiyou" Jexa said, in a bored monotone, her voice would have sent shivers down anybody spine, if everybody else didn't speak like that.

"That's is correct" The teacher said, "This is the most famous sword is history, belonging to none other than Lord Hunter, the third Choas Power in the Genesis war that shaped, life as we know it. The sword has killed no less than 13 million people, making it the bloodiest sword in history"

Some of the student actually looked awed by this fact, instead of terrified.

How times have changed...

"The sword, also has a humanoid form." The teacher said, showing Taiyou humanoid form. "After Lord Hunter death, the sword chose to reside on the planet named after it's master, where it spend's it's day's in luxury"

Also, he visits me from time to time Ghost thought, Taiyou was the only one outside of the Angel's and Devil's, who still remained from the Genesis war, because the sword was now considered a galaxy wide treasure, lots of famous blacksmiths had made sure Taiyou was well kept for at all time.

"Now, can anybody tell me why the Master is so loved and admired by so many?" The teacher said.

This time a student raised their hand.

"Yes, Mr Black?" The teacher said, to the boy who had solid red eyes which included his pupils.

"The Master is love and admired, because he killed so many people before and during the war" The boy said, with a monotone. "He was the first to truly split the world into two and create chaos, with his Choas Power's, he killed all who stood against him. He preserved all those who he deemed as worthy, while those who weren't, were trash that were eaten by his race. The Master educated what was left of humanity, turning the human race into what they were supposed to be all along. Cold and ruthless enough to subject the other weaker race, to slavery"

The Teacher actually didn't give the child, a look of pure horror despite the proud atmosphere around the child when he said that and said. "That's right. He's, the one that rebuilt the human race into this mighty race that we are today."

Nobody in this room except for Ghost could imagine a world, where nobody spoke in monotone or smiling, wasn't limited to one family.

Nobody but Ghost, could imagine a world, where the other races weren't slaves and 'Football' wasn't a sport where the loser's spent a week in a cage with little to no food or you wouldn't play at such dangerous heights to risk actually dying.

"Of course, the Master's race, the Titans are above the Human race." The Teachers said, actually confirming what the Ghost twins had been taught from birth, which would have been a terrible thing more than a thousand years ago. "That's, why it's such an honor to have, not one but two members of the Ghost's family in this room".

And the twins didn't look like they cared, in fact Damiyen was currently ordering one of his slaves to collect a snack from the cafeteria.

And here the slave was now.

The man had the skin of a reptile with yellow eyes, in his hands was a solid gold plater, he walked right through the door, ignoring the teacher and placed the food, on the table, right in front of Damiyen and said.

"Master, your 9:15 am snack" revealing the food, as sandwich stuffed with the highest-grade ingredients.

Without saying thank you, Damiyen took the sandwich and began to eat it, only to spit it out and say. "Disgusting! Who made this!?"

What the boy deemed disgusting would have been delicious to a child who couldn't even afford half the contents of the sandwich.

"Master. I had to use the school's chef." The slave said, "If I had taken a chief from the mansion, the temperature would be off, by the time I came back" afraid to be punished, the slave was visibly shaking in fear.

"Fine" Damiyen, he didn't like it but it was a reasonable enough snack, before he said. "Leave"

The slave left quickly and nobody stopped him, not even the teacher interrupted their exchange because this was pretty normal for all of them.

They then resumed class, ignoring how the slaves came in to offer them all food.

Suddenly the bell rang and the teacher said. "Class dismissed."

Nobody was in a hurry to leave, in fact they all got up pretty leisurely, the Ghost twins stood up like the very floor should be privileged to have them walk on it, despite coming from a mass murdering bloodline and walked out, flashing their luxurious jewelry and flanked by servants from all sides.

All the students and slave's they walked passed looked on in pure awe at the two, just amazed to have such an amazing bloodline in the very walls and crossing their path's.

Ghost was very surprised to see an Endou in the crowd of students and slaves.

To think somebody who looked so much like Endou Mamoru, would be allowed to be a student here, the boy looked at the two in awe, until the Ghost Twin walked passed him and the collar electrocuted him, forcing him to kneel down to show respect.

Even the other servants flanked by the two, looked at the boy liked trash, seeing his lowest quality uniform.

He wondered which Ghost the boy belonged to, and what did the boy have to do, to be allowed the privilege to even go to this school?

Who did he have to kill?

If it wasn't for the Ghost family taken the Endou's in, the line would have long since grown extinct because of the rate of suicide.

"Hey, you" a cold monotone voice said, startling the boy, who turned around in panic but when he saw it was another student, his eyes averted from Ghost own, his slave collar in clear view.

"Y-Yes?" The boy said, in a monotone, his voice was small, nothing like the big and brashness of Endou Mamoru.

"A Shugo is supposed to show me around, which he hasn't" Ghost said, "So you have to do. Show me where the cafeteria is."

And used to following orders, from anybody without question, the boy said.

"Yes, sir"

Before Ghost followed him, Ghost couldn't help but notice how the other boy, didn't raise his head once as he walked through the halls and the look's sent by not only students but servants as well, was downright terrible.

"What on earth is that doing here?" he heard one student whisper, as the boy passed by, nearby students pressed themselves near the walls, like he was some plague.

"I can't believe somebody actually letting that thing in here" He heard another student say.

"I heard he got down on his knees like a dog and begged to be allowed to be here" Another student said. "Doesn't he know, this school only allows the descendent of the winning side of the war? It doesn't allow poison, to enter here."

"If it wasn't for the Master family protecting him, I would kill him, here and now" Another student said, "The world is better off without that family of silver tongues. I heard his great great great grandfather was the worst Silver tongue of them all. He could change somebody just by a few word's"

"Are you serious?" Another student said. "That power is dangerous, it's a wonder why the Master let the line live, after the war."

The whispers, only got worse, when they finally reached one of the many cafeteria's door's, several times the boy had been 'tripped' by those around him on the way here, but he kept on going.

The boy had no confidence at all and the line of Endou's, who had a terrifying love of Soccer had died with Endou Mamoru, the boy's eyes were dull and submissive because he had been born into slavery and never been truly allowed to call anything his own.

"Here's, the cafeteria" The boy said, in a dull monotone. "Is there anything else you need?" wanting to leave and eat his food in his locker, like usual.

"Just one thing" Ghost said, pulling the surprise boy by his arm, "What kind of food do you recommend?" Directing him to the line where people want to get food.

Ghost complete ignored how a lot of the room, were looking his way in disbelief.

Was somebody actually associating themselves with an Endou?

Meanwhile the boy was shuffling uncomfortably on his feet, feeling the stares on his back, the guy who dragged him here, didn't seem to care or notice the stares.

Didn't he know it was bad to be associated with an Endou or did this person not know he was Endou? Somebody born from the cursed line of Silver tongues?

If the other guy somehow changed in personality, he would be accused of bewitching him, even if he didn't do anything and be punished by his Master.

"Well, what do you recommend?" Ghost said, complete oblivious to the disbelief in the room.

"Um...well" The boy said, he didn't really know, a lot of delicious food here were very pricey, which would be no problem to an average student of the school, but for him it was different, it was only through his Master Bradon Ghost, that he was allowed to go to school and the man even gave him food money for the basic stuff, so he couldn't afford to sample pricier option's like the other students.

He was just thankful that he was allowed to eat higher quality grade food, than what his parents were given and his older siblings, that he sometimes met.

"It's look's, like your useless." Ghost said, before looking at the option's, the food here looked good but of course, nowhere near as good as the food he usually ate.

Did he actually have to pay for his food here?

He was too used to people actually given him thing's for free because of who he was and what it would mean, for the establishment if he actually liked it.

Apparently yes, he did have to pay.

He looked at the slave, alien lunch lady, with complete blue skin and blue bubble gum like hair and just took out his student ID card, which had a certain balance on it that projected out of the card and as she took the money, the numbers visible want down.

To him the money on the card was nothing but pocket change and the Ghost twin's allowance on their card was much higher than his pitiful one, he set the bar so low because it would draw too much attention if he had more money than the Ghost twin's, when he was supposed to be from a lesser house.

And if he remembered correctly, currently there were 10 Ghost children in school right, Athena had a total of eight cafeteria's.

Currently just the twin's, where in this one.

When he had paid, the Endou boy looked ready to leave... too bad, he had other plans.

"Come, sit with me. I want to learn more about the school from you" Ghost said, grabbing hold of his sleeve, while the boy looked generally shocked that somebody actually invited him to sit next to him.

Did this guy really not know he was an Endou or did he think the stories about his family Silver tongue were mere myth?

Little did he know, he wasn't the only one shocked that an Endou, was actually asked to sit and eat with an ordinary student's.

Ghost actions caught the attention of the high profiled Ghost twin's.

Was the House of Mann actually associating itself with a Endou!?

Or was this the Silver tongue at play?

Either way, they couldn't let this go on.

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