Hey guys, I just changed this so it makes more sense and, ya know, works with the storyline and everything. It does mean this doesn't work perfectly with the original manga/anime.


"Allen!" Lavi screamed. He had just freed himself from the effects of one mental-focused akuma. The weapon had pulled both Allen and Lavi into it's own mind field and forced them to go through multiple trials in order to escape.

Lavi managed to get out fairly quickly, using his training as a bookman help to organize his own thoughts and take control of the landscape from inside of the akuma. Allen, however, had no such practice or former experience. The albino was still on his knees, innocence lying limp on the ground. The akuma was laughing while still staying a ways back. It seemed as though it wasn't very good with close combat, opting to use it's mind attack for the majority of the fight.

The two exorcist had already defeated all the level ones that were accompanying this level two, so there wasn't danger from being attacked by a stray akuma. All that was left was the annoying one that worked to break Lavi and Allen's minds. Lavi rushed in to attack the thing, hammer flying ahead of him and growing in size. The akuma flew out of the way, not expecting Lavi to be able to move something of that size with such ease.

It also didn't predict the fire that shot out of the end. A scream erupted from it's stretched mouth, and Lavi cringed at the noise. The thing was still alive, and the soul had to be screaming. While he held little sympathy for the weapons, Allen did grow on him just a little bit and infected his thoughts with the idea that these corrupted souls might still have feelings of sorrow and loss; even pain. Lavi held little regard for humans - he was never really able to relate to them, which was part of the reason he became a bookman in the first place - but the pain that had to feel did reach him.

Allen was still his main priority.

The akuma still wasn't down, which was surprising considering it was only a level two and, while they aren't easy to destroy, it still doesn't take that much. Lavi just swung his hammer once for a final knock down, sending the akuma flying into a wall and falling to the ground once more. Lavi expected something to happen and free Allen from his mental prison, but nothing seemed to change. Allen was still slumped over on the ground, his white arm not even twitching.

A laughter filled Lavi's skull, vibrating his ears and momentarily tuning out anything around him. When he looked up, there was the akuma; it's hand was pointing towards Allen, and there was a wicked grin covering it's face. One more bout of laughter later, the akuma crumbled into dust. Lavi ran over to his fellow exorcist, checking his pulse and forehead for anything that might tell of his condition.

There was no response from the prone body. He had fallen from his knees, now on his side with dirt covering the black fabric. Lavi scrabbled to turn the boy's body over, so his back rested on the ground instead. His eyes were closed and his face scrunched up with a sour look. There wasn't any pain evident in his expression, but Allen was fairly good at hiding his discomfort even while unconscious. How he was able to do that, Lavi would never know. It didn't seem to be a good thing for after a battle. No one would know he was injured, though that was most likely the point.

"Hey, Allen, wake up. The battles over. C'mon, man, don't make me carry you all the way to base." Lavi said absentmindedly while checking over Allen's vitals. Heart rate steady, possibly slow considering what his mind endured. No fever showing, skin didn't have any extra amount of pale showing through tan skin. Tim Cappy was flying around before settling on Allen's chest.

Allen's curse mark didn't show anything irregular, so he wasn't close to death and it wasn't going through some sort of transformation. Lavi pulled up the eyelid to check both pupils. It seemed he was merely unconscious.

"Allen, if you don't wake up, I'll draw on your face." Lavi threatened, not entirely expecting any sort of change. He hadn't gotten around to coloring Allen's face since they've know each other, but then again he'd only met the kid a couple days ago, and Allen had only come to the Order a week or two ago.

Allen quietly made a sound, and Lavi leaned in closer. "Re...h" was all Lavi could hear from the breathy exhale of a word. He pursed his lips, hoping there was more but doubting there would be. He stayed crouched over Allen, ear millimeters away from Allen's lips. There was nothing else for his to hear, and Allen was far too quiet for Lavi to pick up anything else that coul dhave been said.

Groaning and standing up, Lavi informed the golem and, therefore, the order that he and Allen were headed back. He briefly warned Komui that something might be wrong with Allen, also saying it could just be a false alarm. He hoisted the albino up over his shoulder. There weren't any physical injuries that could be affected by the semi-rough treatment, but he still moved as gently as possible just in case.

All that was left was to travel by train back to the order, then walk up a giant incline in order to get to the actual base. With that, people would be staring the entire time since carrying a person over one's shoulder like a sack of potatoes is not exactly normal.