Chapter one:


I sat in the back of the black jeep looking out the window. The outside was all countryside. I really didn't enjoy the country. The last town we passed was almost ten miles back. I sighed. This school was going to suck. But it's better than the alternative. At home with my dad.

We drove for another ten or so minutes before the the school came into sight. It was perched atop a hill and was surrounded by a old stone wall which was crumbling in some places. There seemed to only be one entrance in and out. The road we were on. The school itself looked old and new. The main building looked fairly modern. It was three stories including the ground floor with the ground floor having glass walls and the next two stories looking like a normal building with faded red bricks and the occasional window. I couldn't make out the other buildings but from what I could see the all looked like the top two floors of the main building.

The jeep slowed to a stop outside the steps leading to the main entrance.

"Okay so. Hop out and I'll go on you." The driver (whose name I hadn't bothered asking for) said.

"No. I'm fine going in by myself. I can handle my bags as well." I said opening my door. A rush of fresh air filled the car. It smelled of freshly cut grass and had the slight smell of manure. My black boots crunched on gravel as I walked around the car and opened the boot. The grabbed my suitcase which had my clothes and stuff in it and I also had a duffel bag with my school stuff.

"Well good luck so. If you need me you have my card." The driver said before pulling away and leaving me facing the door.

I walked up to the door and the weirdest thing crossed my mind. What name will I give them. I usually go by Four but maybe I should give them my real name. I scoffed. I had been called Four for such a long time I had forgotten why I was called it. As I walked through the door I decided to give them my nickname. The secretary looked old and mean. She wore narrow glasses and a frown.

"Am, hey. I'm here to register or something." I said resting my elbows on the desk.

"Name. And stand up straight." She snapped.

"Four Eaton." I said keeping posture the way it was.

"Ah yes. Here. I will show you where you're room is and then you are to come down here and I will get someone to show you around." She said shuffling out around her desk and forcing a smile which would scare a grown adult.

She led me out the back door of the building and over to one of the other buildings. She then led me up to the forth floor and to the end of a long brightly lit corridor.

"Here's your key. And your timetable, map and anything else you need in this envelope. Now drop off your suitcase and come back to the reception and I will get a student to show you around.

"Yeah okay." I said disinterested as I opened the door.

The room itself was great. It had two beds so I had a room mate. My side had a double bed pushed up against the wall and next it under the window was a desk with some drawers. Closer to the door was a chest of drawers with a mounted mirror on the wall.

I put down my suitcase and bag and just collapsed on the bed.