Music: von by Yoko Kanno (Terror in Resonance)

"Well, I wanted to go back to sleep. But, you asked me a relevant question. And I see little reason to deny you an answer. So, let me indulge you for a little while.

"Truth be told, I've ceased to care about what the two kingdoms originally sought anymore. About Hoshido—Queen Mikoto—wanting peace. About Nohr—King Garon—wanting glory. With all due respect, young one, those kinds of concerns have become…minor. Pointless, even.

"Perhaps I've grown tired of human conflicts. They make even less sense than of those between dragons.

"Then again, it feels as though my life has made even less and less sense over the years.

"Do you know what it's like, to fight one thousand wars for one thousand reasons? Do you know what it's like, to have everybody crucifying you for doing what you believe to be the right thing? Do you know what it's like, to have entire worlds turn against you?

"Do you know what it's like, Corrin?

"…No. You don't know.

"But perhaps that's a good thing.

"Unlike me, you are young—you have a chance to see this world for what it is, and what it can be. Unlike me, you are ready to learn—about your family, about your army, about what motivates them. Unlike me, you can leave behind your story—so that future generations and individuals may learn of your deeds, your crimes, your triumphs, your failings.

"And most importantly of all, Corrin, you have something I'll never have again: hope. Hope for the future."