Wrote this on high emotion and when I was pissed of at a piano. XD. Enjoy!

Dark Pit hates the sound of the piano. Maybe it's the chirping sound of the keys, the heavy drawl of the notes, the depressing thud of the flats. Maybe it's the fact that Pit can play it and he can't, adding another reason why Pit is better than him to an endless list. The war against Hades may have ended, but Dark Pit knows that he will never stop trying to one-up Pit, never stop trying to prove that he's better, that he's not worthless. He knows it has become an act of desperation, a final thing to cling to and Dark Pit tells everyone that he is the better pit, as if that will make him believe it himself.

But he understands that he is failing at doing what he was created to do, to beat Pit. Screw the whole underworld army stuff. He was made to rival Pit. But he knows that he is failing. Time and time again, he loses to his rival. He is a flawed clone that cannot best the original.

He has lost his purpose and now he has to prove his use before he gets tossed aside.

Deep inside, Dark Pit knows that Pit would never send him away or shut him out. Pit thinks he is his best friend, his brother. Pit has no idea about the dark thoughts that circle in his twin's head. How useless he is, how meaningless his life is.

Dark Pit's life could easily be compared to a minor chord on the piano.

The dark angel doesn't understand how everyone else can enjoy the instrument's whines and squeals. How they can find peace in a moaning object that you have to work to "play"

Pit finds the piano enchanting and explains excitedly to Dark Pit how his fingers move on their own, captivated by the tune he is playing. Palutena says that the mournful howl of the piano is soothing and lulls her into tranquility.

Dark Pit just finds it annoying.

Pit often plays for Palutena, and the centurions always gather to watch as well. His finger move magically over the keys and produce that sound, that sound Dark Pit hates with all his being. Pit always plays a perfect eighth, a perfect seventh. Pit plays to perfection.

Dark Pit always watches his twin play the piano on occasions like these. He does his best to block out the sound and simply watches Pit's fingers move at frightening speed across the notes, dazzling everyone, and from behind the pillar where he is watching, Dark Pit knows that he has lost the battle. He leaves then, claiming that he dislikes the sound of the accursed instrument.

Although Pit has no clue on why he harbours so much distaste towards the piano, Palutena is not so naive.

"You should learn to pick it up too. I'm sure Pit would be happy to help. And you'd probably pick it up quickly because... You know." She tells him.

Yeah, he thinks. I know.

He refuses her suggestion, not because Pit plays the piano and he doesn't want to copy him, although that's a small part of it.

It's simply because well...

Dark Pit hates the sound of the piano.

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