Heya its been a while

Long story short

i literally forgot my details to this acc but im back and gonna continue


Dewey immediately took us too the station because he needed to ask us questions

I just wanted to get out of there I am so terrified

Dewey informed my mom and I that 2 girls a little bit older than me were murdered


I cried because i was scared Dewey said it could happen again

Dewey took us to a room were my moms cousin was her name is Jill and she got a call from someone using the voice from stab


"Mom i wanna get out of here"

"I know but i cant do anything"

"Why does this have to happen again i have gone through 2 of this murder sprees with you its not nice"

"I know baby but we have to stay strong k, lets go to kates house"


We arrived at Kates house which is my great auntie

I didn't like this i knew bad things were gonna happen and it scared me because i knew it would end very badly

I put my stuff in the spare room and settled down a little except i couldnt sleep without my blankie

I know it sounds crazy that a 15 year old cannot sleep without her blankie but i have had it to comfort me over the past 15 years and i need it to do that now

Being scared is not nice

If only this wouldnt be real and it would be all a bad dream