Here is Chapter 3 enjoy.

I didn't end up sleeping after all, I sat in Jill's room with her and Kirby, and we watched Shaun of the Dead with them.

We were half way through the film when Kirbys phone started ringing, Caller ID: Trevor

She answered it because Trevor was Jill's ex boyfriend.

Kirby was talking to him, but she said the word Ghostface.

My face dropped, Jill was on the phone to Olivia. Kirby's face dropped because he knew that we was watching the movie


Kirby began acting weird, she was moving towards the closet

"There is no way you are in the closet", she started moving towards the closet until she opened it and move the clothes to one side

"I told you, you are not in there"

The girls then ran to the window after we heard screaming

We saw him, it was Him, GHOSTFACE!

I know this is short, I just wanted to give you a little update of this fic cus i have been unactive on this Acc

I hope you enjoyed