"Sorry I'm late, Princess," Duncan grinned as he walked in calmly to the diner. His grin covered his whole face and he was glowing with as if he had just won a lottery. Of course he hadn't won the lottery, but Courtney could always dream.

"You're actually early," Courtney said chirpily s she picked up the menu from the table. She knew Duncan better than anyone and had known what to expect from Duncan when she was booking the reservation.

"Sorry Princess," he replied looking at her and showing his old, leather-strapped watch to her. "I'm ten minutes late."

Courtney laughed and looked at him. His face was puzzled and his eyes were glancing around the restaurant for a clock. "I set your watch back fifteen minutes," Courtney explained. "If anything, you're early." Duncan stared at her for a moment or two as an awkward silence filled the atmosphere of table for two, table 76.

"I can't believe you did that," Duncan told Courtney in disbelief. "How the hell did you get my watch in the first place?"

Courtney looked down at the velvet carpet beneath their feet and she explained to Duncan, "You left it lying around when we went to the pool. It wasn't that hard to set it back, after all. It's quite an old watch."

He nodded at her, "I really should get a new one. I've had this once since I was thirteen." For a moment, Courtney didn't reply and just stared at Duncan. The next moment, she had her head in her hands with laughter.

"Was thirteen year old Duncan civilised? A young Sherlock Holmes? The tweed jacket and the cap and an old watch?" she laughed at him as he tried to look at the waiter as if to summon him to come over and stop his girlfriend from laughing at him. The waiter completely ignored him and smiled at Courtney. Rolling his eyes, Duncan pushed back his seat and walked over to the order desk. The receptionist falsely smiled at him as he falsely smiled at her back.

He tossed his head up to clear his bright green mohawk from his eyes. "I'd like a waiter, missus. And preferable a female one." The receptionist laughed at him.

"Are you looking for a girlfriend, sir, or a waiter?"

"A waiter. I've got a girlfriend. I just want someone to bring me two glasses of water," Duncan commented, getting severely irritated.

"Bottled or tap water, sir?" she asked quizzically.

"Bottled. My girlfriend hates tap," he replied, as he drummed on the hard wooden desk as she wrote it down.

"What kind of glasses would you want your bottled water to be in, sir?"

"Does it really matter?"

"Yes, sir," the receptionist assured. "It really does matter."

"Glass glasses then," Duncan told her, a hint of annoyance rising in his voice.

"What kind of glass sir? Is there a certain type of glass you would prefer your bottled water to be in?"

"Not really. Can I just have some water and a waiter?"

"We can give you the waiter, but not the water, sir. No need to be greedy," the receptionist told him.

"I just want a waiter and two glasses of water. Is that too much to ask for?" Duncan mumbled.

"Yes, sir. We're donating all our water supplies to Africa, you see. The manager decided yesterday."

"How are you going to cook food? What happens to us when we need water?!" Duncan yells at the receptionist. He turns around to see Courtney laughing at their table.

"I'm not sure, sir. You can contact the manager if you have any problem with it, sir, but remember we're just trying to be good Samaritans here and help our planet out."

"Okay, I will contact this manager. I want to see him." The receptionist nodded and walked off. A few minutes, a small man in a suit appeared.

"You wanted to see me?"

"I want some bottled water and I'm not getting it. All I've got is a measly waiter, who refuses to serve me."

The small man smiles and then frowns at Duncan. "Sir, you must understand we have no urgent need for water and so we are sending all our water supplies to help the poor. I'm sorry for any inconvenience we caused you." Duncan blinked at the man and walked away o his table, grabbing his girlfriend and pushing her out the door.

"Duncan! Where are we going?" Courtney demanded when they were out of the restaurant. The wind blew Courtney's hair up and she put her hands over her head and patted it out again as Duncan thought for a moment or two.

"Chipotle. We'll go there," Duncan decided. Courtney groaned at him angrily.

"You know I hate that place," she complained. "And we always go there when Bridgette, Geoff, I and you are double dating. I've had the tacos and the burritos more times than I've had time to study."

"Yeah well, I want to go there," Duncan complained as he walked to his car impatiently.

"This is crazy. You're going to Chipotle when I booked a reservation at a fancy French restaurant?" Courtney asked him in disbelief.

"It's not crazy. The manager refused to give me two glasses of water and a cute waiter." Courtney rolled her eyes and sat in the car for a moment or two. It took her about ten minutes to realise what Duncan had said.

"Wait…cute waiter?" Courtney asked, staring at her boyfriend.

"Uh-huh," he laughed. Her face instantly grew red with anger.


"It wasn't an ordinary waiter, it was a cute waiter," he moaned.

There was a silence between the two as the only thing heard was the roaring of the motor.

"Hey, Courtney," Duncan started.

"Yes, Duncan?" she replied impatiently.

"You should become a waiter someday. I'd definitely like to have you serve me."

She blushed as she looked at him. "I'd want a more professional job than a waiter, Duncan."

Duncan nodded at her, but before he knew it, Courtney kissed him on the cheek.

All because of a waiter and some water.

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