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Gus ran down the steps, but it wasn't fast enough.

Yang tried fighting the attacker, but it was no use.

Shawn Spencer stopped struggling.

As Shawn hung from the rope, he could feel his life flashing past his eyes. Well, not exactly. That was too cliché. The more Shawn thought about it, the funnier it seemed. Shawn was still being flung up and down as people fought below him, and Shawn wished that they would stop. All the jolting around was unnecessary; couldn't he just hang?

Shawn tried to speak, but the rope was still around his neck. Strange. Suddenly, colors and shapes moved around his vision. They made him want pineapple.

By this time, Shawn was past delirious and his vision was going dark.

Shawn passed out.

Underneath, Yang violently renewed her efforts to cut either the attacker or the rope, but she couldn't seem to reach either.

Gus finally reached the bottom of the steps, and looked up at his longtime friend. Shawn hung motionless above. Gus could tell that there wasn't much time. A human could get serious brain damage after three minutes without air. He quickly pulled out his phone and called the first number there.

Three minutes

Lassiter was sitting with Juliet when the call came in. "Strange," he remarked calmly. "Guster has never called me before."

"Well, pick it up," Juliet answered. "Shawn may have a break in the case."

Lassiter shrugged and pressed talk. "Fine."

Two minutes

"Finally!" Guster was shouting frantically into Lassiter's ear. "Shawn needs help! Come down to the old theater and get an ambulance to come! Quick!"

In the background, Lassiter could hear some sort of fight going on; there were grunts, panting, and what sounded like something being flung through the air.

"What did you two get yourselves into this time?"

One minute

"Come quick, Lassiter!"

Lassiter could tell by Guster's voice that the man was not kidding. The fake psychic had apparently gotten himself into some trouble. I'll bet he passed out after too much candy. Lassiter snorted. He had a hard time picturing that Spencer was actually in trouble.

In the background of the call, Lassiter could hear some sort of slicing sound. A thud followed the sound, as if something had been cut. Gus immediately started shouting, and it sounded like he was running somewhere. "Shawn! Shawn! Are you alright?"

"Guster, what is it?" Lassiter motioned to his partner and jumped out of his seat.

As Lassiter and Juliet got in the car, Lassiter could hear some kind of harsh breathing and coughing. Then Guster started shouting once more, and Lassiter sped away to the old theater. "Yang!" Guster sounded even more panicked than before. "Not you, too!"

So it seemed that Spencer and Guster had found the elusive criminal. Typical.

But what had Guster meant by "not you, too"?

Quickly, Lassiter hung up and called 911.

The car soon reached the theater, and Lassiter and Juliet drew their guns, running into the building.

The scene was quite unexpected. Gus was standing over two motionless bodies—one of which was covered in blood, and the other who had a coil of rope laying on the floor next two it.

Was that Yang, covered in blood?

Was that Spencer, next to the rope?

Gus looked up and relief washed over his features. "Is the ambulance coming?"

Lassiter nodded and Juliet asked, "What happened here?"

Gus looked down at Spencer, who seemed to be having trouble breathing. "Well, Shawn and I were followed to the theater. Yang tried to warn us, but someone came up behind Shawn and…tried to hang him. Yang fought the attacker and got the rope cut, but not before she was killed."

Spencer began coughing harshly and Lassiter walked over to him. The detective could see where the rope had dug into the younger man's neck. He winced. "Spencer's windpipe may have damage."

"Will he survive?" Guster looked hopefully over at Lassiter.

"We'll do everything that we can," answered a voice. Looking over, Lassiter could see paramedics rushing in.

They checked Yang for a pulse (there was none) and hurried Spencer onto a gurney, loading him into the ambulance waiting outside.

"I'll give you a ride, Guster," Lassiter mumbled.

Guster smiled weakly and pulled out his phone. "Thanks. I'll call Henry and tell him what happened."

Juliet began walking over to Lassiter's car. "Shawn will survive," she said with conviction. "Let's not let him die."


Shawn woke up in a soft bed, his throat aching. "What happened?" Shawn asked—or in reality, tried to ask. His vocal cords didn't seem to be working all that well.

Shawn looked around. Judging by the machines he was connected to, Shawn was in the hospital. He thought back, remembering what had happened. Connecting the dots, Shawn guessed that Yang had saved him.

The doctor came in and, noticing that Shawn was awake, went to go tell the small group of friends and family waiting.

Soon Gus, Henry, and Juliet rushed inside. Gus was the first to speak. "Are you okay, Shawn?"

Shawn tried to answer, but the doctor quickly shushed him. "Mr. Spencer is doing just fine. As you know, he crushed his windpipe, but he is recovering quite well. For the next few days, Mr. Spencer should not talk to avoid hurting his vocal cords or irritating his throat. Additionally, he should not move excessively or exert himself so that his throat can heal."

"When can he be released?" Juliet asked.

The doctor smiled warmly. "Tonight would be fine. Unless you'd like to stay longer?" he added, turning to Shawn.

Shawn frantically shook his head. He couldn't stand hospitals.

"He can stay with me," Henry offered.

Shawn rolled his eyes as if to say, "I'm fine, dad!"

Henry, being an ex-cop, got the message, but being the overbearing parent that he was, ignored Shawn.

Shawn shot Gus a pleading glance. "Shawn, I think you should go with your dad. I can catch Lassiter and Juliet up on the case and then I'll come over with jerk chicken and pineapple smoothies!"

Shawn smiled at that, though he didn't want to miss out on the case.

Juliet was the next person he shot puppy dog eyes at. "You know what, Gus is right," she told him. "I need to help Lassiter catch the criminal who did this to you. And you need some rest." Juliet kissed Shawn on the cheek and walked out with Gus to head down to the station.

"Looks like you're stuck with me, kid," Henry joked. Shawn rolled his eyes again, but smiled slightly. Alright, Dad, you can take me home.

Shawn followed Henry to Henry's truck. Despite his silent protest, Shawn was glad that he wouldn't have to take care of himself. And he was really looking forward to jerk chicken.

However, fate had it that someone was waiting for them.

Shawn didn't get to go to his father's house.

He didn't even get to climb in the truck.


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