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Gus knew from over the years that once Henry made a decision, there would be no changing his mind. Shawn, even with all his flippancy, was the same. So instead of bringing a book to read for when Henry left (which he wouldn't, no matter how many times Gus insisted), Gus brought along a jacket.

As Gus got ready to go to the hospital, he couldn't help but worry about Shawn. Sure, his friend was strong, but so was the camel in that one saying. And its back always broke in the end.

Shaking his head, Gus climbed into his faithful blueberry. And even though it was already 11, Gus knew that it would be a long night.


And once again, like the previous chapter of his life, Gus was wrong. It was not a long night; it was a long day. Which soon became a long week. And then a long month.

As the thirtieth day rolled around without Shawn giving any indications of waking up, the doctors first proposed the idea to pull the plug.

Of course, Henry refused quite explosively.

After all, over the weeks, everyone had gotten into a sort of rhythm. Lassiter buried himself in work, solving cases faster than ever before but not getting the joy out of his job like he had before. Juliet worked, but it was always halfhearted, and she only came alive when sitting next to Shawn. Henry sat by Shawn's bedside every day and most nights, sometimes talking to his unresponsive son and sometimes just thinking over their relationship. Gus went to work in the day and visited Shawn at night.

Also, Henry wouldn't even think about the possibility that his son would not wake up. It was too unreal.

Instead, he threw a party. Shawn's 36th birthday was coming up. And if he couldn't enjoy a party at home, the hospital would host it.

Juliet threw herself wholeheartedly into the project when Henry offered the idea. She dedicated spare hours to making invitations, getting refreshments, and ordering large pineapple balloons.

Meanwhile, Henry told Shawn about the rules. "Even though it's your birthday, there are rules, Shawn." Shawn did not respond. "The most important rule is that you have to wake up. You can't be unconscious on your birthday."

Gus busied himself with getting the right music. "This is Shawn's birthday, and it's going to be done right!" he promised himself.


When the day of the party rolled around, Gus and Henry waited anxiously by Shawn's bed as people came in. Juliet soon came in, dragging Lassiter behind her, and the two joined Shawn's best friend and dad in greeting partygoers and accepting gifts.

During the party, many people stopped in to deliver a gift, wish Shawn happy birthday, and leave. Some stayed to chat a little bit, but no one besides Lassiter, Juliet, Gus, and Henry stayed for long.

By midnight, the four of them were exhausted. "How many friends does Shawn have?" Juliet asked in wonder.

"You were the one who invited them," reminded Gus devilishly.

"Hey, half of the people who showed up definitely weren't invited!" Juliet defended.

Groaning, Lassiter put his head in his hands. "Okay, so we know Spencer is popular; can we get out of here now? I have some work to do down at the station…"

Juliet shook her head. "No. Lassiter, you promised that you wouldn't go in today!"

The Head Detective sighed in defeat.

Henry sighed too, but for a different reason. "I was so sure that Shawn would wake up."

"Me, too," agreed Gus vehemently. "Shawn never misses a party, especially if it's his!"

"I'm going to wait in the car!" Lassiter said grumpily.

"Please stay."

Everyone in the room froze. Had they imagined the words, whispered in a husky, unused throat. Was it Gus' hallucination speaking again? Was someone playing a practical joke on them?

As Gus slowly turned to the hospital bed, his eyes welled up with tears.

When Henry looked, he broke into a smile.

Juliet stifled a sob.

And Lassiter sat back down.

After all, how could anyone leave the room when Shawn Spencer asked them to stay?

"You're alive!" Gus smiled even as a tear rolled down his cheek.

Shawn rolled his eyes but smiled.

Henry immediately went into concerned parent mode. "Juliet, go get the doctor. Shawn, don't try speaking. You've been in a coma for a month now, and have had lots of surgeries since then. There's still a long road of recovery ahead of you."

Shawn rolled his eyes without the smile.

"And anyway, Shawn, what were you thinking?!" Henry began his tirade, but stopped when he got a good look at his son. "Shawn," Henry said, much more gently. "I have to say, I'm proud of you, son."

And this time, Shawn's smile was not imagined.

Lassiter shifted uncomfortably. "It's…nice to see you awake, Shawn," he said simply. "The station was quiet without you."

Shawn's smile turned into a grin. He held his hand out to the Head Detective. Bewildered, Lassiter stretched out a hand. Did Shawn really want to hold hands?

But Shawn's hand made motions against Lassiter's. Sign language. Oh, Lassie, I knew you cared! Shawn signed.

Right as Lassiter was about to defend his position, Juliet came in with the doctor. "Shawn!" she cried, taking his hand within hers. "I love you so much! Once you've recovered, I need to talk with you about our relationship!"

Shawn pressed a kiss onto Juliet's hand.

And then it was Gus' turn.

Looking at his friend, Shawn didn't do anything at first.

Then he held up a fist.

Gus knew there was nothing to say.

He fist-bumped Shawn back.

For a glorious moment, everything was right in the world.



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