Twilight dashed off being followed by Flutters, the unicorn from before, the hell spawn and two others. I however unsummon the skeleton and walked out. The elements are most likely the key to all this, but they were lost a thousand years ago when those two did battle. Where was the battle? Canterlot wasn't the capital all those years ago, no it would have the centre of the region... oh.

I stood in front of the Everfree forest looking darker than usual. No doubt Nightmare is in there waiting for whoever dares to challenge her. Whelp might as well get going, but first invisibility spell. Alright let's get going shall we?

My goodness this is quite the fall looking over a cliff, imagine if this gave way. It would be quite a nasty fall. Oh wait is that a castle I see far below… I don't think I'd survive a fall like that. Best keep walking until a find a better shortcut. Aaaaand we're avoiding the sleeping manticore no need to ruffle its wings and mane… did I just hear a scream… no I guess it was nothing. These woods get really dense here, imagine if they were alive… actually isn't there a spell for that. I might come back here to test that but not right now I've got work to do.

Ah the river this will provide easy short cut ability, except the bridge is out. Hmm "SEBASTIAN" I called out, hearing the distant roar of a manticore behind me. Whoops didn't think I was that loud, as a purple sea serpent rose from the river. "Ah Demostine what are you doing in these neck of the woods?" "You know of the castle that lies within these woods? I am trekking out there to see if an ancient artifact is lying within." "Oh then you'll need to cross the river… and the bridge is gone. Hold on my friend." Sebastian picked me up from the waist and put me on the other side of the river. "Thank you… has your mustache grown even bigger from the last time I've seen it?" "Oh you noticed I was grooming it earlier before my nap." "The maintenance you put into your facial hair is an art as always. But we can discuss this once I get back from my spelunking." "Of course Demostine till then" he said waving me off as I turned to venture further in.

All this night is being rather silly I must say but giving a few hours I think I've reached my destination: A ruined keep with a single wooden bridge to traverse. And the bridge is still together, the rope is a lot more reliable than I remember. A bit shaky crossing but it held up despite my bags. As I got off I felt the bridge came undone underneath me. Looking back I could see that black mist of nightmare drifting into the keep. Looks like she had the same idea on the elements' location as I did as I wondered into the castle. Not that it was much of a secret to her; this was her castle a thousand years back. Now if I were an ancient artifact where would I hide myself?

This castle has seen better days… why didn't I just live here? It's big, spacious; no one ever comes out to check on it. It is literally a fortress… a broken down fortress but a fortress nonetheless. But there are so many rooms to manage and who knows what lives here these days and I don't care enough for all this maintenance. Although it would make a lovely labyrinth if I wanted to lose anybody… what was I doing here again?

WAIT! The elements I remember keeping them away from moonie and her legions of moonites… mooninites… moon knights. Whatever her followers are called they must still be stop through the power of Necromancy and Demonology… it's not like something silly like friendship could stop it, that's not real magic anyway. Wait... I'm hearing voices… hellspawn's voice and the others. Damn it I was hoping to find the elements before they arrived. Actually I hoped they wouldn't arrive period, not that I don't doubt Twilight's ability but the majority of them are useless in a fight. Turning down the next corner I find the throne room and the dark mist of Moonbutt coating the area. The stone structure of the five elements sitting between the thrones at the other side of the chamber… well that was easy though with moonie here makes getting them rather difficult.

Walking in was easy at least no need to disrupt the invisibility as I got closer to the statues, of course Nightmare moon HAD to materialize in front of the statue. "Hmm Demonology and necromancy, such fine tastes in magic yet you still resist?" I could feel the invisibility spell leave me as I stood in the center of the room looking at nightmare. "You're not my queen just like Celestia ain't my princess and I care very little if either of you rule, but your presence disturbs my usual business so the sake of manners I ask you to leave and return the sun." Her laugh in response of was full of mock as she looked at me with… a strange look of interest. "No love for my dear sister my my I thought ponies PRAISED HER!" She yelled at the end as her magic flared up and over the castle. "She's an old hag who refuses to relieve herself of the throne, what is there to praise?"

Again she laughed this time in joy at the comment as she stomped the ground a couple of times trying to control herself. "Hehe you truly are interesting, sure you wouldn't want to join me instead?" I knew my next comment would probably put her over so I discarded my cloak, "aren't you an old hag as well miss lived on the moon for a thousand years?" Her brow twitched before she surrounded herself in darkness, "YOU DARE!" "Aye, I think I do. From the realms of hell I call upon you to serve my bidding, Beliarh!"

I could hear somepony approaching from behind but there was no time for that as a ball of shadow came hurtling towards me only to be stopped by a purple hand raising out of an infernal portal followed by the other as it pulled itself out of the portal, the hideous Beliarh standing nearly to the ceiling in raw, purple flesh. Its face curled into a grin; sickly yellow and green teeth sticking out as it leered at Nightmare moon before spreading its small bat-like wings. "Devour her Beliarh with whatever force you need." A reverberating YES came from its maw before charging fist first at nightmare.

"Demonology!?" Twilight gasped as I turned to her, an uncaring face meeting a shocked one. "That doesn't matter right now; the elements are on the other side by the thrones. We'll keep her distracted." I turned as she looked at me and most likely my cutiemark as I heard a second gasp. "Move Twilight!" this time ordering as I prepped another spell. She raced by charging straight for the statue, as Nightmare flew by Beliarh right on here heels… hooves whatever. "I call upon the pyres of hell to strike forth in a blaze of glory… Ignis Carn" A collection of fire appeared before me gathering more and more until it formed a large ball of flames and shot towards Nightmare, striking her as she blocked a strike from Beliarh. A cry of pain before whips of darkness came out the smoke heading straight for me. Easy dodges as Beliarh redoubled his efforts not wanting me to take his kill. "Twilight any time now would be nice!" I called and got a "There not working in response."

A sigh escaped my lips before Beliarh was knocked back, surprising me before a flash of magic appeared with Nightmare moon standing before Twilight… and she's stepped on one of them well shit. "You see now the elements no longer work I am free to rule FOREVER HAHAHAHAHA!" Maniacal laughter aside, five other figures raced by towards Twilight including hellspawn and Flutters. I had no place in it and felt Beliarh pick me up and put me on his shoulder. "Well how inconvenient, here I was hoping for a nice, speedy resolve with you getting fed and instead we get this shitstorm."

"I don't need those statues, the elements are right here!" Oh what heresy is Twilight talking about now I want to get back to fighting. "Applejack who encouraged me to trust her and kept me from harm, she represents the element of Honesty" an orange glow surrounded the Stetson wearing pony before a necklace appeared around her neck. "Oh nevermind we might have an easy meal yet." Twilight started listing off traits of the others and giving them elements… wait. "HOLD UP!" The room stopped to look at me, "YOU FUCKED UP SEBASTIAN'S STACHE!?" They simply stared at me then at Beliarh. "You can have her soul but I get a round at her first, bitch messed with my friend." He simply grinned as Twilight continued with her elemental thing until they blasted moonbutt. "Shit there goes eating anything" Beliarh visibly sagged his shoulders.

In place of moonbutt sat a smaller moonbutt, hopping off Beliarh I ushered him forward in which he grinned as he stepped forward over the six before resting before the now weakened night queen. Although before he could have his meal a burst of light eradicated his presence from this plane of existence… alas I'll have to find a meal for him later. Coming out of the dazzling light came sunbutt herself nodding at the others before having small talk with her sister and having apologizes and whatnot. Not my business anymore or much of a reason to be here… except to raid the library, surely some books were still in some form of readable condition. Turning away I picked up my cloak and floated it back onto my back before heading out.

"Wait" it was not the request but the pleading in the voice that made me stop and turn. Both royals looked at me with some level of intrigue and the element holders merely talked quietly amongst themselves. "I meant what I said earlier but your abilities with forbidden arts… may I ask your name?" Moon butt asked as Celestia stared at me. "Me? I'm just a dusty old outcast who prefers to live alone; I'm no one of importance." "Yet you summoned a lesser demon as if it was as simply as a levitation spell." I shrugged "I've studied for a long time, spells get easier over time, just that simple." "Still you helped return me to my…original form is there any boon I may grant?" Moon butt said much to the distress of Celestia. I held back a laugh but since she asked, "Unlikely unless you can bring back my parents that were killed by Celestia's royal guard" the comment silencing the room and the group sent a confused stare at Celestia who stepped back at the accusation, "or dispose of her like your darker half intended, really anything to stick it to Celestia would be fine for me after her soldiers killed my family." The room stayed silent until I shrugged and left towards the door, "Demostine." "What?" "My name is Demostine" and with that I left.

Now I don't feel like raiding the old tomes anymore… burn them maybe but not raid. Sigh stupid sun butt for popping up, stupid moon butt for asking questions, and stupid me for answering in general. I crossed the now remade bridge and wandered through the forest heading back to Sebastian's river. Somewhat hurrying along I arrived to find a mustache that's half orange half purple…dafaq? "Sebastian what happened?" The serpent looked at me and smiled, "An act of pure generosity, some vile mist cut my poor mustache and I cried long and hard before these ponies appeared before me, one cut off her tail just so I could have a mustache again, truly such a saint to care about my appearances so." I could feel the headache coming so I simply asked to pass which he obliged before ogling his mismatched facial hair… sometimes I just don't understand him.

The journey back home took even less time as it did to trek to town, finding the wards still up, I put them down, dumped everything beside the door and sat down to rest for a while. A rather busy day I must say though not everything went as planned but well ancient evil defeated and crisis averted so the major parts of the plan went through just fine. Not that I did much but play distraction but still all is well and good in the world… except sun butt she's still alive but we can cross the hurdle later now I can take a nap before getting back to work.

Knock knock knocking upon on my chamber door says otherwise. Perhaps if I ignored it whoever it was would go away though after a minute I saw that wasn't happening. Forcing myself up I opened the door to… find Twilight standing outside my door. How the hell did she find me? Not the postal service they keep all address to themselves. Just as she opens her mouth I slam the door, I don't have time to discuss the 'evils' of demonology. More knocking comes followed by "Open up I just want to talk." My response seemed rather appropriate "Leave me be! I have no wish to humor Celestia's student, get off my property before I force you to leave!" "I'm not leaving until you talk to me!" Stupid stubborn unicorn, I get the spell prepped before opening the door to a smiling Twilight. "Paraseus" I stated and she stopped no sound no movement, didn't even look like she was breathing anymore. Stepping out I looked at my 'ornaments', at the time getting gargoyles seemed like a good plan especially when it came to annoying guests. "Oi I need one of you to drop her off in town." I merely stared for a few second before one of them moved, testing its wings a couple of times before picking up the paralyzed Twilight and flying off towards town. Good now I can take a nap as I walked back inside.

One nap and hours of study later and it seems that no one else will bother me today. Not that I was expecting anyone else those 5 probably found Twilight frozen and since they have no clue where I live they can't break my door down and reverse it. Not that I could in the first place once you're paralysed you stay that way until the next day. Nor could they actually break down the door, the wards would prevent that so unless they want some casualties trying to break in they would be stuck out there. Although fate probably has something against me as someone knocks at my door again. This time I'll just stay on the other side, I really wish I installed that eyehole in the door but it's too late now. "Whose there?" A rather recent voice came from the other side, "May we talk?" "That depends is there a bunch of guards outside with you moonbutt?"

Luna, as stated in the legends, was waiting outside my door and I really wish she'd leave. Unless she has just disposed of her sister there is very little I wish to discuss with her. "No guards but I do have some books from the royal library." Bribery in its purest form, a conversation for books, and gosh darn it am I a sucker for books. "Fine" I say as opening the door to moonbutt and a pile of books beside her. Before she said a word I whisk the books inside, no way I'm letting her in… it's a mess, not fit for guests. "What do you want?" "About what you asked earlier…" Holy shit did she actually dispose of her sister; even in her weakened state she's able to perform such tasks. "Your family… I'm sorry for your lose." Oh that request. "Its fine I doubt they'd want to live if sunbutt was still alive and in power, we'd just try going on the run… again." "And you are sure the royal guard killed them?" "As sure as I am that I practise every forbidden art known." Seriously I know a lot of dark arts had to put in special orders to Zebrambay and the Griffon kingdom to get some of these books. Luna seemed rather sadden by this fact… either the fact that her sister's guards are damn murderers or that I have a lot of time on my hands for all this magic. "I see… sorry to waste your time but just one last question. Why do you call me moonbutt and sister sunbutt?" "Oh that's easy your cutiemark is the moon and it's on your butt so you are moonbutt, same thing with sunbutt except it's the sun." Luna seemed to smile at the simplicity of naming everyone, "So you would be pentagram butt?" "I prefer pentabutt rolls of the tongue easier." I stated while crossing forelimbs and trying to keep balance to maintain the seriousness of my own name scheme. A chuckle escaped from her, ha I made someone laugh. Related to enemy number one but still. "You are a strange pony but an interesting one. If it's alright with you can I visit again when I've gained more strength?" "I doubt I could stop you without help, but if you want to waste time on an outcast like me, it's your choice." She bowed, "then I will see you again Demostine." And with that she poofed out of existence… wish I could do that. Well I suppose that's done with now for sleep… or I can get a head start on these royal books. Grinning to myself I cracked open the military guide of training those walking meat shields in heavy armour… know thy enemy or something like that HAHA!