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Chapter 1 - Memories

"Sir Auron?" Yuna called out as she walked up to him. "I would like Rikku to be my guardian," she said, somewhat nervously.

Auron looked over at Rikku before walking over to her. Rikku looked down automatically, also looking nervous.

"Show me your face," Auron said softly.

"Huh?" Rikku asked, still looking down.

"Look at me," Auron said, his voice threaded with a commanding tone.

Rikku glanced over at me out of the corner of her eye and I nodded. Auron already knew that Rikku was an Al Bhed since she was my cousin, but he must have just wanted to check.

"Um, okay…" Rikku mumbled before slowly raising her head to look up at Auron, who is a good bit taller than her. But she had her eyes closed. I sighed and facepalmed at my cousin.

Auron chuckled slightly before saying, "Open your eyes."

She opened one, and Auron smiled slightly. "As I thought…" he said quietly, looking over at me momentarily before looking back down at Rikku.

She had dropped her head again. "No good?" she asked.

"Are you certain?" Auron asked quietly.

Rikku looked back up and nodded confidently. "A hundred percent," she said. "So…can I?"

He looked over at Yuna with a small smile. "If Yuna wishes it."

She nodded. "Yes, I do."

Auron then looked round at me. "And if Sakura doesn't mind her cousin tagging along."

I grinned. "Don't worry, I'll keep her in check."

He smiled again before straightening his face out.

"Well, I'm all for it!" Wakka said. "The more the merrier!"

I smirked slightly, shaking my head to myself. Oh Wakka. If only you knew.

Rikku grinned and nodded. "Well, I'll just have to be the merriest!"

I raised an eyebrow at her. "Is that even a word?"

She stuck her tongue out at me. "It totally is!"

Everyone laughed, and we were soon continuing on our path.

The forest next to the river was very dense. You could hardly see anything in there. But at one point I caught sight of a strange light.

I stopped walking and stared at it, but the others walked on as if they couldn't see anything. It was weird…it felt like it was almost calling to me…like it was willing me to come closer. Which I did, me being the idiot that I am.

I was suddenly very aware of how silent everything had become. I couldn't hear Rikku's constant chatter; I couldn't hear the river; I couldn't hear the many sounds of the forest. All I could focus on was this mysterious light. I was within touching distance of it when an ear-piercing shrieking noise broke through the silence. I covered my ears and fell to my knees as the light expanded until it was the only thing I could see. Then, everything went dark.

When I opened my eyes there was nothing but darkness. Was I…dead? But how? I'd seen a weird light in the forest next to the Moonflow and…then nothing. I'd just blacked out. How could I be dead?

"I assure you, you are not dead."

I whipped around to see a beautiful woman standing there. She had long golden blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She was wearing a creamy white dress with golden detail around her neck and stomach, and golden jewellery twinkled on her wrists, ears and in her hair. Just from looking at her I could tell she wasn't human or Al Bhed, but I didn't know what she was.

"Be calm young one," she said softly, smiling. "There is no need to be afraid."

"Who…who are you?" I asked her, my voice shaking despite her telling me I shouldn't be scared.

"I am Cosmos, the goddess of harmony," she answered.

My eyes widened and I stepped back slightly. "…Y kuttacc…" I gasped. As unbelievable as it sounded I somehow knew she wasn't lying. She really was a goddess.

"W…why are you here?" I managed to splutter out. "I'm an Al Bhed… Yevon's meant to hate us."

Cosmos smiled kindly. "I am not Yevon, Sakura. Your lineage does not concern me. I'm here to ask for your help."

I didn't really come as a shock that she knew my name, but what she said still confused me. "My help? With what?"

Cosmos's face fell. "I am afraid that even though I am the goddess of harmony, my world is far from calm and peaceful."

I frowned. "Your world?"

Cosmos nodded. "I am not of Spira. I believe you have been told that there are worlds other than your own?"

My mind flashed back to the old man Maechen on the Mi'ihen Highroad. He had said there were other worlds out there but he didn't know how to travel between them. I nodded slowly at Cosmos.

"Well my world controls the balance of every other world in existence," she explained. "I am the goddess of harmony and my enemy, Chaos, is the god of discord. We have been at war for eternity, summoning warriors from various worlds to fight for us."

"Wait, are you wanting me to fight for you?" I asked, my eyes wide. "But I'm not a good fighter! Not compared to the others anyway. You should ask Auron or Tidus or-"

Cosmos held up her hand to stop me from talking. "I am well aware of your friend's talents Sakura, but it is your talents I am interested in. That is why I would like to ask for you to fight for me. Your skill with your sword is admirable for someone so young, and I believe you would be a great asset to us."

"…What's the catch?" I asked slowly.

Cosmos smiled. "You are a smart girl. I am afraid you would have a disadvantage. Every warrior I summon has most of their memories taken from them while they fight. In return they are given a crystal which increases their power so they have the ability to fight Chaos. However Sakura, I have never given this chance to any of my other warriors but I wish to give it to you. I will give you the opportunity to keep your memories of your home, your family, your friends, everything, but you will not be given a crystal."

"So, I wouldn't be able to fight Chaos?" Cosmos shook her head. "So…what would the point of me fighting for you be if I wouldn't be able to fight Chaos?"

"Chaos would be impossible for you without a crystal, but Chaos's warriors would not be. You could fight them with the help of your fellow warriors. And one more thing. Once your task is complete you will return to Spira and your memories of your time in my world will be wiped from your mind, until the right time comes to remember it all."

"…So let me make sure I've got this right. Basically I wouldn't have this crystal thing which would give me amazing strength to fight Chaos but I would keep my memories, and when my task is complete – whatever that means – I'll forget everything that happened until one day I'll randomly remember it?"

Cosmos nodded. "Exactly, yes."

"But…I still don't understand why you chose me," I said.

"Well, the truth is that one of your friends is already fighting in my world," Cosmos explained.

"What? Then of course I'll help!" I cried. "If one of my friends is there then of course I'll go! Why didn't you just say that in the first place?"

Cosmos smiled again. "That's exactly why I didn't say it. I knew I said that then you would agree to go without letting me explain anything else. You'd go in a heartbeat if it meant helping someone you care about."

I looked down, embarrassed at getting praise from a goddess.

"So, will you go?" Cosmos asked.

I looked back up at her and nodded. "Yes, I will. I'll fight for you against Chaos and his warriors."

"Thank you," Cosmos said with a genuinely grateful look on her face before she began to fade from my vision.

My head felt like it was about to burst with pain. I could feel I was lying on cold, hard ground but I couldn't bring myself to open my eyes. My hearing was muffled at first but after a few moments I could hear something.

"Hey, you okay? Can you hear me?"

I could feel someone shaking me so I very slowly forced myself to open my eyes. In front of me was a man with long black hair. He looked really worried but when he saw that I was awake he sighed in relief and sat back.

"Good, you're alive," he grinned.

"Seems like it," I grunted as I sat up and looked around. I was sitting in an empty grey landscape. The ground looked fluid like water but it was actually solid and dry. "Where…where am I?" I asked, looking back up at the man.

"You at Sanctuary," he replied. "Cosmos's hide out. If you're here I'm guessing you're on Cosmos's side too?"

I nodded. "Yeah I am. I'm Sakura. Who're you?"

"I'm Laguna," the man smiled, standing up and holding his hand out to help me up. "You must be new here, I haven't seen you before."

"Yeah, I'm new," I smiled as he pulled me to my feet. "Cosmos just…eh…recruited me I guess."


Laguna and I looked round to see a girl with black hair, a white tank top and black shorts running towards us.

"Hey Tifa!" Laguna grinned as the girl came to a stop next to us. "This is Sakura. New helping hand."

"Hey," the girl grinned. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," I smiled back.

"Where are the others?" Laguna asked Tifa.

Tifa jerked her thumb over her shoulder. "Right there," she replied.

I looked around Tifa and saw four other people walking towards us. One was a boy with blonde hair and weirdly colourful clothing, walking with his hands behind his head. The second looked like a man in purple armour. The third was a woman with pink hair and what looked like a red cape fluttering behind her. And the fourth…my jaw dropped open at the fourth person.

"Yuna!" I screamed, breaking into a run at the group walking towards us.

The other three looked startled, the pink haired woman actually pulling out a sword but Yuna held her arm out to stop her.

"Suki…" I saw her whisper before her shock turned into joy. "Suki!"

She began to run at me and we met half way, hugging each other tightly.

"What're you doing here?" Yuna asked me, tears in her eyes.

"Cosmos told me I needed to help a friend here," I grinned. "I guess she meant you!"

"Friend of yours Yuna?" the boy asked.

"Yes! Everyone, this is my cousin Sakura. Sakura, this is Vaan," she pointed at the boy who had spoken, "Lightning," she pointed at the woman with the pink hair who had nearly stabbed me, "and Kain," she pointed at the man in armour. "It looks like you already met Laguna and Tifa.

"Hi," I smiled round at all of them. Vaan smiled back but Lightning just kind of nodded at me, and I couldn't see Kain's mouth under his helmet.

I remembered Cosmos saying that her warriors lost most of their memories of home, so I was grateful that Yuna even remembered me. I'd have to be careful what I talked about in front of her in case she got upset about forgetting anything; I'd need to figure out how much she remembered.

"Well, should we get going?" Lightning said sharply. "It looks like the others are already there."

Without waiting for a response Lightning walked off towards where a crowd of other people were gathered.

"Um…did I do something wrong?" I asked Laguna who had ran to join us along with Tifa.

"Nah, Light's always like that," he smiled.

"And it doesn't help that Laguna has been getting us lost for goodness knows how long to get here," Kain added, making me laugh.

"Hey, I already told you! I was taking the scenic route!" Laguna protested.

I laughed again as Laguna stuck his tongue out at me and winked so I knew he was okay with it. Yuna took my hand in hers and squeezed it tightly as we followed the others.

My heart thumped in my chest at the thought of this new adventure.

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