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Nagato couldn't believe the report she was reading, a powerful American Ship Girl fleet had gone to Bermuda to intercept an Invasion fleet headed for said Island. The Carrier part of the task group had made it to the island without any trouble. If this was to be believed a large Abyssal force was sent ahead of the Invasion fleet. With orders to wipeout any ship girl fleet that stood between them and the island of Bermuda. Said fleet had several nasty tricks up its sleeve. A new kind of shell that could with one to three hits decimate any ship girl save a Battleship if not cause it to explode outright, not to mention a new color halo around them which meant they had really thick armor yet the ships that had this halo could keep their speed up, the only weak point was directly behind the target. Thus the main surface combat fleet had been decimated.

The Battle off Bermuda hadn't been a battle at all. It had been a massacre. Now the Americans were looking left right and center for ships to help defend the carrier group which was composed of the Aircraft Carrier Ranger, the Escort Carriers Charger, Tulagi, Palau, and Attu, the Cruisers Brooklyn, St. Louis, Nashville, Tuscaloosa, Memphis, and Des Moines, the Battleships Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming, and the destroyers Gearing, Shannon, Cooper, Dale, and Wainwright. The ships that were there were powerful, but they had just enough ships to defend the carrier group. They needed more assets in order to fight off an invasion fleet and for surface combat, as well as to provide Naval Gunfire Support when needed.

The British had already responded and was sending a small complement of ships to help. The force was composed of the Cruisers Cumberland, Hawkins, and Manchester, and the destroyers Jutland, Agincourt, Matapan, Zulu, and Grove.

The Germans was also sending a token force, but it didn't seem as impressive as the British Force. It was composed of the Light Cruiser Leipez, destroyers Z5, Z10, Z16, and Z22, torpedo boats T-25 and T-26, and the submarine U-168.

The French, Italians, and Russians however still had their hands full with trying to stop Abyssal attacks in the North Sea Operating Area, the Bay of Biscay, and the Aegean Sea, because at the moment the Abyssals were being a real pain in the ass in those areas.

However while the Americans were grateful for the aid, they had a problem said problem was that if they didn't get another ten ships there would always be one sector that would be forced to be patrolled by a set of ships from the carrier group. Sure, they could use some of their own ships but considering that Carrier group was assigned to a sector where the Abyssals wouldn't likely attack if they did that the carriers would be left defenseless.

Thus Nagato made up her mind. The Third Torpedo Squadron, and the First Assault Fleet were going to be sent to the Atlantic. The best part it was the winter currently, which meant that Nagato hoped that they packed for cold weather because right now, the weather in the Bering Sea was being well like the Bering Sea is during winter.

Nagato decided to before she called up the units she was going to send. She figured she needed to see a holo-video that had been put together from the after action report, to help her get a better understanding at how the 'Battle off Bermuda' had gone. What she saw she would never forget.


(A/N: I got inspiration for this Battle from Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Episode 1, with the Ship Girls being the First Fleet and the Abyssals being the Gamilon fleet, so expect the Ship Girls to have their ass handed to them on a silver platter, just warning you right now.)

"Message coming in from AA cruiser Oakland, enemy spotted. Here they come." Heavy Cruiser New Orleans said. New Orleans was the lead ship of her class of Heavy Cruisers

"Right then, release EM restrictions, identify enemy ships." The flagship of the American Fleet, Battleship Washington ordered. Washington was member of the North Carolina-class Battleships.

"Roger that, boss! Identifying now!" The Bagley-class destroyer girl Blue chimed.

"Aw crap" the Bagley-class destroyer girl Ralph Talbot said.

"Enemy ships have been identified! Composition, is one Battleship Water Demon, 7 Ta-class elite Fast Battleships, 11 Ne-class Elite Heavy Cruisers all Elites, 11 Ri-class Heavy Cruisers all either Flagships or Elites, 36 light cruisers various classes all either elites or flagships, and 120 destroyers of varying classes and types. Something seems off however about the Heavy Cruisers, Battleships, the Battleship Water Demon, and some of the destroyers." Blue yelped terror in her voice.

"Wash, we are getting a message from the enemy fleet. It's says that 'they advise that we surrender now.' What should I tell them, ma'am?" Ralph Talbot said.

"Tell them their nuts!" Wash replied simply.

"What?" Ralph asked taken aback.

"Nuts" Wash repeated now looking through her Bosh and Lomb 10 power binocs, gazing at the enemy fleet, which also doubled as her back-up range finder, even though her FCS already had a lock she wanted to double check the numbers.

"Yes ma'am!" Ralph said, she loved the idea.

"This is the American Task Force: KEYES our answer NUTS, over." Ralph replied.

The Abyssals didn't like being told to go to hell, turrets swung toward the American fleet, and then the guns discharged. Lobbing a new kind of experimental Abyssal shell toward the American ship girls. The shell was designed to punch through the armor before exploding and releasing a large amount of what was essentially depleted uranium rods throughout the target at high speed causing it to basically cause to explode on its own accord. Very few ship girls could survive more than one hit from these things and survive to tell the tale.

The shells raced toward the Americans most of the shells missed but three slammed into the heavy cruiser Wichita, she screamed as the shells just ripped her outfit apart before she exploded with a tremendous explosion and a towering column of spray.

"Cruiser Wichita has sunk" Blue said dejectedly.

All ships were waiting for a chance to fire, then they got it as they got a lock. "Open all gun tubes, FIRE!" Washington yelled as her FCS got a prefect firing solution on a Ne-class Heavy Cruiser. 16in, 8in, 6in, 5in, and 3in guns thundered as they discharged in a massive salvo.

"What the actual fuck!" Blue shouted as the shells bounced off, even a set of direct hits from Washington which had nailed the Ne-class she had targeted pretty Damn Square on. Then the Abyssals returned fire, and this time their salvo was way more effective. The radio exploded into noise as shells impacted, and ripped several ship girls apart and sent them to the bottom or caused them to fall out of formation.

"Holy Christ! Cleveland is hit! She's falling out of formation!" The destroyer girl Lang shouted as the light cruiser girl Cleveland took a pair of direct hits that dealt an insane amount of damage, destroyed a set of her engines and caused her to fall out of formation and out of fight.

Another ship girl this one the heavy cruiser Fall River was sent completely out of control by a hit to her engine spaces, unable to control where she went, she watched helplessly as the explosion of her engine areas sent her on a course that intercepted with the light cruiser girl Fargo. Fargo looked on in horror, she heard the chief gunnery fairy yell "evasive!" but before she could even pitch her rudder hard over, Fall River collided with her, and both ships then exploded as Fall River's Magazines ignited and the resulting blast then setoff Fargo's magazines.

Meanwhile twenty miles away, the tug Cree which had been on the lookout for the invasion fleet, heard the radio chatter. "My main battery just isn't big enough!" "This is destroyer girl Buck, I am hit! Falling out of formation!" "Mayday, mayday, mayday! Crew abandon ship, abandon ship! Oh god the magazine are go-" "We are being slaughtered out here!" "Are we even damaging them?" "Their armor is bouncing my shots Godamnit! Can someone please explain to me why the actual fucking hell I just bounced off an I-class?! Not overpen but bounced!"

Cree was horrified as she barked at her communications fairy "Was this an ambush?" the fairy simply nodded. Cree made up her mind, she reversed course and went to flank, racing back to help the fleet, not that would it matter. Her gun was just a three-inch-twenty-three-caliber dual purpose gun. However that was bizarre as all get out, considering that from sound of that last message from the Heavy Cruiser Augusta.

Oakland and her sister Reno were sailing in formation, Reno was slightly behind Oakland, her 5in guns boomed as she fired an impressive salvo of shells that screamed toward the enemy. The shells either bounced off a pair of Ro-class destroyers or missed. The enemy salvo in reply to Reno's however was right on the money, a shell impacted Reno who promptly exploded. Oakland heard one of her gunnery fairies yell "Reno has been sunk!" another one barked "Keep fighting! FIRE!" However before Oakland could fire a salvo of her own, three shells slammed into her and she blew up.

Washington increased speed to flank, Ralph and Blue right behind her, she came in pointed her front at the Abyssals and then fired a trio of salvos in rapid fire from her main battery the rounds were cluster shells, rounds caused no less than twenty destroyers to explode like flares. Washington had taken several major hits, one of which had knocked one of her turrets out of commission. Then a shell screamed overhead impacted Ralph and she blew up.

As they peeled away, Blue came in heavily damaged. "Wash! Enemy destroyer directly behind us!" She screamed.

Wash looked over her shoulder as a destroyer broached the surface, and began to chase after her trying to get a lock to fire its five inch gun, she opened fire with her 40mm Bofor AA guns then braving the tracers that missed the tug boat girl Cree appeared through the smoke, chasing the enemy destroyer, her gun boomed twice, and a pair of HEAT rounds slammed into the destroyer which had a strange green halo around it, the enemy destroyer exploded with a thunder clap boom. "Yes!" Cree's chief gunnery fairy barked with satisfaction as the enemy DD blew up.

"Enemy ship sunk! Enemy fleet is reorganizing to make up for the loss." Blue said, she then added quietly "I have never seen an Abyssal Ship before with a green halo around it. Yellow, red, blue, and red with blue I have seen but never that before."

"This is enough, we're going home." Wash said.

"What, why Wash!" Blue asked flabbergasted at hearing that.

"This is a battle we can't win, let's gather up the survivors and go home. Besides Atlantic Fleet HQ needs to know what has befallen this force." Wash said as she pointed herself back toward the East Coast of the United States of America.

"Right, boss" Blue said sadly as much as she loved a good scrape Wash was right so she began to follow Wash. As they did so they glided by the Tug boat girl Cree who had just saved Wash and Blue's collective butts. Cree was surprised when she heard about them withdrawing, not to mention stunned at the damage Washington had taken, Wash had a main gun turret destroyed, her FCS was out of commission, most of her AA weapons had been destroyed, her Air Search RADAR destroyed, her Surface Search RADAR heavily damaged, her secondary battery had been practically demolished, and her engines weren't sounding healthy. All told Battleship Washington took no-less than six hits and they had left her a mess. Cree figured that Washington's and Blue's only chance of survival was if she engaged the enemy fleet head-on.

"Wash! Cree isn't turning around! She isn't following us, she has turned toward the Abyssal Fleet." Blue yelled.

"What?" Washington asked incredulous.

After a brief argument it became clear that Cree wasn't going to stand down from what she was doing. She was dead set on what she wanted to do, she knew she was right. Washington was in no shape to escape, she had taken several major hits, and her command had been all but wiped out. With only Cruisers Cleveland and Augusta surviving, destroyers Blue, Fletcher, Stewart, and Robert H. Smith which had all been detached from their various units for this Op, plus the Battleship Washington. Considering that there had been five Heavy Cruisers, twelve light cruisers, and fifteen destroyers with eight Action-class Corvettes, under Washington's command, and now besides herself only seven ships had survived as the Tug Boat Navajo was now pulling Cleveland to safety while Augusta which despite the fact that she had been heavily damaged. She was pulling Fletcher and Allen M. Summer to safety, while Stewart escorted them. None of the Action-class Corvette girls had survived the battle, no more like massacre. Blue was escorting Washington, while the Cree went in to engage the enemy at close range.

They heard multiple guns discharging at once, the rattle of machine guns and autocannons. Shells were screaming in every direction, some Abyssal shells connected with other Abyssals and blew them to hell, while every now and again a yellow tracer would screech toward an Abyssal, that was were Cree was, her tracers contrasted sharply with blood red tracers that the Abyssals preferred. At least twelve Abyssal ships were sunk by their allies, before a large fireball erupted to life in the midst of Abyssal fleet. After that the Abyssals didn't fire again Cree was gone, but not before a sizable number of Abyssal ships had been sunk by a friendly fire.


As the video holo ended, Nagato stood in stunned silence. They hadn't been joking when the battle had been a massacre. Particularly considering the Abyssals for the most part got off scot free in terms of losses. Mainly because these losses could easily be replaced. However what was disconcerting was how much damage battleship Washington suffered and the fact that she was probably the most powerful Battleship girl the Americans had. Mainly because she was part of the North Carolina-class Battleship. Now she knew for sure she needed to send the two fleets she wanted to send, to the Bermuda Operating Area. However considering that South Atlantic was still crawling with Abyssals that meant they would have to arc up and go through the North West Passage through the southernmost route. Mainly because it was the quickest route of them all.

Nagato quickly went over in her mind what ships composed the Third Torpedo Squadron and the First Assault Fleet.

Third Torpedo Squadron is composed of the Light Cruisers Sendai Kai, Jintsu Kai, and Naka Kai Ni and the Destroyers Fubuki Kai Ni, Mutsuki Kai Ni, and Yuudachi Kai Ni.

The First Assault Fleet is composed of the Battleship Ise Kai Ni, heavy cruiser Choukai Kai, light cruiser Noshino Kai, and destroyers Yukikaze Kai, Teruzuki Kai, Murakumo Kai Ni.

Together those two fleets have enough firepower to flatten any Abyssal Task Force they might encounter. Besides I am sure that the Americans would be grateful for the extra flight deck. As well as the extra battleship.

Nagato then picked up the microphone, and took a deep breath before speaking.

"Attention, the following ships are to report to the Admiral's officer for transfer orders, effective immediately. Light Cruisers Sendai Kai, Jintsu Kai, Naka Kai Ni, Noshino Kai, Battleship Ise Kai Ni, Heavy Cruiser Choukai Kai, and destroyers Fubuki Kai Ni, Mutsuki Kai Ni, Yuudachi Kai Ni, Teruzuki Kai, and Murakumo Kai Ni. Again the following ships are to report to the Admiral's officer for transfer orders, effective immediately. Light Cruisers Sendai Kai, Jintsu Kai, Naka Kai Ni, Noshino Kai, Battleship Ise Kai Ni, Heavy Cruiser Choukai Kai, and destroyers Fubuki Kai Ni, Mutsuki Kai Ni, Yuudachi Kai Ni, Teruzuki Kai, and Murakumo Kai Ni. That is all." Nagato said.


Ten minutes later, the girls who had been ordered to the Admiral's office walked in, and delivered a sharp salute.

"Third Torpedo Squadron Light Cruiser Naka!"

"Third Torpedo Squadron Light Cruiser Jintsu!"

"Third Torpedo Squadron Light Cruiser Sendai!"

"Third Torpedo Squadron Destroyer Yuudachi, Poi!"

"Third Torpedo Squadron Destroyer Mutsuki!"

"Third Torpedo Squadron Destroyer Fubuki!"

"First Assault Fleet Aviation Battleship Ise!"

"First Assault Fleet Heavy Cruiser Choukai!"

"First Assault Fleet Light Cruiser Noshino!"

"First Assault Fleet Destroyer Yukikaze!"

"First Assault Fleet Destroyer Teruzuki!"

"First Assault Fleet Destroyer Murakumo!"

"Reporting as ordered!" They all chorused.

"Good to hear." Nagato said, she then to the surprise of the ship girls in front of her she took a deep breath. "Now then the reason you were summoned to the Admiral's office is because of the fact that the American Defense of the Island of Bermuda has suffered a major setback. A surface combat fleet was put together, it was way more powerful than even Battleship Division One which is composed of Yamato, Musashi, Maya, Furutaka, Kako, and Hayate. This Fleet engaged an Abyssal Task Force composed of one Battleship Symbiotic Hime, 7 Ta-class Battleships, 22 Ne-class Heavy Cruisers, 36 light cruisers, and 120 Destroyers. This fleet was composed of One North Carolina-class Battleship, five heavy cruisers of various classes, twelve light cruisers of various classes, fifteen destroyers of various classes, eight Action-class Corvettes, and two Navajo-class tug boats were in said fleet. When it was over, only the Battleship Washington, Light Cruiser Cleveland, Heavy Cruiser Augusta, destroyers Blue, Fletcher, Stewart, Robert H. Smith, and Tug Boat Navajo survived. The rest of the fleet was sunk none were captured. Here's the thing, there are mentions in the after action report, that these Abyssal ships were extremely well-armored to the point that an I-class tanked a salvo from Augusta. As a result, the Americans have been looking left right and center for ships to bolster their defenses. The British and the Germans are sending token forces and so are we. You're being transferred to the Atlantic Theater, indefinitely. The route you will be taking will send you up through the Northwest Passage. However first you will stop in Dutch Harbor Alaska. There you will take on an enough Fuel oil to get you halfway to the Atlantic, another set of ships will be accompanying you. These are ship girls, but they will be fleet replenishment vessels, their names are Pecos, Big Horn, and Appomattox, these girls their fuel bunkers will be filled to the brim with fuel. Don't worry about having to defend them, they have one 5in/38 caliber DP gun in a hand mount, and forming a belt around their waist is a set of AA guns, which is four twin mount 20mm AA guns and four twin mount 40mm Bofor AA guns, and four 3in/50 caliber guns DP guns." Nagato turned to the Admiral and then said "Is that everything?" The Admiral simply nodded.

"Right then, good luck!" Nagato said.

"Yes ma'am!" The ship girls of the token force replied in unison as they gave a sharp salute, which Nagato returned.


The fleet departed their first stop was going to be Vladivostok there they would top off there fuel bunkers as it was storm season in the Bering Sea, but it was also King Crab Season. Each Crab Boat had two ship girls assigned to it to protect the crab boats. Save for one the FV Time Bandit due to the fact that they had several AK-47s, an AR-15, and a small cannon onboard they could handle anything, plus several thousand tons of ship.

However Mother Nature throws a curveball every now and again. Which it did. A large storm came thundering out of Siberia and toward Vladivostok like a bat out of hell. Thus forcing the Japanese Fleet to turn toward the Bering Sea to avoid getting run over by this damn storm, but due to this storm they couldn't stop in Vladivostok where they would have some ballast added to help with stability in case they ran into a winter storm. However in Siberia storms have a nasty habit of appearing out of nowhere. That's what happened a powerful storm came rolling of the Siberian Coast and entered the Bering Sea. It was a little worse than your typical winter storm. With high end Category III hurricane force winds, and twenty to twenty five foot tall waves, with the occasional thirty footer. Plus the monster was big enough that it was going to cover the entirety of the Bering Sea.


Next time on Kantai Collection: The Bermuda Saga

*Deadliest Catch Narrator* 250 miles west of Dutch Harbor is the Time Bandit. *End Deadliest Catch Narrator* On board the Time Bandit Captain Andy Hillstrand was driving the boat through a hell of a storm. With ten to fifteen feet swells and hurricane force winds, it was no wonder that apart from the occasional marauding Abyssal Destroyer, that you almost never encountered the Abyssals in the Bering Sea, the Crab fishermen joked they couldn't handle a decent winter storm. However that's when the radio crackled. He wasn't sure who it was. It was too garbled to make out. Besides who would be out in a storm like this save for submarine girls and the crab boats? He had reasoned that with the bulk of the storm moving their way with winds projected to hit high end Category III Hurricane strength and waves as high as twenty to twenty five feet high with occasional thirty footer he reasoned it was best to give the crew a break. Besides they had reached their quota of King Crab, which apart from literally running an I-class over had happened without a hitch.

That's when the radio crackled again, this time the transmission came through loud and clear.

"Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is the JSDF Affiliated Destroyer Girl Fubuki! We are having trouble keeping our bows pointed into the oncoming waves! We're almost out of fuel! Someone please respond!" Fubuki yelled into her radio, but over the din of the storm it was barely audible. However if they had sailed all the way from Japan without topping off at Vladivostok, well what sort of idiot made that call. Thus Captain Hillstrand picked up the radio to reply.

"Destroyer Fubuki, this Captain Hillstrand of the FV Time Bandit state your current position. We're coming to pick you up." Hillstrand said.

It was part of an unwritten law among crab fishermen you hear a mayday call. You damn well do your best to help them.


A/N:So this is Chapter One of Kantai Collection: The Bermuda Saga. Don't worry this takes place in a different universe than the Iron Bottom Sound Saga. As for why the Abyssals aren't in the Bering Sea area. Well let's just say that just before Operation AL was supposed to kick off for real after the success of Operation MI. The Abyssal Princess there had her clock punched by a severe winter storm. With Hurricane Force winds in the Category III to possibly Category IV range, with Twenty to Twenty Five foot swells. Just your normal winter storm in the Bering Sea. Complete with snow and freezing rain. The force that was attached to the Dutch Harbor Princess was composed of a Wo-class Flagship Remodeled IV, three Ta-class Flagships, six elite Ne-class Heavy Cruisers, ten flagship Ri-class Heavy Cruisers, ten elite Tsu-class light Cruisers, eight Ho-class light cruisers, fifteen I-class Late Model Elite Destroyers, three Destroyer Demons, and a Light Cruiser Princess. Well the storm literally demolished the Land Base Princess and wiped the fleet out. Turns out the Abyssals knew Jack Shit when it comes to prepping for bad weather, particularly in the Bering Sea area.