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Fubuki struggled to keep herself upright as another twenty foot wall of water slammed into her like an icy sledge hammer. The group of Ship girls was struggling to even make forward way in this storm due to the fact they were almost out of fuel and thus was pitching and rolling like crazy and starving the boilers every now and again of fuel. The snow and the freezing rain wasn't helping matters.

Finally it got too much for Fubuki, she was almost completely out of fuel, that last wave hitting her had cracked one of her fuel bunkers and she was leaking fuel like crazy. She got on the radio and barked "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is the JSDF Affiliated Destroyer Girl Fubuki! We are having trouble keeping our bows pointed into the oncoming waves! We're almost out of fuel! Someone please respond!" Silence answered her, however Fubuki didn't give up hope. She yelled into the radio again as she crested over a wave "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is the JSDF Affiliated Destroyer Girl Fubuki! We are having trouble keeping our bows pointed into the oncoming waves! We're almost out of fuel! Someone please respond!"

To say that Fubuki was surprised when a gruff sounding male voice answered her was an understatement but she was grateful. "Destroyer Fubuki, this Captain Hillstrand of the FV Time Bandit state your current position. We're coming to pick you up."

Thank God Fubuki thought as she rattled off the coordinates. The response she got surprised her. "Alright, thanks Fubuki. ETA is twenty minutes, hang tight! Also who else is in your squadron or fleet? I need to know that information, I don't care what your mission is, just tell us how many of you girls there are. Over." Captain Hillstrand said.

"Roger that Captain, there is twelve of us. However I fear we might have gotten scattered in this storm, I have never seen waves so big, nor have I seen rain that freezes when it hits an outfit." Fubuki said.

"Damn, that complicates things considerably. I have been saying for a year now that Ship girls need to carry something similar to an EPIRB built into their outfits. However try your best to stay in your current location, we're coming right now to pick you up. See you in twenty. Over" Captain Hillstrand said.

"Roger that" Fubuki said.


*Deadliest Catch Narrator* Forty miles east from the Japanese Destroyer Girl Fubuki, is the Japanese Aviation Battleship Girl Ise*end Deadliest Catch Narrator*

Ise was struggling to keep steady and her bow pointed into the general direction from where the waves were coming from, however the freezing rain and the blowing snow wasn't helping matters. Right now she was cursing the fact that her Pagoda mast was hampering her the way it was, the freezing rain was making it very heavy, and thus putting her in danger of capsizing. She didn't need this. However since Ise was Kai Ni which she got just before this mission. It removed the majority of her turrets save for three as well as the aft Pagoda mast and a flight deck had then been given to her and mounted on her arm a flight deck about the size of those that the CVE girls in the USN used. She now also carried a small crossbow. Her small quiver that lashed to her back held only ten bolts. Since they need offensive firepower more she had seven B7A2 Grace Bolts each bolt turned into eight aircraft and she had three Shiden Kai bolts each bolt turned into eight planes.

But Ise was having trouble just going where she needed to go, which was toward Dutch Harbor. However every time she crested a way the propellers on her boots kept breeching out of water and thus 'ran away' she had thus been forced to lower her throttle setting just to prevent it from happening. However before she had figured out that it was happening, it had drawn the attention of some unwanted company. Mainly a pair of I-class destroyers. They broached the water and fired their 5in guns. Both of the shells came nowhere near the battleship girl. Hell the Abyssals after firing sixty shells and not hitting anything but water simply dove back into the depths.

Ise was now just focusing on getting to safety when suddenly a beam of light stabbed through the darkness and panned around, it went over her once before swinging back around and settling on her. Then her radio crackled. "Unidentified Ship Girl off our Port Bow, please identify yourself." A voice said deep yet commanding.

"This is the JSDF affiliated Aviation Battleship Girl Ise. To whom I am I speaking to?" Ise barked making sure she could be heard over the din of the storm.

"Well I be damned, this is Commander Mallory on the USCGC Munro. Hang tight Ise, it's pretty damn rough weather for even the ship girls to be in. You're the third Japanese Ship Girl we've picked up today." Mallory said.

"Thanks, Cmdr. Mallory." Ise said as the Munro, came in and using cargo net strung over the side, plus with all the lights, turned broadside on to the waves. While incredibly dangerous, it created a pocket of somewhat smooth water, allowing Ise to get close enough to clamber up the cargo net. Once she was on board, she was able to shed her rigging which was stored in the hanger that was on board. Then she was shown to a stateroom, she was surprised to find that Munro had also found in this nasty weather, the destroyer Yuudachi and the light cruiser Naka. Both had USGC mugs in their hands filled with a steaming hot liquid.

"Hey, Ise! It's good to see you!" Naka said cheerfully.

"The same to you." Ise said as sat down in a chair as well. "Also what's in the mugs?" she asked.

"Its Hot Chocolate, Poi!" Yuudachi said, as she took a sip.

"It's very good, I will give them that even though I have never had it before. But I have never been so cold before. I ran smack into a freezing rain band. I was pretty badly iced up when I stumbled across the Munro." Naka said.

Yuudachi nodded. "Due, to how bad the wind is blowing, plus with the waves and the freezing rain and snow. It's become a real pain to sail. Let alone maintain a formation, poi." Yuudachi added.

"In fact the Third Torpedo Squadron is scattered all over the place. This storm has driven us apart, we can't see anything and our RADARs are useless. Most of our fairies were chipping away ice, if I am right, Sendai, Jintsu, and hopefully Fubuki and Mutsuki are making their way toward St. Paul Island. Hopefully, they would be able to make it, and thus we can wait out the storm." Naka said.

"Let us hope so." Ise said as a servicewoman dressed in a USGC uniform walked in carry a tray of mugs and pot of coffee and a stainless steel pitcher that probably had more hot chocolate in it.


*Deadliest Catch Narrator*Thirty five miles east of the USGC Munro is the Destroyer Girls Yukikaze and Mutsuki.*End of the Deadliest Catch Narrator*

Mutsuki was trying her best not to turn broadside on to the waves. She hoped that Yuudachi and Fubuki, Sendai, Naka, and Jintsu were alright. She squinted into the freezing rain and snow, she could barely make out Yukikaze's outline, visibility was dreadful. The Turbine in her outfit suddenly gave a sputtering cough which didn't sound too good and then suddenly the boiler quit, as it was starved of fuel, she checked her fuel state and saw that her bunkers were empty, her heart promptly sank. No, no, no, no! Not now! I am dead without an engine. No engine means, forward momentum. No forward momentum means that I can't maintain steerage. Without Steerage I am at the mercy of the ocean. Mutsuki thought franticly.

Yet the Ocean Marches on, and so does the United States Coast Guard. To say Mutsuki was surprised when a beam of light stabbed to life in the storm and swept around before settling on her, was an understatement. Mutsuki put her hand up to shield her eyes from the beam of light.

Then a figure came into view, she was short about 4 feet eight inches tall, and appeared to be around eleven years old. She was wearing USCG Winter Dress Blue complete with a USGC Side Cap, stenciled in black and red onto the cap was the words USCGC SPENCER, she was also wearing a pair of grey gloves, with long sandy brown hair and stunning amethyst eyes. It was obvious she was ship girl. But what caught and held Mutsuki's attention was the gun turret that destroyers all used, it was calmly slung over her shoulder, and not in use, instead she was holding a powerful search light that was shaped like a Maglite flash light. On either side of the backpack funnel she was wearing was a pair of K-Guns, and two gun pits each containing one 20mm Mk20 gun mount or a double mount. Strung out behind her was a tow cable. Momentum revealed who was on the other end of said tow cable, it was Yukikaze who was shivering slightly from the storm.

"Mutsuki, it's so good to see you!" Yukikaze said in a high-pitched voice.

"Same to you, but who is this?" Mutsuki asked gesturing to the figure that had been towing Yukikaze.

"Oh, she is a USCGC Girl formally USCGC Spencer. Part of the Treasury-class of Cutters." Yukikaze said.

Spencer gave Yukikaze a bit of a hurt look before turning to Mutsuki. "As Yukikaze has just pointed out, I am USCGC Spencer. Now then I was dispatched by the Coast Guard station in Kodiak Alaska to go on SAR ops if needed. Although I am usually assigned to the Naval District that has been recently setup at St. Paul Island." Spencer said.

"Thanks, Spencer. I could use a tow. Because I am out of fuel and can't go anywhere. Think you can give me a tow?" Mutsuki said, as she tried vainly to keep herself pointed toward the oncoming waves.

"No problem. Alright after this, next stop is St. Paul Island." Spencer said.

Turns out they were about twenty miles away from said island. But it was a pain in the ass to get their as they had to go against the wind and waves in order to make it to St. Paul Island.

*Deadliest Catch Narrator*At St. Paul Island the Heavy Cruiser Girl Choukai with the Light Cruiser Girls Sendai and Jintsu were pulling in.*end Deadliest Catch Narrator*

To say that Choukai, Sendai, and Jintsu were grateful to reach a harbor that shielded them from the storm was a massive understatement. Yet they were even more surprised to see that this island was inhabited as lights blazed along the coast. Particularly around one side of the harbor, where suddenly two figures raced out toward them despite the mildly choppy water at nearly 25 knots. Only one thing could move that quick yet be so small. American John C. Butler-class Destroyer Escorts.

Choukai visibly shuddered at the appearance of that DE class. A member of said class had caused her a large amount of pain in her previous life. However she ignored it. The six DEs approached rapidly, but then again they had entered the harbor unannounced.

However when the figures stopped in front. They noticed with a shock, that they were looking at an American Four-Piper Destroyer, and an Omaha-class Scout Cruiser also a 'Four-piper'.

The first one way about 4 feet five inches tall, and had ginger brown hair, and blue eyes. Her Backpack arrangement had four small funnels in her hand was a small 5in gun mounted in a splinter shield, she had two triple torpedo tubes mounted on her lower legs. On either side of her funnels she had two gun pits containing M3 Browning .50 Caliber HMGs for AA defense.

The other one was slightly taller at 5 feet nothing. Her outfit was similar to the Destroyer but she only had one stack. However she had on her forearm no less than three twin gun turrets each containing a pair of 6in guns. Plus two triple torpedo tubes one per leg. On either side of her stack on her back pack containing her funnel and SC-4 RADAR mast was several gun pits four in fact. One on each side had a 40mm Bofor gun in a single mount the rest were 20mm MK20 gun mounts or double gun mounts.

"Alright! State who you are and what your business is!" The destroyer barked at them angrily although granted, she probably wasn't happy in the slightest that she had to be out in this weather.

"Jeez, calm down Brooks. I know you don't want to be out here in this weather as much as I do. However, these three look like they have been freezing their tails off." The light cruiser tried to placate.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP OMAHA! The admiral told us to see who these intruders are, but they couldn't send a security team to do it instead of us!" The destroyer now known as Brooks all but yelled at the Light Cruiser now known as Omaha.

Omaha sighed, deeply. "Just ignore her. She doesn't like cold weather that much. Besides what are your names?" Omaha asked.

"I am the JSDF affiliated Heavy Cruiser Choukai, the two light cruisers that are with me are Sendai and Jintsu. Were just looking for a place to wait out the storm before we head to Dutch Harbor." Choukai said.

"Alright, thanks for clearing that up." Omaha said.

Omaha then radioed in who they were to the Admiral.

Choukai heard a response "Good to hear, Omaha. Bring them in, we can give me a place to stay for a while, we have the room to spare. Also Spencer found a few more Japanese Ship Girls but these where almost out of fuel."

"Roger that" Omaha said.

"Okay, follow us. Our Naval District is small. We only have like enough space for twenty ship girls on base at a time. So it will be crowded." Omaha said.

"Wow, that small?" Choukai said.

"Yeah that small, my friend." Omaha said with a chuckle.


*Deadliest Catch Narrator* fifty miles south of St. Paul Island is the Destroyer Girl Murakumo*End Deadliest Catch Narrator*

Murakumo had never been so cold before. She was shivering, trying to keep warm. A wave had hit her broadside on ten minutes ago and had rolled her. She had only eight minutes ago had managed get herself back upright, and now had her communications fairy broadcasting a mayday call on all open frequencies.

Another wave slammed into her like an icy sledge hammer. Sending her toppling backward, yet she nor any of her fairies heard the sound of water entering the stack, thus when she scrambled back to her feet. The ice cold water entered the hot boiler and caused the whole thing exploded with a thunderclap boom that was heard even over the din of the storm. The explosion was large enough that it bloomed to life on the RADAR of the FV Northwestern.

"Christ" Captain Sig Hassen said as he without thinking turned the boat toward the location of the explosion that had blossomed to life on his RADAR.

Murakumo was in a daze. The entirety of her backpack section of her outfit had exploded, sending debris everywhere. She didn't have any power capability. She barely saw the beam of light stab through the air, the beam swept over her twice before it settled on her.

"Crap" Hassen said seeing the mess of a ship girl that they had to rescue.

"Raymond! John C. Butler, get your asses in the drink right now! We have a Japanese Ship girl to rescue looks like she suffered a boiler explosion." Hassen yelled into the ship wide com.

The destroyer escorts Raymond and John C. Butler groaned as one, they hated having to do a mission in bad weather. However, while Captain Sig Hassen wasn't their admiral, they did respect him. Still, they did hate going into the water, in the middle of a winter storm. It always made life a pain in the ass. But they had to do it. Thus the two DEs ran to where their outfits were stored, and had them on in about a minute flat. Mainly because their outfits were dirt simple, a simple backpack funnel, which contained their RADAR and SONAR plus allowed them in calm seas to travel at 24 knots on the surface of the water. They then grabbed their single triple torpedo launcher and strapped it to one of their thighs. They didn't grab their 5in/38 Caliber DP gun, because they didn't need it, not in this weather anyways.

Then they ran onto the pitching deck. Then leaped over the rail and into the water with a splash. Then they followed the light beam to where the destroyer was. John C. Butler's heart sank, when she saw her. It was a Japanese Destroyer Girl to be sure, a member of the Fubuki-class. However the backpack assembly of her outfit had exploded, most likely when a wave had knocked her sideways allowing the icy cold water to enter the stack and then funnel down into a boiler.

"Captain we have a problem. It's a Japanese Destroyer Girl, however she has suffered a boiler explosion, and it's a real mess. She needs medical attention ASAP." Raymond said.

"Damn okay, roger that. I just got off the horn with the Coast Guard. Due to how bad this storm is, the Helicopters aren't flying, believe me they want to send a Helo out to pick her up. However everything is grounded because of the storm. They won't be able to get a Helo out here until it blows over." Hassen said.

"Aw damn." John C. Butler said summing up the situation in a very good nutshell.

"Exactly, just get her to the Northwestern. Once you are aboard I am turning us toward Dutch Harbor." Captain Hassen said.


Murakumo was vaguely aware of being picked up and being carried toward something. Ever since her boiler had exploded, she wasn't aware of much other than pain. Someone removed the mess that had been her outfit carefully. She was then put down on a bed and secured to said bed with a couple of belts, probably to make sure she didn't fall out of said bed. She could also hear faint voices, but what were they talking about?

"How is she doing?" Captain Hassen asked Raymond, as he walked into the stateroom that they were using as an impromptu sick bay, Raymond also had basic medical skills.

"Not too well, Captain. She must have rolled at some point then managed to right herself. How her boiler didn't explode then I have no idea. But she is borderline Hypothermic, she needs to get to a dry dock or hospital preferably both soon. Else we might lose her. What kind of idiot sends a ship girl into the Bering Sea in the winter in the middle of a storm without her wearing a survival suit?" Raymond said.

"I have no idea, we might get a helo out here if we say we got a medical emergency onboard." Hassen said.

"I don't know sir. We are most likely out of range for a helo. I'd recommend we turn toward Dutch Harbor and make best possible speed for that place." Raymond said.

"Alright, then that settles it. Thanks for your input Raymond. We're going to be heading back to Dutch Harbor." Captain Hassen replied.

"Thank you sir, for seeing this from a medical perspective." Raymond said.


*Deadliest Catch Narrator*At the Time Bandit*End Deadliest Catch Narrator*

Fubuki could see the illuminated outline of the FV Time Bandit. She could see figures on the ship's deck running around. Then her radio crackled. "Alright Fubuki, here's what's going to happen. The deck hands are going to throw a line with a grappling hook, that way if you can't catch the line, the thing might be able to snag your outfit. After that were going to pull you in similarly to the way we do for a crab pot."Hillstrand said.

"Okay" Fubuki replied nervously.

"Fubuki calm down about this. The deck hands on board the Time Bandit throw lines that have grappling hooks at the end for a living trying to snare a rope that has a small floater attached to it, which in term has a line that runs down to the crab pot this is so we can bring in the crab pots. I understand you're a little nervous, but don't worry. When the Abyssals showed up, my livelihood was in the toilet. So I am grateful to be back on the water and doing my job. Trust me on this Fubuki." Hillstrand said.

"Thanks, Captain" Fubuki said a little relived.

Although someone forgot to tell her that the guys who were on the Time Bandit knew how to a fast one that's for sure. Fubuki yelped in surprise when the glint of metal came hurtling at her. However the throw had been a bad one at that. Thus landed nowhere near her.

The second attempt was right on the money. Somehow Fubuki managed catch it. The line suddenly went taut and pulled her in towards the boat. When she was right up to the side, she had to hang on to make sure that she wasn't smashed against the side of the boat. However they were good at it. Fubuki felt a pair of powerful hands grab her by the shoulders and heaved her onto the deck, and then quickly guided her inside. It was fairly warm, and she was shown to a stateroom where after she was told to sit on the bed, and was then given a basic medical examination. Mainly taking temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, etc. She was certainly surprised when the deckhand who had given her the medical examination after he was done walked out, muttering something along the lines of "How in the hell does she not have Hypothermia?"

What is Hypothermia? Fubuki thought as she sat down in the bed. She noted idly that there were seatbelts at certain points on the bed. Fubuki was wondering why that was the case, then remembered the storm that was outside, she figured probably to make sure one doesn't fall flat on their face during a storm while sleeping.

That's when Captain Hillstrand walked in. He reminded Fubuki a lot about how her Admiral looked like back home.

"So, you're Fubuki." He mused.

"Yes, sir. I am" Fubuki replied.

"Alright, good to hear. However, I do have a question for you. Even though you were out in this weather judging by the damage on your outfit for at least a day and half. You don't have Hypothermia at all. Now if you had been a regular human, I can tell you right now that you'd be dead. Yet for some reason you aren't. Maybe it has to do with what your name means in English." Captain Hillstrand said.

"Sir, my name in English means 'Blizzard' so why do you think that my name has something to do with a resistance to cold weather?" Fubuki stated.

"To be frank. I think that since your name means 'Blizzard' you have a very high tolerance for cold weather. Something I know for a fact a lot of crab fishermen would like to have." Hillstrand said with a dry simile.


Three days later the storm finally blew over. USGC girl Spencer had led Yukikaze and Mutsuki to the safety of St. Paul Island, shortly after she had arrived the American Coast Guard Cutter Munro pulled into dock and unloaded the ship girls she had picked up, same with the Time Bandit. Then they received news that Murakumo was in critical condition at a hospital in Anchorage Alaska with Hypothermia and steam burns, thanks to the weather and her boiler exploding. However now the First Assault Fleet was down a ship girl worse they didn't have anyone who could get to them in time.

However the USN was willing to make up for the loss due to medical reasons of one the destroyers by assigning a Temptress-class corvette girl to the group. Her name was Fury, formally USS Fury PG-69. She had short messy brown hair, grey eyes. Plus she wore a WWII American Tanker jacket over an army green shirt. She wore black jeans as well. She stood at around 4 feet 3 inches tall. Plus she almost always had a cigar in her mouth. And she appeared to be around eight or nine years old.

The ship girls who were at St. Paul Island where herded aboard a V-22 Osprey which took them Dutch Harbor.


"Where the hell are they?" The Tanker Girl Pecos growled. Pecos was fairly tall for ship girl approaching 6 feet 3 inches tall, she was broad shouldered and appeared to be around 21 years old. She had silk white hair, brown eyes, and an impressive salt and pepper mustache. She wore a simple uniform. Long khaki pants, with a leather belt around her waist, while her top was composed of a NWU top and over it was a Sweater Vest. Complete with a fore and aft cap.

"Calm down, Pecos. Remember they are flying in a V-22 Osprey from St. Paul Island, thus it will take time for them to get here." Big Horn said. Big Horn was dressed similarly to how a solider at the Battle of Little Big Horn would have been. Complete with a Colt Single Action Army Revolver. She was slightly shorter than Pecos standing at about 5 feet 11 inches tall. She had black hair and intelligent Turquoise eyes. She appeared to be around 19 years old.

"She's right you know." The third tanker girl said who was waiting for their escort to arrive. Her name was Appomattox. Appomattox was wearing NWUs, with a fore and aft cap perched on her head. She had intelligent green eyes and blue black hair with blonde highlights. She appeared to be around 20 years old and stood at 6 foot even.

"Still, you have to be asking. Why are we going to be escorted by the Nips?" Pecos said.

"Okay, first off Pecos if I hear you say 'Nips' again. I will personally slug you as hard as I can in the gut." Appomattox said.

"Can you two please cut it out? While I do agree with Appomattox. The war is over Pecos, you will have to let that go. Besides they are counting on us to get all the way to the Atlantic through the Northwest Passage. Plus none of them have ever been through that Passage before. We have, thus we know the way." Big Horn interjected.

Pecos grumbled but she did shut up. Finally some peace and quiet. Big Horn thought.

"There they are!" Appomattox said pointing at the rapidly approaching form of a V-22C Osprey.


The V-22C Osprey was unlike anything the Japanese Ship Girls had ever seen before. Sure they had seen airplanes and helicopters. While none had ever been in one save the occasional puddle jumper between Naval Districts for when they got transferred between Naval Districts in the home islands. However the Osprey made both the Helicopters and Airplanes they had seen look pretty obsolete. Because it had the abilities of a helicopter in the fact that it could take off and land like one, but after it took off, its engines moved from a vertical position to a horizontal position. Allowing it to reach speeds that a helicopter couldn't even hope to achieve.

The trip had also included to the amazement of the Japanese Ship Girls a mid-air refueling so that way, due all the weight they were carrying, the Osprey didn't have the range to make it. Thus the midair refueling had allowed that to happen.

The Osprey when it arrived at Dutch Harbor positioned itself near the docks and came in for a landing.


One thing the Japanese Ship Girls noted about Dutch Harbor was that it was quaint. Just a few piers, a small town connected to the place. If one looked toward the entrance you could see where the Abyssal Princess who had stood overlooking the entrance to the harbor. That area had been thoroughly demolished recently by a storm. Only one ship that was part of the Crab fishing fleet was in harbor, offloading her holds of crab that was the ship that had brought a badly wounded Murakumo to Dutch Harbor were she had then been taken via plane to Anchorage Alaska. That ship was FV Northwestern.

"I guess it's time to meet the oilers that we are going to escorting." Ise said.

"Right" Everyone said. With Yuudachi adding her signature "poi" at the end.


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