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For those who don't know after WWII the Japanese Destroyer Yukikaze served side by side with American Destroyer USS Benson as they were both given to China, thus Yukikaze is very close to Benson.


Walking through the hallway of a memorial was a young girl. She was dressed in black and holding a clutch of flowers. Her name was the destroyer girl Fubuki. She walked with a noticeable limp, as well as a perceptible sadness in her eyes. She was one of the heroes from the Iron Bottom Sound Operation, at least one of the heroes who survived. That battle had seen not only the almost complete and utter destruction of the Third Torpedo Squadron. It had also seen the 5th Carrier Division lose a member while the 1st and 2nd both took extremely heavy damage. It had also seen the end of numerous cruisers and destroyers from both the Japanese and American Ship girl programs.

She will never forget seeing the look on Yuudachi's face when she had acted as a decoy to draw off Abyssal Heavy Dreadnoughts after the Third Torpedo Squadron had been hammered by Abyssal Heavy Bombers whose attack had severely damaged Fubuki and Naka, crippled Mutsuki, lightly damaged Yuudachi, moderately damaged Sendai, and sent Jintsu to the bottom. Then when the Third Torpedo Squad was trying to evac from the area, they were mistaken for the enemy by no-less than fifteen American TBF/TBM Avenger Torpedo Planes. By the time the pilots had realized their mistake they had already dropped their fish and could only watch helplessly as the Mk XIII air dropped torpedoes knifed through the water and then impacted and sank Mutsuki and Sendai. Crippled Fubuki, and forced them to scuttle Naka.

However Fubuki also knew that the Americans still held hope for Yuudachi as she was listed MIA or Missing in Action, which Fubuki hated because she knew she was gone. However she would never forget the joy that Kongou Sisters had felt when an American Patrol Boat had found a battered and badly injured Kirshima even though the Japanese Ship Girl Program had listed her as KIA shortly after the Operation. It had been a sheer stroke of luck that the new American Patrol Boat Valiant and her crew decided to make a sweep of the area around an island known as Plum Pudding Island. They had found Kirshima alive somehow against all odds, the destroyer Benson laying not too far from her, obviously having rescued her and bringing her to that island. While the Destroyer Yukikaze had signaled them with a shard of a mirror, she was distraught at something Benson had done. However it was a sad thing to note that in saving Kirshima, Benson just to make sure that she survived had given up her life and had imbued Kirshima her with remaining strength and her spirit to keep her alive.

As a result Kirshima now had some attributes that Benson had. Mainly that her bangs were now sandy blonde instead of dark grey as well as on her right shoulder of her uniform she had patch that was the patch for the American Ship girl Program with some modifications, said patch had an Anchor while behind it there were two M1 Garand Rifles angled so that the bayonets at the end crossed, but one of the Rifles was replaced by a Katana Sword, and behind all of that was a Japanese Imperial Navy Flag. However Yukikaze had begged for Benson not to sacrifice herself to save Kirshima because she didn't want to have to say goodbye again. But Benson knew what had to be done and had told Yukikaze that she would watch over her from the after-life. That had calmed Yukikaze down, along with a reassuring hug.

Fubuki had finally reached her destination at the memorial. The location where her Squadron mates names were. She put the flowers at the base of that section then knelt down in prayer.

After she had finished she stood and was about to leave when she saw someone else at the Memorial the portion where the Aircraft Carrier names were. The person standing there was an American, Fubuki could tell because she was dressed in NWUs and the fact she had a ship ball cap perched on her head, not to mention on the shoulder that was facing Fubuki was an American Flag.

Fubuki quickly went over the grim tally in her head once more. 3 Battleships sunk, 1 Fleet Carriers sunk, 2 Escort Carriers sunk, 10 Heavy Cruisers sunk, 12 Light Cruisers sunk, as well as twenty destroyers sunk, plus two submarines sunk, that they knew of as of right now, that didn't include all the ship girls who had suffered damage or had suffered so much damage they had to be scrapped, not to mention the ones who were missing. However the losses had been worth it. Despite those losses they had managed to open a channel in the Abyssal defense network and allowed six C-130J Super Hercules Transports to come in and drop MOABs onto the HQ for the Abyssals, wiping it off the face of the Earth in a tremendous explosion that light up the sky.

Fubuki decided to greet the other girl. What was going to ensue was an adventure that Fubuki would never forget.


The Carrier Girl Enterprise sighed as she looked at the names Wasp, Hornet, Saratoga, and Shoukaku. It had been the Admiral in charge of the Operation that had left the carriers defenseless, when it appeared the surface fleet was on the verge of being routed he had ordered the Carrier escorts to throw themselves into fray. As a result it had bitten them in the ass, when a force of heavy cruisers, led by a Ta-class battleship managed to sneak by the main fight and raised hell among the carrier girls. Plus they fought with brutal efficiency and with no quarter, she had watched as one heavy cruiser ignored Wasp's attempt to surrender, even though she had her hands up in surrender because she knew she wouldn't have been able to outrun a force led by a Ta-class an enemy heavy cruiser however just saw that as a free kill. She had watched helplessly as the Ri-class had after a brief struggle overpowered Wasp forced her to her knees and then planted a 8in HE shell into the back of her head, the result hadn't been pretty. Saratoga had probably saved them all, she had closed with the enemy her Navy Cutlass Pattern 1941 being put to work, and she had managed to save her life as well as a mauled first and second carrier divisions, before she had been overpowered and killed, but not before she managed to kill the Ta-class with a sword, as well as three Ri-class Heavy Cruisers. As far as Enterprise knew, Kaga, Akagi, Souryu, and Hiyru felt like they owed their lives to her in a life debt but it was debt they would never be able repay. The reason Saratoga's actions had probably saved them was that it bought time for a Batdivi to come back save their sorry asses.

Of course then there was that air raid after the battle, they were clear and out of the battle space, but an Abyssal Airfield Princess had something to say about that.


October 26th 2019 (In case you're wondering, that day was a part of the Battle of Santa Cruz)

Fifty miles from the Santa Cruz Islands

"Come on Shoukaku, hang in there we are almost out of the battle area." Zuikaku told her sister, as the 5th Carrier Division moved together, both members were moderately damaged along with a Moderately Damaged Enterprise, an moderately Hornet, plus the severely damaged 1st and 2nd Carrier divisions which were under tow by tug boat girls Navajo, Chippewa, Apache, and Sioux respectively. Naturally the girls of the 1st and 2nd Carrier Divisions weren't that happy but grateful for the tow.

The plan was they were to meet up with the USS Tarawa which was to take them to Sydney Australia there they would then get on to a FRED which would take them to Japan where the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Carrier divisions would get off, while Enterprise and Hornet would stay on the thing till it arrived at Pearl Harbor Hawaii same with the respective escorts.

However that's when trouble started, the Battleship girl West Virginia detected it first. "Uh oh, here comes trouble. Abyssal air raid in bound, composition is 75 aircraft: 30 fighters and 45 bombers, designate Raid 1. I'd recommend that we launch fighters and get a move on." West Virginia said. Battleship girl West Virginia wore during combat Ops NWUs, however hers had a dazzle camo scheme on it, she had wavy blonde and blue eyes.

"Roger that, come on Hornet let's launch some fighters." Enterprise told her younger sister. Hornet was wearing NWUs for the combat ops but she usually wore summer whites it was just SOP for the Americans. Hornet had a pair of lucid brown eyes, and black hair that was tied up in a braid and ran a quarter of the way down her back, and a mild skin complexion, while her sister Enterprise had a pair of startling grey eyes, with sandy blonde hair that was cropped short, and a fair tan when she wasn't doing combat Ops she usually either wore summer whites or service dress grey.

"Right boss, come on Shoukaku and Zuikaku we could use some help." Hornet called. Together the four carrier girls raised their bows and compound crossbows and let the arrows fly. The arrows which turned into 16 A6M2 Zero Fighters and 12 FM-2 Wildcats and 12 F4U Corsairs. After giving the planes directions they flew off engines thundering to engage the enemy. However it had been a clever ruse thankfully Hornet had then launched another 12 FM-2 Wildcats. Then the Cruiser Atlanta detected the real air raid, plus the planes had just disappeared over the horizon at WEP to engage the enemy.

"Holy crap! Large force of enemy planes detected! Composition 150 light bombers and 50 heavy fighters! Designate raid 2! Where the hell did that come from? Range twenty miles closing fast! All units prepare for AA combat!" She called out. Atlanta like the rest of her American comrades was wearing NWUs however when she wasn't on a combat op she usually wore khaki pants and a white starched button up shirt. She had amber colored eyes and brown hair.

"WHAT!?" Enterprise barked incredulous. She was about to order her fighters to turn around and come back to cover the fleet just as the radio went haywire as the fighter attacked the force Abyssal planes known as raid one.

Hornet was quick on the draw thankfully. She ordered her fighters tersely to go after the Abyssal air raid that was now fifteen miles away. Meanwhile the ship girls prepared themselves for AA combat. Bringing AA RADARs online, orienting their AA guns toward the location where the enemy planes were coming from, beginning to pull some basic maneuvers, and in the case of tugs getting ready to detach their tow cables in case it was needed.

The FM-2 Wildcats came in and dove on their opponents taking this much larger Abyssal air raid by surprise and in their first pass spooked the heavy fighters so much that they went into a dive to the deck. However then the FM-2 Wildcat drivers discovered that the Abyssal light bombers were like porcupines in terms of being able to defend themselves. Thus they were able to keep the fighters at bay. The enemy bombers were now two minutes out from being at the edge of max range for the 5in/38 caliber naval guns and 10cm 'Long Barrel' naval guns.

Atlanta was in her element, she could tell everyone was waiting for her to give the command to open fire with flak rounds. Then her AAFCS got a solution. "NOW! All units commence AA fire!" She barked pointing her ever trusty riding whip toward the enemy. The thunderous roar of guns was incredible as the 5in guns opened fire sending shells down range that exploded in black puffs of smoke, the black puffs looked harmless, but each puff of smoke was the center of a storm of shrapnel. The Abyssal light bombers fell from the sky quickly but there was just too many of them. Soon the rattling booms of the 40mm Bofor AA guns joined the noise of 5in/38 caliber and 10cm 'Long Barrel' guns firing, throwing up even more steel for the Abyssal planes to fly through. However it still wasn't enough and soon the rapid firing chatter of the 20mm and 25mm AA guns joined the fray. The sky was being filled with tracers and flak bursts.

However then the Abyssal planes lined up their targets and dove. Braving a hail of bullets as they hurtled toward their targets. Enterprise saw what was about to happen too the girls of the 5th and yelled. "SHOUKAKU ZUIKAKU SEPARATE NOW!" Shoukaku let go of Zuikaku and began an evasion drill that even Enterprise's own bombing squadron 6 would have trouble hitting her. The Shoukaku sisters were firing as much AA as they could. Three bombers got through and angled for Shoukaku, several bangs as well as rapid-fire chatter joined in as the 3in/25 caliber DP guns and Old Faithful aka the M2 Browning in dual mounts on the tugs were finally able to join fray. The sudden appearance of more flak bursts as well as streams of tracers threw the aim of the first two light bombers off just enough that when they dropped their payloads of one 1,500lb bomb and two 250lb bombs they missed but absolutely drenched Shoukaku. The last bomber on the other hand took a direct hit from one of the 3in/25 DP guns and was set afire and lost the ability to dump its payload. So instead it plummeted toward Shoukaku at nearly 350 miles per hour. She tried franticly to dodge the Abyssal bomber that was going to go kamikaze on her. But to no avail. The Abyssal light bomber slammed into Shoukaku and exploded. Shoukaku screamed in pain as she toppled backwards afire the flames quickly reached a magazine and thunderclap boom rocked the area when the fire and smoke from the blast cleared away Shoukaku was gone. Zuikaku's wail of anguish made Enterprise wince in sympathy.

Enterprise barely managed to dodge two attackers that had dropped their payloads then she saw that she was going to take a hit from a third in a knee-jerk reaction she put her flight deck shield up, which was attached to her right arm, there was a dull thud as a trio of Abyssal bombs slammed into the thing but none of them exploded. "Well I'd be damn the bombs that hit me were duds." Enterprise muttered before opening fire again with her left forearm mounted 5in/38 caliber gun. Enterprise watched in horror as a pair of Abyssal bombers came in still lugging their loads and were on fire to boot came hurtling toward her it seemed with the intention to go kamikaze. When suddenly a burst of tracers shot across their noses as one of Hornet's FM-2 Wildcats made a pass. The two bombers adjusted their course slightly as they were startled by the tracers and went screaming over Enterprise's head missing her by scant inches. Then a massive explosion erupted behind her the shockwave throwing her onto her face. When she got back to her feet she looked around and her heart sank. Hornet was gone, she was dead and in a better place. The radio exploded into noise as the pilots of Hornet's FM-2 Wildcats got mad as all hell, as they heard there carrier go off the air. In a show of flying that put even the crack fighters of the 1st and 2nd Carrier divisions as well Enterprise's Fighting Squadrons 6 and 10 to shame the FM-2s that were in the air literally swept the skies clear of Abyssal planes and even then they were still made as hell.

The total had been grim, the attack had left West Virginia a wallowing mess in terms of her outfit. Plus the Carriers Shoukaku and Hornet were sunk as were four destroyers and a cruiser. It didn't help that the FM-2 Wildcats from Hornet began to line up any available flight deck they could find to land. Most landed on Enterprise but a few landed on Zuikaku and one even came in for a landing on Kaga. Plus the pilots of said Wildcat fighters were mad as hell. However it was understandable, but Enterprise couldn't believe it, because in just twenty short minutes, two carriers had been sunk, as had four destroyers and a light cruiser, plus the raid had turned the three battleships in the fleet into floating wrecks. Had this operation really been worth all the lives that had been lost?

End Flashback


Enterprise was about to walk out when she heard a voice speak from behind her. "Um excuse me?" Enterprise turned around and was a bit surprised to see a Japanese Tin Can standing in front of her.

"Hello, there. Which destroyer are you? For some reason I am really good with American Destroyers, but not so much with the Japanese Tin Cans." Enterprise said.

"My name is Fubuki, I was a member of the Third Torpedo Squadron but now I am on leave and wondering if I am going to be scrapped." Fubuki said as she introduced herself.

Enterprise winced inwardly she remembered the friendly fire incident that involved the Third Torpedo Squadron quite vividly. Even though the TBF/TBM Avenger Torpedo Planes weren't from her air wing they had been escorted by fighters from her air wing. "I am Enterprise, also ouch I heard about that friendly fire incident. I hate to tell you this but you may not know it. But we lost four fleet carriers in the Iron Bottom Sound Op. plus the Carrier, Battleship, cruiser, and destroyer losses were brutal and you don't even want to know about how many ships are missing in action." Enterprise said with sympathy in her voice.

"What? No way! The only loss I heard about was Shoukaku. Who else did we lose?" Fubuki said stunned.

"We lost Saratoga CV-3, Wasp CV-7, and Hornet CV-8, I also heard that we lost Hiyou Kai, and Ryuujou Kai Ni both escort carriers. That doesn't even account for the aviation cruiser and battleships we lost. Plus I know for a fact that one of the battleships we lost was Mutsu, we also lost the Battleships: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Plus we lost the Aviation Battleships Ise, and Fuso, Aviation Cruisers Mogami, and Kumano. Heavy Cruisers Quincy, Myoukou, Chicago, Astoria, Maya, Newport News, Kako Kai, Aoba, San Francisco, and Boston. Light Cruisers Naka Kai Ni, Sendai Kai, Jintsu Kai, Reno, Omaha, Denver, Cleveland, Yura Kai, Isuzu Kai, Helena, Boise, and Flint. Destroyers Benson, Mutsuki, Arashi, Inazuma, Umikaze, Dale, Hull, Dewey, Little, John Hood, Laffey (I), Hobby, Akizuki Kai, Asashio Kai, Wakba Kai, Nowaki Kai, and literally the entirety of Desron 56, plus Desron 9, as well as the flush deckers Dallas, and Du Pont. The losses were murderous among the destroyers. Plus we lost the submarines I-8, Narwhal, Sargo, I-52, and Gato." Enterprise said, she looked like she wanted to hit something. The losses were way higher among the carriers, battleships, destroyers and submarines than Fubuki had been told.

"That's horrible" Fubuki whispered.

"Tell me about it, you don't even want to see how long the list is for those who are MIA, I have the damn thing is about as long as my arm. To put it in words, let's just say among the missing is the entirety of DesRon 21, DesRon 29, plus at least three destroyers from DesRon 47, plus several CVEs and DEs. Several Heavy, Light, and Aviation Cruisers. A member from the Third Torpedo Squadron, plus four battleships, and three submarines. I don't even want to go in depth, however there are some damn good ships on that list. I don't want to give up hope that they are gone. Because if there is one thing that's worse than being listed as KIA, it's being listed as KIA body not recovered." Enterprise said angrily.

"I wasn't in the middle of it. I heard that the Nagato Sisters, the Kongou Sisters, Fuso, Yamashiro, Ise, Hyuuga, plus a large number of Cruisers and destroyers, were though. Some stories of bravery we will never know about, and there are some stories about the absolute horror of that battle as well." Fubuki said.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact Fubuki. To tell you the truth. I was just coming here just asking for my fallen sisters in arms to watch over me and a task group that Admiral Shane has ordered me to put together." Enterprise said.

"Admiral Shane as in Admiral Terrance Shane?" Fubuki asked.

"The same" Enterprise replied.

"What's the task group for? What is its mission going to be?" Fubuki asked curiously.

Enterprise grinned. "The objective of this task group is to locate any Abyssal Prison Camps in the area, preform rescue operations get all the prisoners out of those places and then mark the place so B-52s can come in and then bomb it to hell. Also while our orders don't explicitly say so, we are going to be keeping an eye out for survivors from the Iron Bottom Sound Operation as well as any Abyssal Stragglers from said battle." Enterprise said.

"I would love to join you, so I can help find my friend Yuudachi, but I am probably never going to be able set sail again." Fubuki said sadly.

"Fubuki, I will try my best to get you off the inactive list. No promises but I will see what we can do." Enterprise said.


A ship girl roughly the size of a light cruiser, was sitting on the cot in her cell in this Abyssal Prison Camp. She had messy hair, a hair clip and a white scarf on. She was the destroyer girl Yuudachi. She had been captured after engaging a force of no less than six Battleship Water Demons with an escort force of two Light Cruiser Demons and four Destroyer Princesses, in order to buy time for her comrades in the battered Third Torpedo Squadron to escape.

However she hadn't gone down without a fight, she was captured after one hell of a brawl where she lived up to her nickname 'Nightmare of the Solomon' and she did so in a big way. She sent two Destroyer Princesses, a Light Cruiser Demon, and five of the Battleship Water Demons to the bottom in crazy as duel to the finish. She also kicked the literal shit out of the other Light Cruiser Demon, the remaining two Destroyer Princesses, and the last Battleship Water Demon.

However Yuudachi knew in her heart she was most likely scheduled to be terminated. How she was going to be terminated she didn't know, nor did she know when she was going to be terminated. However she had to comfort a four-stacker destroyer girl who was currently crying her eyes out. Her name was Pope. Pope had her entire command decimated by the Abyssals. Worse the bastards executed her best friend Peary right in front of her eyes, and as a result it had emotionally crushed her. Yuudachi had witnessed the whole thing. She had watched as Pope had struggled to prevent a Ri-class Heavy Cruiser from taking Peary away to execute her. However the four-stacker had been easily overpowered by the large heavy cruiser which had then had two Ne-class Heavy Cruisers beat the shit out of her. The two Ne-class Heavy Cruisers then had restrained Pope and had forced her to watch as the Ri-class had with little effort crushed Peary's neck into powder. She would never forget Pope's cry of "PEARYYYYY!" as the sound of bones being crushed resounded through the courtyard. Naturally the POWs were horrified that the Abyssals had decided to kill one of the weakest ship girls in the camp.

At the moment Pope was curled up into ball crying like no tomorrow as she lay in Yuudachi's lap. Yuudachi's cell was right on the coast. She would never forget the moment when she heard a voice say. "Yuudachi, you in there?" She had thought she had seen the last of the brave destroyer USS Walker DD-163 and her friend USS Mahan DD-102 when she had been captured and forced into a convoy with other girls who had been captured from the Iron Bottom Sound Operation.

While they were enroute to this infernal camp, they had ran into a storm. The chains binding Walker and Mahan to a Wa-class that had been towing them failed. Plus the Wa-class couldn't even yell "Prisoner escape!" as she then promptly turned turtle and was gone in thirty seconds.

Walker and Mahan had then speed off into the night and disappeared. Walker was wearing a Marine BDU from WWII, with one modification, that modification being that the helmet she was wearing was a bronze doughboy helmet, which was currently perched on her head, it didn't really go well with her looks considering she wore glasses. She was small too, roughly about the size of 6 or 7 year old, with shoulder length black hair, and stunning green eyes.

Mahan for all intents and purposes was the polar opposite of Walker in terms of dress. Mahan wore a First Gulf War era US Marine Corps BDU, it looked kind of funny on her particularly since it was in a camo measure. She had intelligent blue eyes and brown hair that was cropped short.

They were both part of Wickes-class Destroyer, Little-subclass line. Meaning they were old had four-stacks and were armed with four 4in/50 caliber guns and one 3in/25 caliber DP gun, plus two M2 Browning Machine Guns and a M1919 .30 Caliber machine gun, when they were ships. There real teeth were their torpedoes. Plus they could crowd forty knots, not quite make it but they could haul ass when needed. Now that they were ship girls they had only a 4in/50 caliber gun however for some reason Walker had for her hand mount after her second upgrade changed to a Japanese 4.7in DP gun, while Mahan got a 4in/50 Caliber DP gun and two Quadruple torpedo tube launchers that replaced the four triple torpedo tube launchers that she had. Also their AA got heavily upgraded.

"Walker is that you, poi?" Yuudachi asked.

"Yes it's me Yuudachi it's good to hear your voice again. How is the rest of girls in DesRon 29 doing?" Walker asked.

"Peary is dead, as is the entirety of DesDiv 57 and DesDiv 58. They were either sunk in action or have been executed by the Abyssals, Poi. The bastards executed Peary about 12 hours ago, they did it right in front of Pope too, Poi. I have heard they are planning to execute John D. Ford in a few days' time, Poi. Also Walker how on Earth are you able to see through my cell window, it's on the second floor, Poi?" Yuudachi said.

Walker swore long creatively in a language Yuudachi had never heard before. "Yeah about that, um Yuudachi. I am literally standing on the shoulders Mahan who is standing on the Shoulders of Oochi, who is standing on the shoulders of Kitakami." Walker said sheepishly she then had to suppress a laugh to probably prevent herself from losing her balance. As if to prove her point she heard Kitakami speak up. "Walker can you please hurry up, it's getting kind of hard to maintain my footing."

"Poi?" Yuudachi said incredulous.

"No I am not kidding Yuudachi, can I talk to Pope for a minute?" Walker replied.

"Sure, Poi" Yuudachi replied, she then shook the sobbing destroyer that was still curled up in a ball in her lap.

"W-what is it Yuudachi?" Pope said sniffling and looking at Yuudachi in the eyes.

"Come on Pope, Walker is outside our cell window, poi." Yuudachi said soothingly.

"She is?" Pope looked around then spotted Walker.

"Walker! Oh my god! I thought you were dead! How are you doing? Where is Mahan?" Pope asked.

"Okay, Pope you're happy to see me and yes I am not dead. As for Mahan I am currently standing on her shoulders. I am doing okay, I've been looking all over the place for you guys. Remember my second upgrade? Well in said upgrade one of the boilers was replaced with a fuel bunker, and my 3in/25 Caliber DP Gun was replaced by a Japanese 4.7in DP gun, I also had several more gun pits added, these had M2 Browning Machine guns in them. However four of them have Japanese Type 96 25mm AT/AA Triple Gun mounts installed. Why I have the things I don't have the foggiest clue. However I've been using this extended range to search for the Abyssal Prison Camp they were taking you too. Now that I have found it. We're going to position ourselves so we can try and find a friendly force looking for stragglers." Walker said.

Pope sighed, she probably wasn't going to live that long anyways, and she decided to make the most of it. "Walker as of this moment, I am making you the commander of a new unit. The first torpedo division. As of right now Mahan, Oochi, and Kitakami are under your command. Get out of here and go back to Iron Bottom Sound. That's were any search fleets will start their search. Also Walker it has been an honor knowing you, and having you under my command. And may Lady Luck smile upon you." Pope said.

"Thanks, Pope we will get out of here, but I am not joking about the four of us standing on each other's shoulders to reach this second story window. Also the honor was mine." Walker said she then began to climb down, much to dismay of the three girls who were supporting her. Then Mahan climbed down much to protests of Oochi and Kitakami or 'Kitty' as some of the American Ship Girls called her, much to her dismay.


As Walker was leading the group of ship girls away from the Abyssal POW camp that was when Oochi recognized something about the harbor they were exiting while they were running dark. After they had cleared the harbor the group had then increased speed to flank, Oochi decided to drop the bombshell.

"Walker, I am not sure if you knew, but that island was W Island." Ochi said.

Walker and Mahan stopped cold. "You mean W Island aka Wake Island? Isn't that were a member of the Mutsuki-class of destroyer girl was sunk?" Walker asked.

Oochi and Kitakami nodded. "Damn, alright then now I have a really bad feeling about what is in the darkest depths of that Abyssal Prison Camp." Walker said.

"I so agree with you Walker, besides let's get the hell out of here." Mahan said.

"Right" Walker said, and the four girls' two destroyers and two torpedo cruisers quickly fled from where the Abyssal Prison Camp was. The destination for these girls was Iron Bottom Sound.


Down in the deepest and darkest depths of the Abyssal Prison Camp on W Island chained to a wall with restraints clamped onto her wrists and ankles, was a destroyer girl, part of the Mutsuki-class of destroyer girl. She had been sunk by the Abyssals, but instead of letting her rest in peace on the bottom of the ocean, they had done something incredibly cruel. They had revived her and taken her prisoner, they had performed all kinds of cruel experiments on her, some were painless but made her feel violated others less so. One of the nastier procedures they had done on her had when it was completed had destroyed 75% of her nerve endings throughout her body this occurred when they were looking for something to be a template for the Destroyer Princess. She wanted her pain to end so badly, yet the Abyssals were pumping fluids into her body that kept her alive even though she wanted her pain to end so badly.

Her name was Kisaragi.

Kisaragi was trying her best to prevent the news that she had just been given from crushing her emotionally and spiritually. An Abyssal Guard this one was a Ra-class Assault ship, meaning they had mounted in a rigging similar to that of a Ru-class Battleship crossed with the rigging of a Ne-class Heavy Cruiser.

Mounted in the things that were part of the Ne-class style rig was eight 15in/40 Caliber guns, mounted in two quadruple turrets. While mounted in the rigging from the Ru-class was twenty 12.5in secondary guns mounted in twin gun mounts, ten 6in rapid fire guns in twin mounts, as well as nearly thirty Abyssal 40mm Auto-cannon Quad mounts, twenty Abyssal 5in High-Angle Gun mounts, and one hundred and ninety Abyssal 20mm Machine Guns, in various mountings from twin to octuple, the thing was designed to get within brawling range and then blast her opponent to the stone age.

The damn thing had just told her, that her older sister (or is it younger, hard to tell with the Mutsuki-class of DD) Mutsuki had been sunk in battle. By friendly fire of all things! She wanted to escape, but her strength just wasn't what had been before she had been captured, now she had just enough strength in her body to move her limbs every now and again. She was wondering what was going on in the world.


A/N: This is chapter one of my new story.

A/N Again: This will be known as the Iron Bottom Sound Saga. The offensive that took place that was such a bloodbath was because an American SR-71 Blackbird flying at 85,000 feet using a thermal camera found what appeared to be an Abyssal Theater HQ. It was guarded by several large armadas as well as no less than four Anchorage Himes. Plus thousands of destroyers, hundreds of Battleships, Heavy, Light, and AA Cruisers, submarines, plus several dozen various demons and princess class Abyssal Warships. The Americans and Japanese Teamed up for the OP and using Malayalam New Caledonia as a staging point. The reason we don't see the Battle in the first chapter is because of how crazy it would be. However we might see it in dreams or flashbacks, even then it would only be bits and pieces.

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