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Fubuki, watched as Hickam Air Force Base and Naval Station/District Pearl Harbor receded from view. Fubuki felt as if part of her was being left behind, during the time she had spent recovering at Pearl Harbor she had grown attached to the place. It was a wonderful place, the USS Arizona Memorial had stood out sharply because of its stark whiteness and its position. The memorial to the fallen ship girls which just like the one at Yokosuka was a simple statue, this one of a famous admiral in WWII, Admiral William Halsey, which was made out of chiseled red granite. She loved watching the seemingly endless hustle and bustle of the Naval District and Naval Station. Not to mention smell of the sea was everywhere, thanks to an almost constant sea breeze. Plus, the great Iowa-class Battleship, at anchor where she was getting her magazines replenished. Florida's Bar and the kind and motherly Battleship Girl who ran it, who played Jimmy Buffet music from hidden speakers.

However Fubuki also reminisced about the time she had spent in Task Force Savior and began to come to the realization of just how justified now that the name Task Force Savior was considering that Operation: Bunker Shot was a smashing success. She remembered hearing stories of fast paced and frantic combat from Dutch Harbor, during the Alaskan Campaign.

As well as the long arduous grind that the Asiatic Theater was, thanks to stories of the action there from Balch, as well as her involvement in Operation Poseidon.

To the story of the Battle for The Strait of Magellan from Kentucky and the Close Quarters Brawl that battle was and how there was cases of friendly fire on both sides as well as confusing orders, as well as the action to defend the Pacific side of the Panama Canal, and how despite having the edge in numbers how the Abyssals suffered a breakdown in there command structure allowing them to be routed.

To the endless waiting for action to brew up during the Battle of Easter Island and then the bursts of frantic AA combat for when it did happen from Enterprise, as well as other actions.

To the Defense of Scapa Flow and how the Abyssal seemingly threw almost their entire surface force stationed in the Atlantic against the British in an attempt to put a critical regular navy base and naval district out of commission and how they had been stonewalled by just the battleship girls Queen Elizabeth sisters, Duke of York, and Vanguard, three aircraft carrier girls Glory, Ocean, and Warrior, battlecruiser girl Hood, the heavy cruiser girls Cumberland and Devonshire, the light cruiser girl Bermuda, the destroyer girls Zephyr, Zest, Whelp, Hardy, and Undaunted, and the frigate girls Largo Bay, Start Bay, Whitesand Bay, and Loch Cree. They had been up against seemingly impossible odds, an astounding two Ru-class Battleship Divisions each composed of six Battleships, three Re-class Aviation Battleship Divisions each composed of three battleships and an Air Defense Princess, four Ne-class Heavy Cruiser Divisions each composed of eight cruisers apiece, two light cruiser Divisions each composed of a dozen cruisers of various class, and a dozen destroyer Divisions each composed of ten destroyers each.

To the tales of hunting the Abyssals in biting cold of the Northern Fleet Operating Area from Kirov and Sverdlov, to a frantic action that had occurred just after they had transferred to the Black Sea Fleet to give the ship girl force there a boost while the lone Battleship in the force there was in dock getting repaired, just before a critical operation to let merchant shipping get to the Ukraine and put relief on the overland routes. That action was known as the Battle of the Bosporus.

To the tales that Pasadena and Miami had told when they had been escorting the carrier girl Franklin until her demise during Operation: Skyfall.

To the time Gaum had a little 'fun' during the defense of Balikpapan along with a trio of destroyer girls and a pair of light cruiser girls. Said fun, included having to get into a close quarters knife fight with a Battleship Water Demon escorted by an Escort Fortress.

To the actions in the Baltic Sea and North Sea, helping defend convoys, oil rigs, and natural gas rigs from Abyssal attacks from Scharnhorst.

To the liberation of the Suez Canal and then ensuing Abyssal Counter-Attack and how it was repulsed from Impero.

To the one time that Surcouf had stumbled upon a convoy of Wa-class Transports escorted by a destroyer that thought it was Bongo Pete from the movie Run Silent, Run Deep and how she had easily sunk it with just one torpedo and then had promptly gone on to completely annihilate the convoy.

To the embarrassing moment Perkins had, when she accidently ran aground on a reef that was well known and marked on every single chart, and then how she had to defend herself against a Ri-class Heavy Cruiser, three Tsu-class AA cruisers, and a pair of I-class Destroyers, and how she couldn't dodge at all unless she wanted to rip the bottom out of her outfit.

"Thinking about the time that you had with Task Force Savior?" Kisaragi asked, as she looked up from a book she was reading.

"Yeah, I am. It's just that we had such an amazing time together and we got to know each other really well. I mean, the way we worked together as a team was impeccable, when I was in that Task Force I felt, that we could take on anything and win easily." Fubuki admitted.

"Hey, the last time I saw you before I got captured was just before the Operation to liberate Wake Island began. Now look at you! You are brimming with confidence in yourself." Kisaragi said, with admiration.

That made Fubuki stop and think she's right, just before the Operation to Liberate Wake Island. I often had trouble believing in myself. Now five years later, I am a battle-hardened veteran, as well as a person who is full of confidence in their abilities as a ship girl. I really have come a long way. She thought, pondering on Kisaragi's words, she quickly came to the conclusion that Kisaragi was right, she had changed, and for the better as well.


Yuudachi was with Inazuma and Pope at the cliff that overlooked Tokyo Bay. Pope was still having nightmares from her experience at that infernal POW camp at Wake Island as well as from Operation: Battle-Axe. So Inazuma and Yuudachi had made it their personal mission to help her recover from what she went through during her time at that POW camp and from what she went through during Operation: Battle-Axe. At that the moment, Pope was currently playing a game of catch with Inazuma, while this was going on Yuudachi was simply watching. She had wanted to do this but Inazuma had insisted that she did it instead. Now Yuudachi could see why; Pope while she did feel safe around Yuudachi, it obvious that she had managed to form a close bond with Inazuma, maybe because they had both gone through a horrifying experience: losing their sister ship. Maybe it was the fact that had happened to both of them, that they were forming a bond. Yuudachi then heard a twig snap behind her, she turned around and grinned behind her was Hibiki and Akizuki both having woke up from their comas about two weeks ago after being in one for roughly four months. However, both destroyer girls had changed not physically well, save for a subtle scar on Hibiki's neck that was roughly three inches long and the fact that Akizuki had a scar on her chin however it was a subtle little thing, barely a half inch long, she didn't seem to be bothered by it.

Yuudachi walked over to the two "Hi Akizuki, Hibiki how are you two doing?" She asked, keeping her voice low so that way Inazuma wouldn't hear her.

"Pretty good, I guess. However we heard about Ikazuchi. Is it true? Is she really gone?" Akizuki asked, dread seeping into voice, yet also keeping her voice low.

"I am afraid so, Tenyruu also didn't make it. However to ensure that you three survived, even though her main battery was knocked out of commission completely, she drew her sword and engaged that unknown Abyssal Ship Type, I think we have given it the designation of Ra-class Assault/Breeching Ship from what we could gather, it is supposed to replace the Ru-class Battleship and the Ne-class Heavy Cruiser. In the action that followed, it resulted in their mutual destruction, we know this because a pair of Helldivers overflew your squadron just as Tenyruu and that thing succeeded in killing each other." Yuudachi replied.

Akizuki looked like she wanted to cry, but managed to hold her tears back. Hibiki also managed to not cry openly, but she did shed a few silent tears. That was when Akizuki noticed Pope, "Who is she?" She asked, gesturing to the small destroyer girl.

"Akizuki her name is Pope. She is a member of Clemson-class of Destroyers, that class of Destroyers along with a two others falls under the moniker 'Four stacker' or 'Four-piper'. The reason is being, is because when she was a ship she had a flush deck and was powered by four boilers so four stacks, the design of the Wickes and Clemson-class of Destroyers is recognizable around the world." Yuudachi said, casting an uneasily glance back toward Pope and Inazuma.

"Oh, is she American by chance?" Hibiki asked.

Yuudachi nodded "She went through hell during that battle. It's best not to talk about it to her, nor the events that she went through after the battle." She said.

"What do you mean?" Akizuki asked.

"Both me and Pope, were captured by the enemy after Operation: IBS. Trust me, we have both been traumatized by it." Yuudachi explained.

"Oh" Akizuki and Hibiki said together, a little too loudly.

Inazuma looked away from Pope for just a moment, and couldn't believe her eyes, her sisters were here! She got up and sprinted towards them, however Hibiki didn't see her, until she grabbed her in tight hug. Akizuki looked around and then saw Inazuma giving Hibiki a hug and then sort of jumped on the pile. Yuudachi smiled, the Akizuki-class was finally reunited or as close to it as they would ever be. She then felt Pope grab her hand, she made a mental note, to go to the memorial to the fallen later that day.


"Roma! Italia! Vittorio! I am back!" Impero called out, as she walked into the battleship barracks at the Naval District located in Naples, Italy. Almost immediately Italia and Roma were upon her, tackling her to the ground in a hug. Vittorio came into the entrance hall a few moments later, she had long dark brown hair and dark brown hair, and she was dressed the way the rest of the Vittorio-class Battleship Girls dressed. However, judging by the amount of wheat flour on her face, the three had been in the middle of making some pasta, thus when Impero had called out, whoever had been holding the flour bag as they emptied the amount needed into the bowl had dropped said bag into the bowl and well caused the flour to go everywhere.

"Impero! You have the worse timing it seems, thanks to you calling out you were back Italia dropped the flour bag and ran here with Roma right behind her. Getting me covered in flour!" She scolded.

"What, no sort of greeting to your youngest sister?" Impero asked.

Vittorio grumped however then gave Impero a hug. "Just because you seem to have the worst timing ever, I still love you in a sisterly way. However, I am still your older, over protective sister." Vittorio admitted.

"Too true!" Impero said.

"Also before you ask, we haven't gone on any sorties. Life is getting boring around here!" Italia said with a pout.

"To be frank, I don't blame them! After we lost Braham even though she was escorted by a ring of destroyers and Cruisers!" Roma snapped, having obviously been shaken by Braham's death.

"We will get over it, trust me will! She would probably kick our asses if she found out that we were moping around after her death. Besides, if Valiant who was Braham's younger sister ship and Malaya who was her older sister ship could get over her death, we certainly can." Vittorio pointed out.

"Yeah, I guess; still two days after Braham's last sortie was scheduled to end, myself, Valiant, and Braham had decided to go out to the movies to see Star Wars: Episode VIII The return of the Republic. Then we heard she was sunk in a submarine attack, and that plan obviously fell through, that was a year ago, in April of 2018." Italia lamented grimly.

"Still, you have to admit that it is kind of funny that Braham even though in her previous life she was sunk in 1941. That it was funny that during the time she was here; that she developed a liking for the Star Wars movie franchise." Impero said giggling slightly.

"Yeah! That was rather funny! I heard it drove the other British Battleship Girls absolutely crazy." Italia said giggling as well, that remark got everyone else giggling as well, a Battleship Girl who until her summoning hadn't even heard of Star Wars, saw the movie a New Hope and fell in love with the franchise.


Enterprise took a deep breath as she entered the Carrier Barracks at Naval Base/District Pearl Harbor she was greeted immediately by Essex and Boxer. The two were part of the Essex-class of Aircraft Carrier Girl, while they may have been larger and carried more aircraft than her, and were kept in active commission longer, or at least for three were still afloat, having been recommissioned as Escort Carriers. Most of the Essex-class Carrier Girls preferred to wear either Service Khaki, Navy Service Uniform, or Service Dress Yankee, however three members of Essex-class preferred to wear NWUs, because during their service careers they each had an incident with a major fire and a series of explosions on board. One member who preferred NWUs had been killed during Operation Skyfall however the other two members those members had been Franklin, Bunker Hill, and Oriskany, were still alive and in service. Another characteristic about the Essex-class Carrier Girls was the fact that they all had either green or blue eyes as well as red hair of varying shades, they usually cut a slim figure that was more muscular than it looked plus the Essex-class girls were usually about 6 feet 6 inches tall, but they all appeared to be around 19 or 20 from looks alone. However they all respected Enterprise mainly because of her actions during WWII.

"How ya doing E?" Boxer asked as she greeted the older carrier proffering her hand, which Enterprise took and shook firmly. "Not bad Boxer, if I do say so myself. Let me guess you want to hear about how Operation: Bunkershot went?" Enterprise asked.

"No, but I heard about Hornet. I hope you aren't beating yourself up over it E, like you did with Franklin." Essex stated.

"No, she wouldn't want that. Still, I wish Yorktown was here. But she's still undergoing shakedown cruises after having been rebuilt after the hammering she took during the Battle for Easter Island which was in 2016, she was in for repairs for roughly the rest of the war." Enterprise said ruefully.

"Yeah at least she survived, because I don't know what I would have done, if you lost both Yorktown and Hornet, because all of us Carriers took the loss of Franklin hard, particularly us Essex's." Boxer said.

Enterprise nodded, "Yeah, if I lost both Hornet and Yorktown. I have no idea what I would have done, maybe would have made closer ties to Wasp, because even though she was a one ship class, she was based of the Yorktown-class hull design. In a way she's sort of a cousin. Or maybe I would have gotten a lot more serious, but I really don't know." She admitted.

"Yeah, besides E. They are showing the movie Battleship in the District Theater tonight, I have never seen it, but I want to see it. You want to come along?" Essex asked.

"Sure why not? I haven't heard of that movie before." Enterprise said.

"Good to hear! The movie, starts in roughly two hours, should be enough time for us to go, the Bar for dinner and then head to the theater." Boxer said with energy.

"Alright, let's go." Essex said and with that the three Carriers headed out to Dinner & Show.


Alas what Kirov, Sverdlov, and Balch did after they returned to Murmansk hasn't been found out, in fact they never appeared back on base after Task Force Savior its mission complete was disbanded, their fates wouldn't be discovered until around the time that the British managed retake the Falkland Islands from the Abyssal. However, when the three didn't show for and five days passed after the day they were supposed to arrive, Admiral Nikola declared them, with a heavy heart MIA. Missing in Action.


Surcouf walked back into the Submarine barracks at Brest, utterly exhausted from having to travel as far as she had to. She made a mental note to go have some physical therapy done at some point during the week.

"Hey Surcouf! How are you doing?" A familiar voice called out, sounding happy to see her. Surcouf turned and grinned, it was Iris formally the Minerve-class submarine Iris. She was nowhere near as tall as Surcouf was, roughly about the same size as I-168. She had long dirty blonde hair and grey eyes that seemingly glowed with cunning, intelligence, and bravery. She was dressed like most submarines did, she was wearing a simple swimsuit that was red and gold with pink accents.

"Not bad actually. However, please just let me sleep, okay? I am exhausted and not really in the mood." Surcouf said.

"Okay, sure thing boss." Iris said and then she sauntered off, probably to look at pictures of cats on her laptop.

"Thanks Iris" Surcouf said quietly then walked toward her room to get some sleep.


Perkins was bored. With Balch providing the two Russian Cruisers ASW escort and most of her sisters being transferred to the Asiatic Station to boost the amount of ASW muscle that was in that area, she was fairly certain she was the only Gearing-class Destroyer Girl still at Pearl Harbor. She figured she get some training in, as she headed to the range however she bumped into someone. To her surprise it was Walker the little Four-stacker that had made Operation: Bunkershot possible. A few moments later a few more surprises walked around the corner. They were Mahan, Kitakami, Ooi, and Hidoiame.

"Oh hey, uh what's your name?" Walker asked.

"Perkins, nice to meet you Walker." Perkins said as she offered her hand, which Walker took and shook it.

"Perkins, this is my unit Torpedo Division One. If you ask me, a pretty unique arrangement but I like it." Walker said, gesturing to the ship girls behind her, who either waved, nodded, or Hidoiame's case bowed slightly.

"You got that right, it is unique. However Walker, without you Operation: Bunkershot likely would have taken a long time before we found that camp. You made a brilliant tactical decision and you are to be commended." Perkins said.

"Thank you, now if you don't mind we got a movie to catch. It starts in literally ten minutes." Walker said.

"Walker what is the name of the movie? Do you know?" Perkins asked.

"It's called Battleship." Mahan replied before Walker could who nodded.

"Count me in!" Perkins said, she hadn't seen the movie, but watching a movie sounded a heck of a lot better than doing the training she had planned on doing.


Dutch Harbor was with Gaum heading out to the Ship Girl Memorial at Pearl. They were both well rested and eager to transfer to the Indian Ocean Theater. However first they had to do something before they left for Perth/Freemantle Australia.

As the two walked up to the Memorial they brought out the flowers they had. When they got to the memorial, they changed out the flowers in two of the flower holders, then knelt down to pray.

Newport, if you're up there, I just wish that you could protect us the best you can when we go to the Indian Ocean Theater. Dutch Harbor thought as she knelt in prayer.

Alaska, i-if you are up there watching over us. I wish that you please do what you can to make sure that nothing horrible befalls our brothers in arms; while we are in the Indian Ocean Theater. Gaum thought as she prayed.

As the two stood up, a warm breeze came off the ocean, the refreshing air blowing in their faces. It was as if, the two fallen ship girls were answering their prayers.


Striker, returned to Perth/Freemantle Australia with DESRON 67 and 68 as well as MINRON 3. She quickly meet up with her friends exchanged a few stories before going to the club and firing up one of the Gaming Computers there and booting up World of Warships.

While she was good at the game, she was really just 'Joe Average', but she didn't care all she cared right now was unwinding and relieving some stress before the next major Operation/Campaign began.


Kentucky, well need I seriously have to say where she was after this Operation at first? (Someone throws a rock which hits writer in the head, writer yelps then picks up rock, and reads the note that says 'YES!') Fine, she was at the Theater, watching the movie Battleship with a good amount of the rest of the Ship girls who hadn't been transferred to Perth/Freemantle Australia.


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