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Before It Froze

Elsa and Jack, and their seven years at Hogwarts.

Year 1: The Sorting Ceremony

Jack had been excited when he received his Hogwarts letter.

Well, actually, he thought it had been a lame joke at first. But it was sort of unbelievable that his sister or any of his friends would write a letter using parchment and quill. And even if they had somehow learned to do that without him noticing, how would they have trained an owl to deliver the message right into his hands?

But whatever. He was at Hogwarts now. He had successfully boarded the train, and had even made a friend. (Even if Aster was a weird Australian.) (To which Aster replied that Jack was a weird American.)

They had ridden on those small boats across the lake. Then they had been brought into a huge hall where the ceiling was enchanted to look like the sky. And a hat had sung a song...which was kind of weird. But Jack hardly even cared about that. Because everything was magic. And as far as Jack was concerned, this was exactly where he belonged. So if the place where he belonged had hats that sang, then Jack would defend the rights of singing hats everywhere.

"Princess Elsa of Arendelle!"

The first name out of the throng of nervous, fidgeting first-years was a princess?! The magical world was even more amazing than Jack had thought!

Jack roughly shoved past Aster to get a better look. And Aster glowered at him, seeing as he and Jack had been at the front of the group.

A small blonde girl appeared from out of the very back of the group, her eyes wide and terrified, but her posture straight and her head held high. Jack had very obviously and openly stared at her as she had passed him. And his mouth might have been gaping open. (Though, this was an event that only Aster seemed to have witnessed. So, Jack would dismiss it as a complete lie even years later.)

The hat was then placed upon her delicate head, nearly swallowing up the top half of her face.


One of the center tables burst into applause. And Princess Elsa's unembellished school uniform was enchanted into her House colors as she rose and walked purposefully over to her House table. Jack was applauding too, loudly and with the occasional whoop! thrown in. Aster jabbed him with his disturbingly-sharp elbow and told him he was being too loud. (Not at all noticing everyone else glaring at the both of them for being too loud.)

Jack scowled at him and rubbed at his ribs. Of course Aster wouldn't have noticed that Elsa had been shaking from fear the entire time, the stupid Australian. The princess needed as much friendly support as she could get if she was so nervous.

The Sorting continued, though Jack hardly paid any attention to it in his frantic eagerness to be sorted.

"Jackson Overland Frost!"

Jack sprinted up the long aisle between the tables and shoved the hat atop his head himself.

"Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw." He chanted in his head over and over, eyes shut tight and fingers crossed.

The House colors for Ravenclaw were blue and bronze. Jack knew for a fact that he looked best in blue. (His mother had told him so.) And its House animal was an eagle. Which was super cool, and eagles were, like, super American and everything. (Aster was probably sulking that there wasn't a House whose animal was a kangaroo.) (Jack snorted uproariously at the thought.) Plus that House had a princess in it. And he wanted to be smart and clever and wise…

"All very good reasons for liking a House, but not very good reasons for placing you within it, I'm afraid."

"You can talk?!" Jack exclaimed in his head. And yeah, Jack had gotten used to the idea of singing hats. But hats that could talk to you in your brain?!

The hat merely chuckled. In Jack's head!

"Enjoy Hogwarts, Jack Frost. It will prepare you well."

Before Jack could ask just what Hogwarts was supposed to be preparing him for, the Sorting Hat announced,


Then it was yanked off his head, and Jack stared as the far table in red and gold exploded into riotous applause.

Jack blinked back his surprise and grinned widely at his new Housemates. Well, at least he would get along with a House as loud and enthusiastic as this one.

Still, as Jack slipped into a seat beside Aster (who laughed and punched Jack hard in the shoulder in congratulations), his eyes slipped over to the nearby Ravenclaw table. Startled, Princess Elsa nearly jerked back when their eyes met.

Jack grinned at her and gave her a big wave hello. His attention was pulled away as Elsa blushed bright red.