I'm Nana, My Oc is a personage of the history. I'm working with Tamishii. WKSF1 soon as she can she will post the cover.

This is my 1st fanfic...
We don't won Wild Kratts.
The words in
Italy mean like 'story time'.

Child Chris Pov:

I woke up, and meet Nana at the park on our secret place. The mythical garden. It was a garden in no place in time and space. We stand at the lake or a mirror and say: portal magica aperire Mythical garden (translate: Open an magical portal to Mythical garden) and we across a portal.

"Hi, Chris" She said, hugging me. When I was to arrive.

"Hi, Nana" I hugged her back. She had some powers. Super speed, invisibility, teleport, fly and had hazel brown eyes,long brown hair most of the time in horse tail. She apperently have my age but she doesn't remenber...

There it was the paradise of any child! I could be there forever and it would not pass any second in the real life! Well just in theory... The garden have a protection shield for an emergency case. There was a lake with crystallized water, a lot of trees to climb, grass, flowers and a temple where Nana lives.

"Chris, I have to tell you something" She spoke, worried.

"What is it?" I asked

We entered into a weird ground was made of stars, it was like being in the space!

"A long time ago the gods main power have been stooled. The person who stole it, some one called Shadow, used the power to create a war between the mortals and gods. The mortals were winning then a group of brave heroes 3 brothers (two of them twins), and their 4 best friends used the twins natural (control the moon and sun) powers and the elements of equilibration (Earth, Water, air or ice and fire) to lock him in the light. The twins natural power fused and stared to look for a descendent..." She said.

She pronounced a spell in a strange language. She raised in the sky and shout "YOU ARE THE DESCENDANT OF THE TWINS WHO HAD CONTROLLED SUN AND MOON! REVEAL YOUR TRUE SELF!"

My heart stared to glow green, from it a little sun and moon leave it and stared to surround me. I could feel the power. More than the sun and moon but most of Nana's powers too! When they entered in my heart again I felt like anything happened… We were back at the garden.

"What just happened?" I ask

"A long time ago I blocked you powers." She looked at the clock "Now is time to raise the moon." I looked worried because I didn't know how to do it but she reassured me. "Don't worry, I teach you. Think on the place where it should be placed and concentrate. Oh! And relax too. "

I did what she teach me. I feel myself starting flying from the ground to the sky. When I went to the ground again I looked to the sky. The moon was beautiful.

"Like the garden, this is our little secret ok? Happen what happen try to don't tell this to anyone."

"Ok." She gave me a medal with a paw in it "What is this?"

"It's a magical necklace. Use it to control your powers."

"OK, then. And now what? yawn* "

"ha-ha...We will start the training tomorrow. Some of the nights you will need to decide the moon form." I looked at her a little confuse "If is full moon, new moon... well, the process drain some energy... you need to rest."
I went home and sleep a little.

Little Martin POV:
I went into my brother's room he was sleeping. Perfect! Prank time! I called all our friends: Aviva Corcovado, Koki Bambrick and Jimmy Z. Aviva and I were checking the materials:
"Radio?" I asked
"Your prank invention?"
"Jimmy burned cupcakes?"
"So we are ready" I smiled
We put JZ's cupcakes in my brother's room, Aviva's invention would make smoke and the radio with the alarm on 3... 2... 1...
"I need water..." my sleepy bro woke up. He went to the bath room and came back with a glass of water. He trough the water on the cupcakes and... get back to sleep again? C'mon! I only have one more option I need to say: "Chris! Zach is here to destroy you!" I don't know how but he picked up a switchblade and pointed it to every way.
"Good try to wake me up bro..." Chris said when he saw us there and... wow! My brother is sleeping like a rock!

Well tomorrow he will wake up... I hope

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