She watched from the trees as the large humanoid creatures were swatting the tiny humans away from their necks. She watched as the group of humans flied in the air with their fancy equipment known as 3D Maneuver Gear. One by one, the titans began to fall and dissolve due to the tiny humans' attacks to their necks. Finally, only one titan stood, but this one was different. The titan had managed to swat the puny humans. It had also disabled a few of their fancy equipment. She sighed. She knew it would come eventually when she would have to do it.

She had to save the humans.

The girl dropped out of the tree, feeling her blood begin to boil. She began to grow in size until she landed on the ground.

She became a female titan. She heard the humans gasp, and she laughed at their astonishment. The female titan looked at the last remaining titan and ran towards it. As she neared, the titan began to turn its head towards her. The female titan reared back her fist and punched the titan in the face. It fell on its back due to the impact. The female titan heard murmurs among the tiny humans.

"A female titan?!"

"It's fighting the other titan!"

"Oh my gosh... They're fighting to eat us!"

The female titan looked at them and scoffed. She looked back at the titan that was just getting back on its feet. It glared at her and began to run towards her. The female titan waited until it neared. She sidestepped to the left, and just as the titan was next to her, she quickly pushed the titan back on the ground by placing her hand on its back and tripping it. The titan remained on the ground, almost unconscious. The female titan smirked.

She had saved another group of humans from being eaten by the titans.

The female began to turn away to face the sun that was beginning to set. She began to turn back into her former human figure. The clothes that vanished reappeared on the female titan, and the clothes weren't the other thing that was reappearing. The female had a sword that she set for killing titans. Unknown by the female titan, the almost unconscious titan swiped its arm underneath the female titan's legs.

She widened her eyes. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. She was supposed to neutralize the titan and kill it. Once she did that, she was supposed to vanish from the humans' sight. Everything happened to move in slow motion. She saw herself falling, and the almost unconscious titan smirked at her before finally losing consciousness. As she hit her head on the forest floor, she heard the humans shout.

"Secure the female titan!"

"Kill the other one!"

"Bring this one back to the Corporal!"

She looked up as she saw the humans she just saved placed chains on her wrist and ankles.

"P-please..." she whimpered before her vision turned dark.