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'Heavily demonic voice'

'Fox talking'

"Fox thinking"




Chapter 1 – Illusions

'Shikamaru, leave this to me.' Said Naruto quietly, to his friend Shikamaru, as the two stared across at the Sound Four member, Tayuya.

'Naruto… are you sure about this.' Asked Shikamaru, clad in his newly received Chunin vest.

'Trust me Shikamaru, this is the best way to do this. I'll catch up to you in a minute.' Said Naruto seriously.

Shikamaru gave his blond-haired friend a searching glance, before nodding.

'Alright, let's do this Naruto, two against one. The odds are in our favour!' Said Shikamaru loudly.

'You got it.' Said Naruto, as he pulled out a kunai and lunged at Tayuya.

'Two against one doesn't mean a thing you little shits!' Shouted Tayuya contemptuously.

As Naruto neared her, kunai drawn, Tayuya raised her metal flute to block the attack.

'Now Shikamaru!' Said Naruto.

'Got it, take this!' Shouted Shikamaru, as he pulled his fist back, lunging at Tayuya.

"Damn." Thought Tayuya in annoyance, before Shikamaru went right over her and Naruto.

'Good luck Naruto.' Said Shikamaru, before charging away, as quickly as he could, chasing after Kimimaro, who currently held the coffin, containing Sasuke's body inside.

'Huh?' Said Tayuya in shock, before turning to Naruto.

'Teamwork my ass! You tricked me you little shit!' Roared Tayuya in anger, before pausing as she saw Naruto's form tremble.

Tayuya blinked as Naruto stood up, still trembling.

'Hahaha!' Laughed Naruto boisterously, his voice sounding much deeper than it had before.

'What the hell are you laughing at?' Shouted Tayuya in anger.

'Finally, I found someone.' Said Naruto quietly, before laughing again.

'Found someone what you shit?' Shouted Tayuya in annoyance.

'You… I've been searching for someone like you.' Said Naruto, as he turned his gaze to Tayuya and smirked.

'What the hell does that mean, you little shit?' Ranted Tayuya, before unconsciously taking a step back at the look in Naruto's eyes.

'Itachi is too loyal and sick. Kurenai was also too loyal, but also weak. You though… you are perfect.' Said Naruto, with a grin, which caused chills to run down Tayuya's spine.

'What the hell are you talking about?' Questioned Tayuya, with a hint of fear in her tone.

'Do you know how few people use Genjutsu with any level of proficiency?' Questioned Naruto.

'Hell if I know.' Retorted Tayuya.

'Out of the past ten years or so, there have only been four, truly proficient users of Genjutsu, to come out of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.' Said Naruto simply.

Tayuya thought for a moment, after all, if her opponent wanted to leave his friend to die against Kimimaro, that wasn't her problem.

'Four?' Tayuya asked, with narrowed eyes.

'Yes. Four. The infamous Itachi Uchiha, the exceedingly loyal Shisui Uchiha, the well-known Kurenai Yuhi.' Said Naruto, before pausing.

'And me.' Said Naruto, with a smirk.

Tayuya laughed at this.

'You've got to be kidding me, you?' Questioned Tayuya in laughter.

'Yes, me.' Said a voice right next to Tayuya's ear, getting her to freeze.

Tayuya looked in front of her and saw Naruto, still standing in the same place as before, with a smirk.

'What's wrong? Hear something?' Questioned Naruto, with a teasing grin.

'Sound Genjutsu isn't that special kid. Half of the Sound Village can do that.' Said Tayuya mockingly.

'What sound?' Questioned Naruto, before his form shimmered and disappeared.

Tayuya looked around, trying to spot the orange clad Genin, but to no avail.

'I don't use something as restricted as sound.' Echoed a voice in all directions.

'I use true illusions. Illusions to deceive, illusions to manipulate.' Continued the voice.

Tayuya suddenly gasped at feeling cold water dumped down her back.

'Illusions that you feel.' Said Naruto, before appearing in front of Tayuya again, in the same place he was previously.

'What is your bloody point? So you can use Genjutsu, big fucking deal.' Snarled Tayuya.

'I told you, I'm not that restricted. A Genjutsu only utilises Yin chakra. A Ninjutsu uses Yin and Yang chakra in equal measure, but hardly anyone knows just what can be done with such a thing. Yin, combined with Yang, in just the right way, can give birth to a world of illusions.' Said Naruto, before he disappeared once again, after which, the scenery became a hellish wasteland of fire and brimstone. Lakes of lava and multiple ash clouds decorated the red horizon.

Tayuya blinked and flared her chakra to dispel the illusion, but to no avail.

'Do you see now?' Questioned Naruto, his back against Tayuya's, as the scenery changed back to normal.

'You can't dispel a true illusion. To do so, you need to understand it, and almost no one truly understands Yin-Yang release.' Said Naruto.

Tayuya whirled around, but Naruto was gone. Tayuya growled at this before shouting.

'Well, just how do you know, you blond jackass?' Shouted Tayuya, before Naruto appeared in front of her, grasping her chin.

'A good friend, want to meet him?' Questioned Naruto, looking into Tayuya's eyes, before she found herself standing in front of a cage.

'Hmm an interesting choice, Naruto.' Said a deep voice.

'She is, isn't she? No Itachi, but her potential is vast.' Said Naruto, standing in front of Tayuya and between her and the cage.

'What the hell is this?' Shouted Tayuya.

'Come now, you're one of Orochimaru's elites, surely you know already?' Mocked Naruto.

A light appeared suddenly and revealed a dark orange, almost brown, nine tailed creature. Its red slitted eyes gazed at Tayuya appraisingly.

'What the fuck is that?' Shouted Tayuya.

'Hmm, there is no need to be so rude to Kurama.' Said Naruto, with a frown.

'You fucking named it!' Shouted Tayuya.

'No, I have always had this name since I was born. I also don't appreciate your loud voice too much.' Said Kurama, with a small glare, tails waving in the air in irritation.

Tayuya sucked in a small breath at this. Tayuya wasn't dumb, if the Kyuubi told you to be quiet, you do it.

'In any case. I have a proposition for you, Tayuya.' Said Naruto, using the girl's name for the first time.

'What?' Asked Tayuya quietly, after she nervously glanced at Kurama.

'I want you, plain and simple.' Said Naruto.

'The hell is that supposed to mean!' Shouted Tayuya, getting Kurama to growl slightly, which caused her to stiffen in nervousness.

'Hmm, maybe that was too abrupt.' Said Naruto thoughtfully.

'You think?' Hissed Tayuya.

'Maybe this will sound more appealing to you: would you like a new life? To be stronger than even Orochimaru. To be free. To do what you want to. To not be a slave to Orochimaru.' Said Naruto, tapping the back of his neck.

Tayuya grimaced at the reminder of her curse seal.

'Not like you could do anything about it.' Snarled Tayuya.

'True, but if I could get it removed, would you consider joining me?' Proposed Naruto.

'What makes you think you can?' Questioned Tayuya, with a narrowed gaze.

'Let me answer that, with a question of my own: are you really under Orochimaru's control, or do you merely think that because he told you so?' Asked Naruto.

'Of course it is real dumbass! Whenever we failed Orochimaru, he would make us feel immense pain!' Shouted Tayuya, as she clutched the back of her neck.

'Is this real?' Asked Naruto.

'What the hell are you talking about?' Asked Tayuya in annoyance.

'Is any of this: real? Is there really a creature sealed within me? If so, are you really able to see it, or do you only think you are seeing it?' Continued Naruto.

'Of course it is.' Replied Tayuya, with a grunt.

'Is it.' Questioned Naruto, as Tayuya blinked and found herself looking at Naruto once again, with him grasping her chin.

'Is any of this, real?' Asked Naruto, before he disappeared and was once again standing where he was previously, just prior to when he had started laughing.

'Okay, explain all of this you shithead!' Demanded Tayuya.

'Huh, what are you talking about? I need to beat you and go help Shikamaru. I'm not letting you guys take Sasuke!' Shouted Naruto, in a voice that was much higher pitched, than what Tayuya had just been hearing.

"What the actual fuck?" Thought Tayuya in confusion.

'Eat this!' Shouted Naruto, before slugging Tayuya with an insanely strong punch, which sent her flying.

'You little shit!' Shouted Tayuya in anger, before making a set of hand seals and slamming her palm on the tree branch she had just roughly landed on, summoning three demonic looking creatures.

'Whoa, what are those things?' Shouted Naruto in surprise.

'Your end.' Answered Tayuya simply, before playing her flute.

Naruto narrowly dodged the well-coordinated attacks of the three demonic creatures. The one wielding the club swung at Naruto and he barely avoided it with a great leap.

Naruto quickly turned around in surprise, when the demon without arms, dropped down from the sky and tried to crush Naruto. As Naruto was pushed down by the weight of the demon and slammed onto the tree, he turned into a log, which was instantly smashed to pieces.

Naruto quietly glanced from around a tree at the two, before he ducked, as the third beast had just smashed its fist through the tree he was hiding behind, narrowly missing his head. Naruto jumped away as the three demons regrouped.

'Is that all you got lady?' Taunted Naruto.

Tayuya growled in response and changed her melody, causing her Doki to open their mouths, out of which, three odd spectral creatures, with multiple mouths, emerged.

The three ghostly apparitions charged at Naruto, who quickly created many clones. The clones dispelled on contact with the phantoms, which seemed to eat the chakra of the clones.

The ghouls continued to hunt down the clones of Naruto, one by one.

Tayuya smirked, while she continued playing her flute.

"Little bastard is finished." Tayuya thought viciously.

As the clone was taken out, Tayuya looked around carefully, before three simultaneous cries grabbed her attention.

'Rasengan!' Shouted three voices, Naruto, along with two Shadow Clones, who launched their spiralling attack, into the backs of the three Doki, who were then dispelled.

'I've got you now!' Shouted Naruto, as he threw a kunai directly at Tayuya.

Tayuya jumped away to another branch, as Naruto's blade embedded itself, on the tree where she had previously stood.

'This is the end for you, Demon Flute: Chains of Fantasia.' Said Tayuya, as she cast her illusion, which caused Naruto to feel as though he was bound with sturdy ropes, while his flesh fell off.

Tayuya walked over to the kunai Naruto had thrown and picked it up. Tayuya then walked over to Naruto, who was immobilised, and prepared to end Naruto's life, before he suddenly looked up and froze Tayuya.

'Very good, Tayuya.' Said Naruto, in that same deep voice again, as Tayuya's world shimmered and she found herself facing Naruto as before.

Naruto was leaning, arms crossed and back against a tree, in relaxation, eyes boring into Tayuya's. Tayuya then focused and realised, this was the same tree they had been standing on before the fight started.

'What the fuck?' Shouted Tayuya in shock.

'This Tayuya, is a true illusion.' Said Naruto.

'How the hell did you do that? What happened?' Demanded Tayuya in shock.

'You just experienced one of my illusions. An illusion I gained the ability to use on you, the moment I touched you.' Said Naruto simply.

'When did you touch me, you pervert?' Shouted Tayuya in anger.

'Hmm, maybe that was too abrupt.' Said Naruto thoughtfully, getting Tayuya to twitch in irritation.

'You said that before.' Growled Tayuya.

'Did I? When?' Asked Naruto mockingly.

Tayuya looked to be close to losing it, when Naruto spoke again.

'The moment my kunai touched your flute, I touched you, as indirect as it may be.' Said Naruto calmly.

Tayuya blinked in surprise.

'At that moment, you were doomed to always be at the mercy of my illusions, unless you can truly understand them, to break free from them… which is something I would be willing to teach you, along with how to use them, if you trust me.' Explained Naruto.

'There is no way you could have done something like that!' Said Tayuya in denial.

'Really? No way?' Questioned Naruto, before the visage of a great fox appeared behind him, causing Tayuya to take a step back.

'The offer stands, I will give you a new life.' Said Naruto.

'Why?' Asked Tayuya.

'Like I said before, I want you, mind, spirit and yes, even body, just not in the way Orochimaru does. In return, I will make you truly unstoppable, someone who could fell a Kage easily… all if you become mine.' Said Naruto.

'Why the hell would I leave one master for another?' Questioned Tayuya in annoyance, before feeling Naruto grasp her chin, as he had before.

'I don't want to be your master.' Whispered Naruto, his lips just beside Tayuya's right ear.

Tayuya blinked in surprise at this once again, before feeling Naruto press his lips against Tayuya's. Tayuya moaned involuntarily as she felt her body become extremely aroused, so much so that she almost exploded in pure pleasure right there and then.

'Well, Tayuya, what do you say?' Said Naruto, once again leaning against the tree in front of her.

Tayuya took a deep breath, as her arousal subsided quickly.

'W-what the hell was that?' Shouted a flustered Tayuya.

'Wouldn't you like to know?' Said Naruto, back pressed against Tayuya once again.

Tayuya didn't turn around this time and kept staring at the Naruto in front of her.

'You're getting better already.' Commented Naruto, approval in his eyes.

'So… if I join you, you'll teach me how to do all this shit?' Questioned Tayuya curiously.

'This and so much more.' Said Naruto.

Tayuya paused for a moment before Naruto spoke up again.

'Well, what do you say?' Asked Naruto, before Tayuya walked up to him.

In a move which surprised Naruto, Tayuya smashed her lips against his, all the while pressing her body against his. After a moment Tayuya pulled back.

'You teach me all of that and you can have me, mind, spirit and fucking hot body, but I want yours in return as well.' Said Tayuya, with a smirk.

'I knew you were perfect.' Said Naruto, with a smirk of his own.

Tayuya's smirk merely widened at this.

'However, now I need to teach you your first lesson, sadly, it will be an unpleasant one.' Said Naruto, as he pulled out a kunai, causing Tayuya to take a step back.

Naruto then quickly stabbed his hand with the blade getting Tayuya to look on in shock. Naruto then clenched his fist and threw his hand out to the side, getting his blood to splatter against a few trees.

'You trust me, right?' Questioned Naruto, only to get a hesitant nod.

Tayuya then gasped as Naruto stabbed his blade on the edge of her stomach, missing all vital organs but causing blood to gush out.

'What the fuck? Bastard!' Growled Tayuya, before the pain disappeared.

'I'd keep pressure on that wound.' Said Naruto, as he flicked Tayuya's blood off his blade, onto a few trees, as he had done with his own before.

'What the hell was that for?' Asked Tayuya in anger, while she felt no pain, she was bleeding steadily.

'First lesson: all illusions, no matter how strong, need a base to grow from. I can't make you imagine zombies growing out of a tree if you never thought of it. A vivid imagination is key for these things.' Said Naruto.

Tayuya then blinked as a decrepit corpse started to emerge from the tree they were standing on.

'Although, once you do think of it, even if I implanted the thought, I can take that and make it reality.' Said Naruto, gesturing to the zombie he had just created, before it disappeared.

'Why did you need to stab me for that?' Asked Tayuya in irritation.

'I told you, I'd give you a new life, but, no one will believe that you and I fought without any damage being caused, it will cast suspicions on us. To ensure the illusions I create later work, I need a solid base, like I said previously. This is the first step. Now though, if you wouldn't mind, I need you to head to The Valley of the End. Oh, and remember to keep the pressure on that, I took the pain away, but I don't want you dying from blood loss.' Said Naruto, before shooting off after Shikamaru.

'Could have warned me before doing it, ass.' Muttered Tayuya, before taking off.

-line break-

Shikamaru was panting slightly, his opponent was not exactly weak, in fact, he was outrageously strong. Shikamaru had already seen his life flash before his eyes four times, only managing to escape by quickly binding Kimimaro and retreating to avoid a lethal blow.

'Shikamaru!' Shouted Naruto, as he burst out of the tree line, landing next to Shikamaru, as they faced Kimimaro in a grassy meadow.

'Naruto, thank God you're here!' Exclaimed Shikamaru in relief.

'Yeah, it was tough though, I had to hurt myself a few times to break out of her Genjutsu.' Said Naruto, showing his left hand to Shikamaru, which was hastily wrapped up in bandages, which had turned red.

'Hmm, you managed to defeat Tayuya?' Said Kimimaro questioningly.

'Well, not exactly, I got a good hit on her, but she got away.' Confessed Naruto.

'She won't be a problem anymore though, Shikamaru, I gave her a pretty bad wound.' Said Naruto, addressing his teammate.

'She fled… Orochimaru will see to it that she is punished.' Declared Kimimaro, with steel in his tone.

Kimimaro, Naruto and Shikamaru all turned their attention to the coffin, containing Sasuke's body, as purple smoke started to come out of it.

After a moment, the coffin exploded kicking up a lot of purple smoke. As the smoke started to clear, Sasuke's form was revealed. His skin was a dark brown and he had shaggy dark grey hair. After a moment though, Sasuke reverted back to normal, his arms regaining their previous white tone, as curse marks crawled back up his body, with his hair shortening and turning black once again.

'Hey, there you are Sasuke, let's go home man!' Said Naruto cheerfully, to which Sasuke only laughed.

'Naruto…' Said Shikamaru warningly.

'Come on Sasuke, what are you hanging around with these losers for?' Asked Naruto jovially.

Sasuke didn't respond and merely ran off.

'Die!' Said Kimimaro, as he suddenly appeared behind Naruto and Shikamaru, a spike of bone, jutting from his palms, poised to skewer them.

The two were saved from death, by a green blur.

'Lee!' Exclaimed both Naruto and Shikamaru in surprise.

'Naruto, leave this to Shikamaru and I, go get Sasuke.' Said Lee calmly, as he took a fighting stance and stared down Kimimaro.

'Are you sure bushy brows, this guy looks pretty strong?' Asked Naruto hesitantly.

Lee merely gave Naruto a thumbs up.

'You made a promise didn't you? Go and fulfil it.' Said Lee, with a smile.

'Alright, be careful though.' Said Naruto, before running after Sasuke.

'I don't think so.' Said Kimimaro, as he tried to cut down Naruto, only to be intercepted by Lee.

'I don't like being ignored.' Said Lee, gripping Kimimaro's bone sword between his two palms.

Naruto kept running, but glanced back momentarily, a worried expression on his face, before picking up speed.

-line break-

'Sasuke!' Shouted Naruto, as he finally caught up to Sasuke.

The two were currently standing on the heads of the two founders of the Leaf Village. Sasuke had his back to Naruto. Sasuke slowly turned to face Naruto, revealing his face was partially transformed. His left eye was black with a yellow pupil and black curse marks decorated the left side of his face.

'So it's you, Naruto.' Said Sasuke.

Naruto merely smirked before pulling a scroll out of his jacket.

'Catch!' Shouted Naruto, before throwing the scroll at Sasuke.

Sasuke caught it and looked at Naruto apathetically.

'What's this?' Asked Sasuke listlessly.

'Read it and find out.' Said Naruto, before he jumped off the statue to the ground and walked over to the tree line.

'You're fast.' Said Naruto approvingly.

'*tch* I'm an elite, a small wound that I can't even feel won't hold me back.' Said Tayuya, as she landed next to Naruto, still holding her injured side.

'That's good, once we come back here I'll wrap that up for you.' Said Naruto, with a nod, before feeling Sasuke drop down next to him.

Naruto didn't move as Sasuke turned him around and grabbed him roughly with both hands, by the scruff of his jumpsuit.

'What is this, Naruto?' Roared Sasuke, his Sharingan spinning menacingly, as he glared at the Uzumaki.

'The truth, you can even ask Orochimaru to confirm it.' Said Naruto calmly.

'Also.' Said Naruto, before he thrust his right palm into Sasuke's forehead, causing Sasuke to drop Naruto, and quickly gave him a palm thrust to his family jewels, causing him to drop to the ground.

'Don't touch me.' Said Naruto coldly, surprising the Uchiha.

'Huh, if that's how you treat your friends, I would hate to see how you treat your enemies.' Said Tayuya, with a raised eyebrow.

'You were my enemy, you look fine to me.' Said Naruto plainly.

'What the hell was that for, Naruto?' Asked Sasuke with a growl.

'You'll learn soon, now let's go princess, time for you to go to your new home.' Said Naruto, as he started walking in the direction of the Sound Village.

Tayuya quickly followed, leaving Sasuke there on the floor.

"What the hell is going on?" Thought Sasuke in shock.

-line break-

The walk to the Sound Village was awkward to say the least. A defector, an apparently loyal Leaf Genin and one of Orochimaru's elites, walking side by side, made for an odd sight.

'So, are we almost there yet?' Asked Naruto to Tayuya.

'Yeah, just a little further, the base is underground.' Said Tayuya.

After a few moments, they reached a large pit, which, predictably, had a snake with its mouth open, marking the entrance of the base.

'He sure isn't creative.' Commented Naruto, before jumping down.

The trio entered the base, Tayuya leading them to Orochimaru.

'My, this is certainly unexpected.' Said a silky voice, which echoed around the room.

'Whatever, Orochimaru, quit the theatrics, I have a deal for you.' Said Naruto.

'Hmm, that doesn't sound like you at all, Naruto.' Commented Orochimaru mockingly, making Naruto sigh.

'Oi snake-face, get your butt out here so I can beat you to a pulp!' Shouted Naruto childishly, getting Orochimaru to laugh.

'That's more what I expected from you.' Said Orochimaru.

Footsteps were heard, as two individuals walked up to the trio. Kabuto, with his usual smug look and a heavily bandaged Orochimaru, only showing a single slit eye.

'You look different.' Said Naruto.

'Yes, I do, for now. What, pray tell, are you doing here, Naruto?' Asked Orochimaru.

'Simple, I came here for you to remove your curse seal from Tayuya.' Said Naruto, getting Tayuya to gape at him, Kabuto to raise an eyebrow in surprise, Sasuke to look at Naruto in confusion and Orochimaru to laugh.

'And just why should I do that?' Asked Orochimaru teasingly.

'Because, if you don't within the next twelve hours, Sasuke's eyes here will be sealed, his family jewels will explode and you will be out of luck.' Said Naruto, with a smirk, getting shocked looks from Tayuya, Sasuke and Kabuto, while Orochimaru merely smirked.

'And how will you do that?' Asked Orochimaru mockingly.

'Like this.' Said Naruto, channelling a small bit of chakra, which caused a seal to appear on Sasuke's forehead.

'Modified from the Caged Bird seal, do you like it? Plus, just in case you got any ideas, I also put Sasuke's possible future offspring in the same danger. The only way for them to be removed, is if Tayuya, without her curse seal and I, get two kilometres away from Sasuke. Oh, but if either of us dies, or Tayuya still has her cursed seal within an hour, they'll activate anyway.' Said Naruto, with a smirk.

'So that's why you gave him a low-blow before… I thought you were just venting.' Said Tayuya in surprise.

Sasuke glared at Naruto and Kabuto looked ready to kill Naruto anyway, despite his threat. Orochimaru on the other hand… looked amused.

'Kukukuku, Naruto, that is quite a hand you played. No need to be so threatening. Since I'm assuming nothing said here will be mentioned to anyone, I hadn't even planned on the Sound Five surviving this mission, so you can have little Tayuya, without my curse seal.' Said Orochimaru, before forming a hand sign, which caused Tayuya to growl in irritation, before shouting in pain and dropping to her knees, as Orochimaru excised his seal from her body.

'You are being more agreeable than I expected… if I knew, I wouldn't have even bothered to touch Sasuke.' Said Naruto, with a raised eyebrow.

'What can I say, I'm amused today, Sasuke is here and you have entertained me.' Said Orochimaru in amusement.

'Well, with that taken care of, Sasuke, since I did very nearly screw you over, how about I let you hit me with a Chidori? In the gut would be preferable, nowhere vital if you don't mind, that takes ages to heal.' Said Naruto, turning to Sasuke and spreading his arms.

'What the fuck is wrong with you *cough* are you some kind of masochist?' Questioned Tayuya tiredly.

'No, but I don't want the Leaf to think I'm working with Orochimaru, no offense.' Said Naruto.

'None taken.' Chuckled Orochimaru.

'You're insane, Naruto.' Said Sasuke, before charging lighting in his hand and shoving it into Naruto's gut, caused blood to dribble from his mouth.

'Well, that hurt like a bitch.' Said Naruto, with a fanged grin, after Sasuke pulled his hand out, leaving a gaping hole in Naruto's jumpsuit and stomach.

"Kurama, do you mind?" Thought Naruto, before feeling his stomach stich itself back up.

'I don't suppose you would also be willing to give me two blood pills and heal Tayuya's wound, would you?' Requested Naruto curiously.

'Go ahead, Kabuto.' Drawled Orochimaru in amusement.

Kabuto gave Naruto two blood pills and shrouded his hand in green chakra, before healing the wound Naruto had given Tayuya previously.

'Catch.' Said Naruto to Tayuya, as he flicked a blood pill to her, which she took quickly, replacing most of the blood she had lost.

'Oh and I heard what you said, so this is your warning.' Said Naruto, causing Tayuya's eyes to widen, before Naruto stabbed her, in almost the exact same place as before.

'Fucking shit! Why did you have to do that again?' Ranted Tayuya, getting a surprised look from Kabuto and Sasuke, while Orochimaru merely chuckled.

'Do you really think Orochimaru would just let someone defect from his forces? I need this to be believable.' Said Naruto.

'Oh, one last thing before I go, Orochimaru, I suggest you move bases soon, just temporarily.' Said Naruto, before grabbing Tayuya and leaving with her.

'Are you really just going to let them go, Lord Orochimaru?' Asked Kabuto curiously.

'Well, they did bring Sasuke here… and I must say, young Naruto has amused me today… I look forward to seeing what he does now, call me curious.' Said Orochimaru, before laughing.

-line break-

'What the hell was that all about?' Asked Tayuya, once the two had left the hideout and journeyed a fair distance away, after which, Naruto numbed her pain again.

'Like I said before, all illusions, need a base to grow from, this is just that.' Said Naruto simply, as the two finally approached the Valley of the End.

'Yeah, well it hurt like a bitch!' Shouted Tayuya.

'Aw don't complain, I'm going to do much worse to myself in a minute.' Said Naruto, with a grin.

'Fucking masochist.' Muttered Tayuya.

Naruto then quickly created a few clones, which created a Rasengan each, and destroyed part of the valley.

'Now for the final part.' Said Naruto, before charging his kunai with chakra, and stabbing in the exact place Sasuke had, with his Chidori, causing him to cough up blood and drop to his knees for a moment.

'And you thought what I did to you hurt?' Mocked Naruto.

'And just what was the point of that?' Questioned Tayuya in irritation.

'Simple, I fought Sasuke and was defeated. You, who fled after your battle with me, were nearly killed by Orochimaru for arriving without Sasuke, so he removed his curse mark from you to cause you great pain and tried to kill you. Shikamaru can vouch for this all, as he heard Kimimaro mention you would be punished for fleeing. You escaped, fleeing in the direction of the Leaf and found me here; bleeding out, but slowly healing. You gave me a blood pill to refill most of what I had already lost, before carrying me to the Leaf, hoping to gain amnesty for saving my life, as well as providing information on Orochimaru's hideouts.' Said Naruto, before he consumed the blood pill.

'Remember Tayuya, first lesson: all illusions, no matter how strong, need a base to grow from. That includes all illusions, both with and without chakra.' Said Naruto, with a smirk.

Tayuya looked at Naruto in shock, at how well thought out his entire plan was… especially considering he came up with it in minutes.

'How did you seal the Uchiha?' Asked Tayuya curiously.

'I didn't. Like I said, all illusions need a base, you seeing me do that and Sasuke not knowing what I had done, was enough to convince everyone, after all, I have been training under Jiraiya, it is completely plausible I may know sealing, further compounded with my different attitude. Why do you think it looked like the Caged Bird seal? I needed to base it on something after all. As I stated previously though, I can't remove your seal, but I could have it removed… by Orochimaru himself. Now, I'll give you a new life, just like I promised.' Said Naruto, with a smile.

Tayuya gaped in unrestrained shock, at what Naruto had just revealed.

'Now, I'm going to pass out, so please carry me, I'm sure someone will be here soon.' Said Naruto, before forcefully making himself unconscious.

"This guy is fucking insane… and fucking brilliant!" Thought Tayuya in shock, before slinging Naruto's right arm over her shoulders and heading off in the direction of the Leaf.