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Wolf Ranger

Tommy let out a breath as he left Hayley's Cyberspace late that evening. He had helped her clean the place after a particularly busy day. He missed having his rangers around, it had been about a year since they all went their separate ways to go to college or do whatever it was they chose to do with their lives. Kira was in New York pursuing her dream of a music career but she kept in touch with him when she could. So far she had not managed a contract but she was hopeful.

Conner was planning a charity to send children to soccer camps that would otherwise never get to go an idea that had Tommy particularly proud given the way he was when they first met. Ethan and Trent had both gone to universities for various things. Trent was going to the Art Institute of Los Angeles and Ethan was studying computers in the local college. In truth Tommy couldn't be more proud of them.

A sudden growl from the alleyway pulled Tommy from his reminiscing and he got into a fighting stance fear pulsing through him. The growl sounded like some sort of canine but the creature that stepped into his view was bigger than any dog Tommy had ever seen before.


Charles Cornick was on the trail of a rogue werewolf when his brother, Samuel joined him. It was rare that his brother go involved in anything like this but with this rogue it was a good idea to have someone with medical knowhow on hand. It wasn't that Charles wasn't very well practiced in field medicine; it was just that he would have to focus on the rogue and the victim would need treatment immediately if he or she were to survive. They were sure that this wolf would leave a trail of victims in his wake.

The sound of someone being attacked caught their attention and they ran to find the wolf in the process of attacking a human man with spiky brown hair. It was clear that the victim had put up a solid fight but he was extremely outmatched by the claws and fangs of the werewolf.

Charles intervened first by pulling the wolf's attention off of his victim and to himself. Samuel ran in to see if the victim could be saved. He began treatment as Charles broke the wolf's neck with one decisive blow, he didn't have time to play around with this fight, the victim needed to be taken someplace safe to heal.

"How is he?" Charles asked.

"It's too early to tell, he's showing early signs of healing though so if he does survive he will be one of us." Samuel replied having switched to speaking Welsh.

Charles wasn't sure why but he followed his brother's example. It seemed he was worried about the local population as no one knew werewolves existed.

"Okay, let's get him back to the hotel, we can do more for him there than here." Charles were deep in the alleyway so when Hayley came out to see what the commotion was about she didn't see them.

"Tommy?" she called out.

Charles looked at Samuel as the sound of a woman's voice caught their attention.

Samuel found the man's wallet and discovered his name was 'Thomas', which meant the 'Tommy' the woman was looking for was likely their victim.

Samuel swore so quietly the woman wouldn't have heard it had she been standing next to them but his brother heard loud and clear, this was bad; they didn't know what he would want. Would he want this woman to know what happened? He needed care and to learn to control his wolf before he confronted any of his friends and family from before the attack as they couldn't know what he was.

They got him stabilized to the best of their ability and left with him and the rogue wolf. The rogue would be taken care of and Tommy would be treated and given every opportunity the brothers could give him to survive the Change.

Charles collected the dead wolf while Samuel picked up the victim as gently as he could, he knew this wasn't a good situation. The victim became partially conscious as they ran towards the hotel.

"Don't worry, my friend, you are in good hands now." He assured the younger man gently.

Tommy groaned and was soon unconscious again. Samuel doubted that Tommy would remember waking while he had him in a fireman's carry.

Given the size difference between the five foot ten Tommy and Samuel who was a little over six feet tall it was believable that Samuel could easily carry Tommy. He figured it would have been even more believable if his younger brother, Charles was the carry man but it didn't matter, they needed to get Tommy to the hotel and they would be there within minutes.

Charles wrapped the wolf in a tarp on the floor and he then pulled his computer and did some searches for information on the victim Thomas Oliver. He then began to rattle off information as soon as he found it.

"Thomas James Oliver, he's a Ph.D. in paleontology, and teaches at the local high school, which just let out for the summer. He has a foster daughter that graduated high school last year named Kira Ford. He is an expert in martial arts and used to work for a man named Anton Mercer." He said.

An hour passed and Tommy began to wake feeling as if his entire body had been ripped to shreds. He had no idea where he was.

He started to get up but a pair of strong hand stopped him mid motion.

"You need to rest, my friend, you've been through a lot" a deep male voice advised"Who are you?" he asked laying back in bed ignoring the fact that he was wearing much he figured that was because of the attack of whatever that doglike beast was.

"My name Samuel and that was my brother, Charles."

"What about you?" Samuel asked as he started to look Tommy over. Tommy had made eye contact with him but within seconds found that he had to look elsewhere

"My friends call me Tommy." he replied his tone tinged with severe pain.

"It's good to meet you, kind of wish the circumstances were better." Samuel commented.

"What happened?" Tommy asked.

"You were attacked by a rogue werewolf and are now becoming one."

"What… I… I thought werewolves were a myth." He replied in shock.

"They aren't we've just done a lot to keep a low profile." Samuel said as a cinnamon colored werewolf joined them.

"Is he…"

"Yes, that's Charles in his wolf form; he is fastest of us to change."

Samuel went into more detail as to what was going on but before he could completely explain Tommy blacked out again.

He looked at his brother as he shifted back and clothes formed on him.

"He needs to go to a pack, I would suggest not local, at least not right away, too much risk of his friends finding him before he has control." Samuel said sadly "They will likely not be informed or even be lead to believe he died, it's not an ideal situation but not one he can't fix later."

They contacted Bran and told him about the scenario and he arrived late that night to see what he could do about the situation.

By that time Tommy was almost fully healed and it was looking like he would make a full recovery and survive the attack.

The news reports would speak of an attack on a local by feral dogs, the unfortunate victim didn't survive, his name was withheld until family and friends could be informed.

Bran sat beside Tommy as he began to come to again, Bran had also brought in Adam Hauptman. Adam had been in contact with him at the time of the attack and now seeing Tommy and hearing his history he began to believe Tommy might do better in Adam's pack than his own. Tommy would be able to use his credentials to get a job teaching at the local high school or community college once he got control of his wolf.

Tommy awoke and Bran introduced himself and got the younger man to go ahead and eat before he continued with Tommy's education on what he was becoming. He knew the younger man would be hungry newly changed wolves always were as the healing process takes a lot of energy which means they need food to replenish that energy.

Samuel had been glad to see Tommy survive his attack; the sad part was his friends would have to think he didn't survive, at least for a while. He had gotten word that his foster daughter had already learned of the attack and didn't take it well. Her boyfriend and some other friends of his had gathered around her for moral support in this time. He had wished there had been another way but at the time it didn't seem that there was. They would make things right later, he promised himself that much.

Tommy himself seemed to take things well until it came to what his friends and family were lead to believe, that he didn't take so well. He brought up the girl and that she would likely react badly to the news. He wanted to call her, tell her it was all a lie that he did survive, but he knew he couldn't yet. All he could do was hope she would forgive him for the lie that wasn't his doing.

Bran and Adam tried to soothe him, Bran telling him he would take responsibility for the deception. That it had been done for her protection and if she wanted to blame anyone he would take it in Tommy's place. Bran was in the early stages of planning to reveal the werewolves to the public. Very few knew of this plan and that was the way Bran wanted it at this time.

Tommy gave up on that but it was obvious he didn't like doing so. Bran had learned that Tommy had a high protective instinct to begin with and becoming a werewolf was turning that up to eleven. He wanted to protect Kira Hayley and his students from harm as it was clear he claimed them as his in the way wolves would claim those they loved if that loved one gave them half the chance to do so.

Adam joined him he understood how Tommy felt; that was essentially is daughter and having her believe he was dead was a hard idea to take. Adam couldn't imagine what he would feel if it were him in Tommy's shoes having to fake his death to Jesse, he worried that Tommy would have a hard time keeping up the ruse of his death until they determined that it was safe for him to reveal himself as alive.

"We will get in touch with her once you get full control and explain everything." He said "In the meantime I will help you keep tabs on her, and if she needs you we can intervene with the truth earlier, does that work?"

"Okay" Tommy sighed he hated the idea but at least there was hope for him.

They soon agreed that he would go to the Colombia Basin and join that pack to get control and from there it would be up to him if he remained there or came home.

To Be Continued…